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Gethuk... Digeget Karo Manthuk-manthuk

Gethuk ( Foto @Masifan.com )
The title is Javanese. It means that gethuk is bitten while nodding.

Gethuk is special food form Central Java especially Magelang. If Yogyakarta is known as Gudheg town so Magelang is known as Gethuk town. Gethuk is made form cassava. Cassava is easy to plant and it can grows every place especially at Magelang.

If you visit Magelang as Gethuk town, you will find any kinds and brand of Gethuk. There are Gethuk Marem, Gethuk Echo, Gethuk Trio, Gethuk Tri Warna and also there is gethuk that is no packing using cardboard. There are gethuk lindri, gethuk karet and gethuk gondhok.

The name Gethuk Karet may be taken from the place where gethuk is made. Gethuk Karet is made at Karet Village Magelang regency. The other story said that it caused of the texture. The texture is chewy like rubber. Don’t miss this article. We will tell deeper about Gethuk Magelang.

The History of Gethuk Magelang
There is no written history about the history of Gethuk at Magelang. Based on the story there the first time gethuk is made at Karet Bulurejo Magelang Regency. Gethuk which as the Magelang’s typical food easily found at the traditional market and also at the gift shop Magelang.

As stated above, this food is made from cassava. The taste is sweet, savory and the texture is too soft so it can be enjoyed all ages. As the time goes by, gethuk has many changes. From manual process until helping by machines to make easier in making gethuk. It also happens with the package. The first time, it packaged by banana leaves but now the package is made more beautiful package and can be used as special gift from Magelang.

Above, there are many kinds and brands of gethuk. Have you ever heard about gethuk with the strange brand? Why does it is strange? It is strange because the brand of this gethuk taken from the name of disease. But don’t worry, although the name is taken from the name of disease but the taste is very delicious.

Gethuk Gondhok.  Have you heard it? This gethuk only find at traditional market. It is the embryo of modern gethuk in Magelang. Modern gethuk? So, is there a traditional gethuk? Yes, that’s right. Gethuk Gondok is a sample of  traditional gethuk from Magelang. Modern gethuk can you find at gift shop. There are Gethuk Trio, Gethuk Marem, Tri Warna etc.

When the Japanese colonized Indonesia, the condition of Indonesia is very bad. It is worse that colonized by Dutch. Rice that as a staple food of Indonesia became rare at that time. Cassava trees is more than rice.

She is Mbah Ali Mohtar. She lived at Karet village. She has an idea to change cassava can be consumed as alternate rice. Mbah Ali Mohtar tried by boiling and mashing some cassava manually. To give taste to the cassava she added sugar. Based on this story, the name of this food – Gethuk comes from. Mbah Ali Mohtar was helped by four until six people to grind the cassava using lesung. Making gethuk using lesung is done until 1985 when Mbah Ali could make cassava grinder machine. The effect of the machine is the time needed to make gethuk to be faster and softer.

At the first time, the shape of this food is round like small plate. Many people loved this food. Then the people said the food that made by Mbah Ali Mohtari with Gethuk Gondhok. People called it with Gethuk Gondhok because Mbah Ali had Gondhok disease.

How to Make Gethuk?
  1. Generally, here is how to make gethuk as stated below : 
  2. Peeled the cassava, clean it by washing and boiled it. 
  3. After the cassava soft, mash the cassava using lesung. 
  4. The soft dough mixes with sugar, less salt, white butter, food colouring and aroma enhancer. 
  5. You can use palm sugar or cocoa powder to make gethuk brown.  
  6. For aroma enhancer, use vanilla. 
  7. The function of white butter to prevent the colour of the gethuk’s dough. 
  8. The sugar will make the gethuk’s dough soft. The dough will be different if at the dough using artificial sweeteners. 
  9. After all mixture, grind twice to get soft gethuk. 
  10. The last process, mold gethuk.
Please come to Magelang to cure your sense of curious of Gethuk Magelang. I suggest you, look for “Rejowinangun “ traditional market. The Magelang original gethuk can you found here. But.... Don’t to late because you will miss it.

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