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Magelang Town Square, the Evidence of Solidarity Among Islam, Christian and Buddha

Magelang Town Square ( Foto @magelangkota.go.id )
The strategic location of  Magelang Town Square makes it as the central of Magelang Municipality. The position of it is really on the middle of Magelang Municipality. There are many public transportations through Magelang Town Square.

From Magelang Town Square, the people can go to Chinatown or at Jl. Pemuda. Chinatown is one of the trading center at Magelang Municipality since the Dutch Colonialism.

Around Magelang Municipality, there are many buildings and some of them are shopping building. Beside this, there are some public places likes Matahari Department Store and Gardena in the east and also Magelang Theater that only the one cinema at Magelang Municipality.

Magelang Town Square

At north, there is Trio Plaza with the high building and the BCA Bank. Besides two high buildings, in the north side there is a church. The Christian pray at this ancient church. On the south side there are Police station and The BPD Jateng Bank and don’t forget there is a Pagoda. Meanwhile, on the west side and often called as “Alun-Alun Barat” there is a big mosque. This mosque is the biggest at Magelang Municipality. The people called Kauman. On the North of Kauman Mosque there are Catholic church and presbytery.

Magelang town square beside as the central of public activities also as a symbol of solidarity among the different religions. It can be seen from the worship places here. There are Islam, Catholic, Christian and Confucius.

Mosque Agung Magelang / Kauman

While, if you are in  Magelang town square you will be served by the beauty of green grass that arrange tidy. On the corner of north side, there is a very big strange building. The people of Magelang called it with “Kompor Raksasa” (giant stove). Some called it with “Water Toren “ (Dutch) while in English it called by “ water tower”. This building was held by the Dutch Colonial .

Pagoda Liong Hok Bio

Before 2002, Magelang town square is a forbidden area. Magelang town square is a land mark for Magelang people have opened now and usually used for them to relax in the afternoon while they enjoy the performing of Shadow puppet, jathilan, music concert or other public or events or formal events etc.

Church GPIB Magelang

On 2002, the Magelang Local Government arranged Magelang town square's Master and it is used to renovate Magelangtown square. The base concept of the master plan is to make Magelang town square as a central of public activities for the Magelang’s towny

Why must we go to Magelang Town Square?


Central Shopping for Magelang People
Almost the people in Magelang when they do shopping their day need likes food, clothes and electronics devices always go to Magelang town square. It caused there are three department stores such as “ Matahari”, “ Gardena”, and “ Trio Plaza”. Magelang does not only have three department stores and also along Chinatown on Jl. Pemuda the tourists will see many stores, and shops that provide any life necessities and their families.

The things that sell at Chinatown likes nine basic needs, utensils and others secondary needs provide at Chinatown.

Gian Stove at Magelang

Giant Stove at Magelang = Water Tower (Water Torn)
Giant stove at Magelang Municipality is a Dutch Heritage. Water Tower that built at the Central of Magelang by the Magelang people more familiar with Giant Stove. It caused the shape of the tower is like a stove.

This water tower as the landmark of Magelang was built by the Dutch architect names Herman Karsten. The building that located in the corner of Magelang town square can accommodate 1,750 million litre water and the height is 21,2 meters consists of 32 pillars. The construction began o 1916 and operated on 1920

Based on the archives, this giant stove has 395,99 square meter and there are many rooms in it. The bottom that has round shape used as laboratory, administration room, services the customer and also to control the water at past. If we calculate all rooms here including with big and small rooms the are 16 rooms under the round of this giant stove. But now, all the rooms used for shed.

To connect with the building upper part which function is to accommodate water besides 32 pillars there is a circular stairs that can be seen from outside that resemble the pillars. At the upper one which  to be a place to accommodate the water, there is a small room and tower which function was as siren to warn the time.

The composition of the building that need 550 thousand Gulden consists of Blingon. Blingon is a mixture of red cement or brick, limestone and cement.

The great thing, this building that built since 1920 haven’t overhauled yet or getting renovation. The function of this building is well until now.

Something that makes Giant stove or Water torn different is the lamp decoration below the building. The lamps illumine the giant stove at night. The painting always done once a year or if there is a changing of leader in Magelang.

Kartikasari Culinary

Not only subsistence good that sell at Magelang town square, you can also see some traditional food of Magelang or other city from Indonesia likes Kupat Tahu, Gudheg Jogya, Padang's food, Chinese food etc. In Indonesia, Magelang's culinary is known because it is delicious and cheap.

When you visit Borobudur temple, as suggestion please visit Magelang town square as an alternative on your vacation. The reason is you will not get difficulties to do all you want. If you want to pray, Magelang provides yo some worship places likes mosque, church and pagoda. There are also many hotels around Magelang town square. If you feel tired after shopping and you want to stay 1 until 2 days, Magelang can be the alternative for you.

To visit Magelang town square, the local government does not provide the ticket. You can enter the Magelang town square free. You just pay the parking fee.

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