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Jogja different with Magelang, also different between Kasongan and Klipoh

Welcome To Klipoh Village
Based on the title, Yogyakarta is really different with Magelang. Geographically, the position of Yogyakarta and Magelang is very different. Yogyakarta is a province and Magelang is a regency or municipality. Yogyakarta has many tourist attractions known till foreign.

When we visit Yogyakarta, we can see there are many foreigners milling around Gudheg city especially on the tourist resorts. More over, Yogyakarta has international air port – Adi Sucipto. It makes the access to visit Yogyakarta easier.

The other effects of visiting the foreigners to Yogyakarta also gives the effect to the regions closed to Yogyakarta. We can say Magelang Regency for example. It just 45 km from Yogyakarta to Magelang. You just need an hour until two hours to reach Magelang from Yogyakarta. Magelang regency gets the effect of this. It caused Magelang has own attractiveness that also known to foreign.

This attractiveness fro Magelang especially Magelang has Borobudur temple, Mendut temple and Setumbu hill (Punthuk Setumbu)

Beside the temples, there is a place that always the foreigners visit when the visit Borobudur or Mendut. The question is why do the foreigners know better this place than us as Indonesian people  more over as a people who stay around Borobudur?

Klipoh. It is an unique name if we hear it. May be it is the first time you know about it. While for foreigners the name of Klipoh is very known.

It ca be proof, there are many foreigners visit this village. So, what is Klipoh? Why this village is known?

The History of Klipoh
Klipoh is like Kasongan at Yogyakarta. Name Kasongan identical with pottery and also with Klipoh. The foreigners are familiar with Kasongan and so we are. But after hear the name Klipoh may be just some Indonesian people know about it. This place is located on Karanganyar Village Borobudur.

The name of Klipoh takes the Sanskrit. It consists of two words i.e. Kali and poh. Kali means river and poh means place.

The tradition making pottery at Klipoh can be seen on the Borobudur temple’s relief. One of the same product of Klipoh is oil lamp. It proof that this tradition hereditary since their ancestors

The other one is when one people dig his yard at his house, he found some pottery remains . It also can be as a proof that Klipoh almost the same age with Borobudur temple.

What can the tourist do at Klipoh?
On 2007, Klipoh inaugurated as a tourist village. Many potentials can be developed at this village by combine the pottery craft with the people daily activities.

The foreigners  or domestics very interesting to come to Klipoh. They can practice diretly how to process raw materials till the beautiful pottery. This attraction that make the tourist love to visit Klipoh.

Some utinsils made at Klipoh. They are jug (kendi), gentong, tepayang, crock (kuali),pan( wajan ) and cobek. As a cooking utensil, all of them can be a gift to their friends, sourvenirs etc.

Also at Klipoh, many people provide or change their living room to be their showroom to show the product that they make. It is like Kasongan at Yogyakarta. There are variety price if yo want to buy the gift from Klipoh. It depends on the difficulty levels. Beginning from thousands until hundred thousands

Some other attractions that also interesting provide at Klipoh is traditional art or dance like Topeng Ireng or Dayakan,  planting activity, and culinary attraction. Facilities accomodation is also provide here such homestay, rent bycicle, cart tour and the gallery which will make the tourist comfort waste their vacation at Klipoh.

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