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Intimate Embrace with Tubing Kalisuci Cave, River in the Bowels of the Earth

Intimate Embrace with Tubing Kalisuci Cave, River in the Bowels of the Earth
Gunung Kidul Regency is known as barren and arid region. All of the topography at Gunung Kidul is karts. When  the dry season comes, all the plants become brown. It causes with the weather at Gunung Kidul will be very hot. But who guesses that behind of the barren and arid region, Gunung Kidul has many tourist attractions that rarely find at the other places. One of them are the beautiful caves beneath the surface with the rivers swift in.

Actually, the pilot project of this place has been done since the Suharto’s  era on 1997. The development began by making the down stairs to the rivers beneath. Because the lack of local government’s interest made Kalisuci cave was not maintained well. The worst, this place used by the people around the cave as a place for bathing and washing their clothes. Very Ironic, because what the people done can make the underground river is polluted.

Kalisuci is a Karts Cave tour with the river beneath the earth surface. It is a new tourist attraction at Gunung Kidul. Kalisuci is 10 km from Wonosari at Pacarejo village, Semanu, Gunung Kidul and 60 km form yogyakarta. You just need almost 1.5-2 hours.

I suggest all travelers, if you want going to Tubing Kalisuci Cave by your own car. The condition of the road is very challenge your adrenaline. It needs the car with best condition. Before reach the base camp, the travelers must through the rock road almost 500 m and it just can do on foot.

What will you find on Tubing Kalisuci Cave
After you reached Tubing Kalisuci cave, you will see the river beneath the surface land. The water flows hard penetrate the others karts caves like Grubug Cave and Jomblang Cave that often use some nature lovers team to search the caves.

Every Tubing Kalisuci Cave travelers  must conquer the track along 500 meters with the depth 1 until 3 meters. It needs almost 2 hours to finish searching the caves beginning form Suci cave, Luweng Senglat, Luweng Geleng and it will be end on Mburi Omah Cave.

Sometimes, the travelers will face with a group of bats fly above you accompany the travelers when they walk along the rivers beneath the surface. All the travelers just allow to wear the head lamp to make brighten their journey in the cave.

the corner of gelatik cave

The winding river flow will be seen from the cliff. The greenish blue of water looks very contrast with colour of the land, cliff karts and the molt leaves. It makes the amazing natural harmony. After all travelers sit on the wheel  that function as a float, the searching experience begins. The wheel begins to follow the rivers flow. When you are on the quiet stream, use your hand to paddle the wheel. It will make your wheel keep follow the rivers flow. When you enter the rapip flow your wheel will also begin to move fast and also spins follow the flow. It is very exciting journey.

The real adventure begins when the flow enter the niche of Kalisuci cave and Gelatik cave. The sun shine disappears and the situation will be dark and moreover become very dark. The only source of light is from the headlamp.  The travelers will see the amazing stalactite. Above your head, you will see the bats and when you see on the water there are some big fishes swim around you. The big spiders also patch on the stalactite.

The beauty of cave and the cool weather merges with the cold of the rivers flow bowels of the earth. Very exotics and really to be unforgotten adventure.

The Route
From Yogyakarta you must go to Wonosari Town Square. From Wonosari town square go to Semanu. After  you find the Jirak bridge turn right at the junctions and follow the way to the Kalisuci.

If you don’t go with your own car you can go by bus Jogja – Wonosari from Giwangan bus station. After you are on Wonosari, change your public transportation which route to Semanu or bus which route Jepitu.

To get the amazing adventure, the entrance ticket is IDR 65.000. It is including wheel, live vest, helmet, elbow and foot protectors, guide and snack.

Do the reservation first before go to Tubing Kalisuci cave. It is done to make sure that the river can be crossed or not.

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