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Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave

The Jomblang cave is a place in the karts mountain that located in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. This cave is one of 500 caves at that mountains. There are some uniqueness in this cave.

First uniqueness of this cave is when we enter the cave. The cave is like a hole. It is vertical. The deepest of the cave is 80 m. If the travellers want to go inside they must use a rope. Single Rope Technique is the technique to enter the Jomblang Cave. Standard technique to enter and get out on the vertical place.

The second uniqueness is the sun shine. The beauty of the sun shines that break through in the the darkness of the bottom of cave makes the amazing beauty.

How is Jomblang Cave?
For the people who haven’t been habitual with the cave exploring, the track that they through will make them so tired. More over if they know about the grim story from the explores of the cave may be will make you so scare before entering the cave. But al of the will be disappear when the see anything in.

The beauty of the cave will make what they felt before disappear. On the lower part you will find some green lush plants, at the wall there are much herbaceous plants. After you are at the bottom of the cave there is a natural chamber. Natural processing makes this place naturally. You can take a rest there. The trip can be continued by walking through the aisle that connected Jomblang cave with the other vertical cave named Grubug Cave. The aisle is far enough with the length almost 500 meters.

After you reach at the end of aisle (the bottom of Grubug cave). You can the incredible beauty . Two very big green stalagmites over there. If you can reach the bottomest part of Gubug cave at 1 o’clock p.m. there is an exotic view. The sun shine breaks through in the darkness of the bottom part of Grubug cave. The shine touches some stalactites and stalagmites that formed from the water droplets since millons years ago.

There are four tracks for the travellers to enter the bottom of the cave. The first is the easiest track. It usually calls VIP track. In 15 meters first this through the steep track and the travellers can take a walk in. But remember that the complete SRT’s equipment has already wore by the travellers. It is to ensure the safety. The last track you must use the SRT, sliding with the rope to the bottom almost 20 meters.

While the three others tracks is more difficult. The travellers must wear SRT since they are on 80 m height (track A), 60 m (track B) and 40 m (track C). For the travellers who are the first time entering the vertical cave cannot using the track B – C. They must enter the cave through VIP track. It is different for the travellers that habitual with vertical cave. They may enter the Jomblang cave using three others tract that more difficult than VIP track. The height of the cave is a challange for the travellers although they may not to ignore they safety themselves.

Vertical Cave

The diameter of Jomblang cave is 50 meter. It is explored in the fist time on 1984 by Acintyacunyata Speleological Club (ASC). ASC is an explore cave group from Yogyakarta. Jomblang cave has an own story. There is a black story behind it. On the 1970-1980 this cave was as mass murder of communist participants. Hundred people suspected as the communist partisipants predicted murdering in Jomblang cave.

Basen on the story, they were grouped at the mouth cave with their hand bounded one to the others. When one person shot until felt to the cave down so the others would be trailled felt down too.

The story about it makes the people around the cave afraid to close the cave. One day, there was an explore disappeared on the cave. On 1990 the people around the cave did praying together. They prayed to the God to protect the people around the cave and also prayed all the person who died at the past time. After that, the situation on the cave is change until now.

Sun Shine

Jomblang cave is located in Jetis Wetan, Semanu, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. It is 10 km from Wonosari

To visit Jomblang cave Gunung Kidul you can go there by public transportation if you don’t have own transportation. From the Giwangan bus station just take a bus Jogja-Wonosari. At the five junction it is Semanu district. You can leave your equipments at the “Kadus” of Jetis Wetan. You just 3 km on foot to reach the mouth of cave.

Ticket Entrance
The entrance tickets is IDR 650.000,00 each persons including transportation from yogyakarta to Jomblang cave. This tickets include going to some beach at Gunung Kidul such Indrayanti beach, Sadranan beach, Pok Tunggal beach and Nglambor beach.

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