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Prambanan Temple is One of the Best Tour in Yogyakarta

Prambanan Temple is One of the Best Tour in Yogyakarta
Prambanan temple is one of the temples in the temple complex known in Indonesia and it has been appointed by UNESCO as world heritage sites on 1991 beside Borobudur temple. It is different with Borobudur temple. Borobudur temple is Buddha temple while Prambanan is Hindu temple.

Nevertheless, the location of both is on Java island. It is proofed that at log ago, the Buddhist and Hindu coexist harmoniously. Both temples is also to be a proof of advancement’s civilization. They could build temples with the incredible architecture art without helped by the high technology.

Prambanan temple complex also known as thousand temples. It is based on the folklore about Roro Joggrang. But actually there only 240 temples at that complex. This place faces east, but there are four entrance face the each points of compass. The main gate of this complex in on the east side.

Prambanan temple is dedicated ti Sywa. Sywa at Hindu was known as crusher’s God. According from Siwaghra epigraph that now is saved at Indonesia National Museum, the original name of the temple complex is Siwaghra. This word is the Sanskrit. It means Siwa’s house.

Because of the status of Prambanan as dedication temple for Sywa, so the main temple in this complex is Sywa God temple which its height is 47 meters. The main temple is wedged by two temples. They are Wishnu God Temple and Brahma God temple. Each of their height are 33 meters. The third God temple is called Trimurti temple. In Trimurti temple, there are the statues of each Gods. In front of them there are three Wahana temples that represented vehicles each Gods. Wahana Nandi for Sywa God, Goose for Wishnu God and Eagle for Brahma God.

Besides all the temples, there are  still many others temples at this complex. The temples are Kelir temple, Apit  temple, Patok temple, and  Perwara temple. All the temples surround Trimurti temple. On Perwara temple, the laying down is divided four zone. It shows the human caste on Hindu. The outer is a place for praying sudra caste, deeper for waisya, and the the others for ksatrya and brahmana.

In this temple's relief, there are two Hindu phenomenal stories. The stories are Ramayana and Krishnayana. The relief is in the inner wall of the gate which surround the Trimurti temple. Ramayana relief tells about the struggle of Rama that helped by Hanoman for taking back Shinta, his wife who kidnapped by Rahwana. The Krishnayana relief tells about the Krishna’s journey of live as reincarnation of Wishnu God.

hanoman on fire

History of Prambanan temple
In the beginning, Prambanan complex has two folklore. That are Roro Jonggrang and the history how the temple was built on the Java Hindu kingdom based on the research.

Prambanan temple is also known as Roro Joggrang temple. The folklore began when Roro Jonggrang was known with her very beautiful princess. Many young men wanted to married her. One of them was Bandung Bondowoso. Although Bandung Bondowoso was known with his strong and his supernatural power, Roro Jonggrang didn’t loved him. Roro Jonggrang thought how she could refuse him. Finally, Roro Jonggrang said to Bandung Bondowoso that she would to be his wife if Bandung Bondowoso able to make thousand temples in one night. Bandung Bondowoso agreed it. He was very confidence with his power.

Helping with his genies, Bandung Bondowoso had built 999 temples. Roro Jonggrang felt scare. She had an idea. She asked to her maids to grind the rice. The sound of the grind made the roasters crowed. When Bandung Bondowoso heard that the roasters crowed while the temple haven’t finished yet, he was confused and angry after he knew that Roro Jonggrang cheated. He knew that it was done to mess up him. Finally, Bandung Bondowoso cursed Roro Jonggrang to be a statue to complete the temple that she wanted. Siwa temple is the main temple. People believe that Siwa temple is manifestation of Roro Jonggrang.

Prambanan temple was found on 1733 by CA Lons from Netherland. This discovery was earlier than the discovering of Borobudur temple by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.  Now, Prambanan temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia.

The Reasons Why You Must Visit Prambanan Temple.
At the biggest temple complex of South East, you can do some proud activities, such as :

You can know the Hindu Stories and Literary arts.
It is like at Borobudur temple. At this tourist attraction, there is some relief that can tell us about some information. The way to read the relief is same. You must enter from the east gate and then try to walk around clockwise Trimurti temple. The inner relief of the gate has two stories. Those are Ramayana and Krishnayana.

Don’t be confused if you can’t read the relief. You can ask to the tour guide at the Pramabanan Temple. You can also go to the north part of the complex. You will find the museum. At the museum you will get some information about the temple. The interesting one if you visit Prambanan temple, the ticket entrance of Prambanan temple is including the entrance ticket of the museum.

Photo Hunting
Tourist attraction is one of the favorite place for photography lover. You can take the scenery from any angle. Sure, that the result of you picture will be good because Prambanan always beautiful taken from any sides. Especially at night. This tourist attraction more beautiful because there are many lamps on and reflect illuminate to Trimurti temple. The three temples of three Gods seem beautiful and  stately.

Walk Around the Temple
You can walk around the tourist attraction that has 38,8 hectare. Many beautiful plants  grow at the yard of the temple. Walking and seeing the carving of the temple will make you impressed with the big masterpiece. The carving on the temple is impossible done by human when the technology is not  advance like now.

Souvenir Hunting
At the Prambanan temple, there are many stores that sell some typical souvenirs. The souvenirs are like t-shirt, necklace, bracelet, key holder and the miniature of temple. Not only souvenir of Prambanan temple but also the miniature of Borobudur temple.

Prambanan fully illuminated lamps

The Mystery of The Beauty Prambanan Temple
If you want to enjoy the Prambanan temple with the different manner, come at night of full moon each month on 8 o’clock until 10 o’clock p.m. At that time, there is a performing of Ramayana ballet at the open stage Trimurti with three Gods temples fully illuminated as the background. The performing  on the open stage only be done on the dry season, while of the rainy season the location is on the closed stage.

Reputedly, it is a sacred moment and still to be a mystery for the people who live around the Prambanan temple.  After the performing almost all the people who lives around the Prambanan temple afraid to get out from their house.

Location and Operational Time 
Prambanan temple is located between two regencies and two provinces. They are Sleman, Yogyakarta and Klaten, Central Java.

If you want using public transportation you can go by Trans Jogja 1A from Malioboro Yogyakarta. You just need an hour to reach Prambanan temple from Malioboro.

Prambanan temple open every day at 6 o’clock a.m. until 5 o’clock p.m.

>>>Ticket Entrance<<<
Adult    : IDR 30.000 for domestics    
              $USD 18 for foreigners
Child    : IDR 12.500 for domestics    
              $USD 9 for foreigners   

He ticket entrance can be change anytime depends on the policy of the local government or from the management Prambanan temple.

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