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Gudheg, Special Culinary from Yogyakarta with the Taste of World

Indonesia Gudheg Culinary ( Foto @Masifan.com )
Special Food from Yogyakarta - Talking Yogyakarta will be never ending. Beginning talking about the tourist attraction likes natural attractions, beaches, religious, history and the culinary. More over, the Jogjakarta people are very friendly. Everybody know about it. Discussing about special culinary from Jogjakarta, we remember with an unique food. The uniqueness of this food because in one place there are many kinds of food in it named Kendhil. This traditional food is known as Gudheg. That’s why Yogyakarta also known as Gudheg town. It caused  gudheg to be the mark of Yogyakarta

Gudheg is a traditional Javanese cuisie from Yogyakarta. It made from young unripe jack fruit (Javanese : gori, Indonesian : nangka muda) boiled for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk. Because in cooking using many palm sugars so the taste of gudheg is sweet.

The History of Gudheg
Based on the history book written by Murdijati Garjito with the title “ Gudheg Yogyakarta” the history of gudheg begins coincide with the found of Mataram Islam kingdom at Mentaok forest the region in Kota Gede on 1500.

When built the Mataram palace at Mentaok forest many trees cut and one of them was jack fruit trees, coconut and melinjo. Because there were many young unripe jack fruits, the persons who built the palace wanted to cook using young unripe jack fruits as the base material. To mixture the material and ingredients they must stir using an utensil likes paddle. In Javanese stir processing called hangudek. Later, this food known as gudheg.

Actually, gudheg is not special food for king but this food is for common people. Nevertheless, to make this food known in the world need much time and long way. In the beginning on 19th century, there were few people sell gudheg. It cause the time to make gudheg is so long and need much time. Because of its peculiar, gudheg often as oath food or the performing of gratitude.

The Material in Making Gudheg
The main material is young unripe jack fruit. In one kendhil there are gudheg, krecek, tahu (tofu), egg and areh. Areh is coconut milk stew that cooking with small fire until boiling and pick the upper part (javanese : kanil).

The Variants of Gudheg in Yogyakarta
There are two variants of Gudheg in Yogyakarta. They are :

1. Dried Gudheg.
This variant is presented combine with lumpy areh and sambal krecek that cook to be dry. Dried gudheg can be safe for a few days. That is why, dried gudheg can be as a unique gift from Yogyakarta.

You can find this variant at Gudheg Bu Tjitro, Gudheg Yu Djum, Gudheg Bu Lies, Gudheg Yu Narni and Gudheg Bu Amad Barek.

2. Moist Gudheg.
The kinds of this gudheg presented with washy areh and also with its sambal krecek. It cannot be safe for a few days, may be only just for few times. We can find these in the morning for breakfast. It is like Gudheg Permata Bu Puji, Gudheg Pawon Janturan, Gudheg Sagan and Gudheg 8055.

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