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"Putu" Traditional Cake with the International Taste

Putu : Traditional Cake with the International Taste
Putu cake is  Indonesia traditional cake. The shape of this traditional cake is cylinder with sugar palm in it, mixing with grated coconut and sometimes added with sugar. It wrapped with rice flour and steams it.

To steam this cake, people usually uses cylinder bamboo and sell it at night. The typical sound from the steam that out from the steamer utensil also to be as a promotion tool when they sell this cake.

Mostly, the colour of putu’s cake is white and green. But now some sellers change the cylinder bambbo with PVC pipe. They reason is easier. Simple reason but the effect of using PVC pipe is dangerous for the consumers.

Putu cake expands to other country in the world like Singapore and Malaysia. Although the name and the shape of the cake is rather different but the tase is same with putu  traditional cake in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, putu cake is rarely found in the big cities. If we can find it, this traditional cake has packed into restaurant style. It is very different with the era when we were child which putu sold by the pitchman pushing  the barrow.

Special taste of putu is very delicious when we enjoy it in the afternoon or at night. Especially when the weather is cold or rainy. The warmth  of putu as possesses our body and gives the own warmth for the lovers.

Putu Traditional Cake which Can Make us Miss

Putu Traditional Cake which Can Make us Miss
The delicious putu always makes me miss with its taste. And I want to taste it more and more. The taste of the sugar palm which wrapped by the steam rice flour so sorely when putu enter our mouth.  We can taste how delicious the sweet and savory when the putu cracked.

Actually, putu is healthy food. How can we say that? The sugar pal, is useful to wake our power up and tired antidot. For information,  palm sugar also used with Indonesia’s soldiers long time a go when they are struggle the colonialist. So that, putu cake very suitable to enjoy in the afternoon and at night when we taken a rest our mind and our body after work hard all day long.

Recipe and How to Make Traditional Putu

- Materials :
  • 375 gram of rice flavour     
  • 125 gram of sugar palm. Slice it thin.   
  • 300 ml water  
  • ½ tea spoon of  salt  
  • 2 sheet pandan leaves  
  • ½ tea spoon of  green dye  
  • 150 gram of grated coconut, steam mixing with little salt 
- How to Make Putu :
  1. Boil the water with salt, pandan leaves and dye green.  After boiling, let it warm then put in the rice flour little by little while mixing it with your hand until formed little grain formed. 
  2. Prepare the coarse sieve, put in the flour batter, rub the batter until the batter become fine grain. Save them. 
  3. Take 30 ml cup, put into ½ tea spoon of flour. Make a hole in the middle with your finger then put into the palm sugar. Close the batter with ½ tea spoon of flour but don’t push itu. You just tidy it up. 
  4. Turn the mould with the batter in above the brass with banana leave as thepedestal. Take the mould. Arrange the distance among the batter that have been moulded. Don’t to close. 
  5. Steam with big fire until 10 minutes. Take and then serve the hot putu soon and don’t forget to sow the hot putu with grated coconut.
- Tips : 
  • If you use bamboo as your mould, put a little banana leave or pandan as pedestal, fill in with flour and sugar. Put the bamboo stand above the hole  steamer exactly.  
  • To change the dye you can use suji leave. First time make the suji water, then add the water and measure it until 300 ml.
In the modern era like now, traditional putu very rarely to be found. But if you look for modern putu you won’t have the difficulty to find it. For example Putu Ayu, Putu Belanda and any others kinds of Putu.

And if you want to taste the traditional putu, there are some place that still sell the traditional putu. You can find it at Yogyakarta, Magelang, Solo and also Purworejo. Although it sells at the restaurant but they make traditional putu. If you are luck, when you visit Magelang, Yogyakarta, or solo you will meet the pitchman pushing  the barrow selling putu. The taste is also delicious and no less delicious with the restaurant’s putu.

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