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Sikunir Dieng, The Paradise for the Sunrise lovers and Landscape Scenery

Ocean Clouds In Sikunir Dieng

What is Sikunir ?, Sikunir is only a small hill. Although it is a small hill but there are many impressions that can the tourists find in this place. Sikunis is located in Dieng Wonosobo. There are many visitors and travellers visit Sikunir. Especially in the certain events likes Dieng Culture Festival. The visitors not only domestic but also the foreigns come to visit Sikunir. Likes the title that Sikunir is a paradise for the sunrise lovers, here they can see the golden sunrise. Sikunir is one of the best spot in the world to see sunrise. It is very different with sunrise in Punthuk Setumbu, Punthuk Sukmojoyo Borobudur. Others said that when we visit Sikunir it means we can see a giant fried egg at the highest place in Java. Wow.... Amazing, isn’t it? The best period to find these is also on dry season on July – August.

SiKunir Dieng

The History of Sikunir
Sikunir fund in the first time with a foreign tourist in 80’s. He found it after visited Mount Bromo. In his trip he accompanied witha local guide from Dieng. In the beggining on 2009 this place begins visiting with many tourists- domestics and also foreigners untill now.

The legend of Sikunir took from the name of traditional condiment. The condiment is kunyit or kunir. What does it can be said as kunyit or kunir? Kunir or kunyit has the special characteristic. If we touch this condiment so our hand will be yellow. This condiment always used to cook rice. The Javanese will use kunyit or kunir to make nasi kuning.Nasi kuning is tradisional food from Java. It said as nasi kuning because the colour of the rice is yellow. And it can be happened causing of kunir or kunyit.

So, what is the relation between kunyir or kunir with Sikunir? The colour’s  reflection of the sun shine when rising makes the situation around the hill becomes yellow.Spontaneously the Sembungan villagers called the hill with Sikuir The name of Sembungan, the village in the bottom of the hill is one of the highest village in the Central Java. Based on history, this village is also a transit for Hindus pilgrim before they went to Dieng highland.

From the heritage that can be seen there like situs ondo budo. It is like a stair but there are many steps on connected the lowland and Dieng highland also still to be a mystery for the people in Sembungan Village.

Sembungan Village


Sikunir is located at Sembungan village Dieng, Kejajar, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java. The travellers can find the location in the map on latitude : -7.2382859 and longitude : 109.9241861. The location is on 2.350 meters above the sea levels. The scenery of Sikunir is sunrising the sun with the clear sky and the beauty of Dieng highland and Mount Sindoro. Don’t worry, you will not feel so tired because there is no much time to reach the top of Sikunir.

Sembungan is the start point that always used by the tourist to begin the climbing to the Sikunir till the top to get the special moment, special experience. Some of them want to be a witness the changing of day moment and see when the sun appear from the dark. That is a special moment. Very amazing. It is like at the top of the world.

The tourists just need fifteen minutes until thirty minutes by car if they start from Dieng tourist resort to Sembungan. But it also depends on the condition and the way that they pass to go there and then continue climbing the Sikunir only need almost thirty minutes. If they stay at Sembungan village, the tourists can climbing directly from start point near Cebong lake.

Pakuwaja SiKunir

Top of Sikunir

What can the do on Sikunir if they can get the right spot?
First spot is the first hill that can they used to see how the sunrises whole with the sea of cloud as there is a border between the highest village and the villages lower. Second spot is the second hil that usually used some photographers to capture golden sunrise with foreground gazebo located in the first hill and Sindoro Sumbing as the background.

Third spot is the third hill. The highest place. From this location the tourist will get two beatiful panoramas. The west side we will see Cebong lake with the sheen water seeing from Sikunir. The east side we can see the silhouette the visitors because of the effect of the sun shine on their position.

Cebong lake

There is some homestays provided for the tourists if they want to stay around the Dieng Plateu.  The entrance ticket is very cheap. It is only IDR 5.000,-.

Hubungi Kami


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