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Tambi Agrotourism – Tambi Tea Plantation

Tambi Tea Plantation
Wonosobo? Wonosobo is the regency in Central java that known with Dieng plateau. What does the meaning of Wonosobo? Etymology, Wonosobo from the Javanese and Sanskrit Wanasaba and vanasabhā means gathering place in the forest. Dieng Plateau also known with some tourist attraction like Dieng temple and Tambi Tea Plantation.

Tambi tea plantation is one of tourist resort at Wonosobo Central Java. It is near Temanggung. The weather is very cold. There are many things that can we do there. If you want to visit Wonosobo from Yogyakarta it needs alomst 3 hours. You will through Magelang – Temanggung. After Temanggung take the way to Ngadirejo and go straight you will find this Tambi Tea Plantation without through Wonosobo downtown. The road is good enough but the drivers must be careful because the road is very challange our adrenalin.


History of Tambi 
The history of Tambi began on 1885. The tea plantation in the first time belonged to Netherlanders. They are Bagelen Thee and Kina  Maatschappij  and managed nby NV John Peet. The office is on Jakarta. After Independence day, this tea plantation was taken by the Indonesian government. In the agreement between Indonesia and Netherland as we know as Round Table Agreement one of the point stated the owner of the plantation was returned to the original owner in the first time. On 1954, the tea plantation sold to NV  eks PPN (state plantation) Sindoro Sumbing.  The next, the firm cooperate with the Wonosobo Local Government established NV Tambi and wellknwon as PT. Tambi until now.

Tour d’Tambi Tea Plantation
When you visit Tambi Tea Plantation, you will have some rare experiences.  There are picking and brewing Tambi tea by your self. Beside the beauty of Tambi’s panorama, the tourits will know how to produce tea from picking  from  plantation until  enjoy on the cup as hot tea.

Waking up in the morning, the tourist will be guided  to walk in the middle of tea plantation. The plantation is located in the eastern of the hotel. The air is very fresh although the weather is very cold.

Tambi Tea Plantation is a tourist attraction with agrotourism belongs to PT. Perkebunan Tambi. The location is on Tambi village, Kejajar Wonosobo Regency 2.500 feet above the sea levels. On the slope of Mount Sindoro. The area for agrotourism  is almost 2,05 hectare with some facilities such as hotel, meeting room, restoration and outbond  facilities.

The kinds of  Tambi Tea is known as black tea.  This tea is exported to other countries. It is exported not only in one country but also in a many countries in the world. For additional information, almost tea produced by Indonesia has high quality and exported to others countries include Tambi Tea.

At Tambi tea, there are 17 kinds of tea based on the taste. From 17 tastes, it divided into 3 grades. After the grading finish, the tea begin to pack and delivers to the market. It can be domestics and also to others countries.

This Agrotourism opens 8 o’clock a.m. every morning. All activities in the Tambi guided by a person from the Tambi Tea Factory. The guides will guide the visitors walk around the factory while giving much information about Tambi. From the factory we will be guided to get informations about the process of how to make tea. Before we guided to make tea, the first at all we will get the information choosing the good tea, how to pick the tea up.  There is a rule in picking the tea. If they do some mistakes in picking it will influence the taste of the tea.After choosing and picking tour the tourist will see how the process of black tea production.

To make black tea, after picking there is  withering process using heater. Sheet of tea be in the mill. It make the tea to be little fragments. After that process fermentation begins. In this process the colour of the tea leaves became black. That is why it called with black tea. The others important thing don’t forget bringing the camera. The situation at tea plantation in the morning will make us so proud. You must make documentation using your camera how the situation in the morning there. The that deliver to the market must passed the  standard quality test.

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