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The Charming of Posong

If you have a weekend at Magelang or Wonosobo don’t forget to new tourist resort at Temanggung. What is is? Posong. Posong is natural resort. May be it is like Punthuk Setumbu and Sikunir but it is very different with both of them. So, what is the difference with them?

The scenery at posong is very beautiful. We are in the bottom of Mount Sindoro and Sumbing. It is very near to them. Let’s go there guys.

For the travellers the name of Mount Sindoro and Sumbing is very familiar. The twin mounts located at Temanggung Regency Central Java are on 3.371 meters above sea levels and 3.150 meters above sea levels. Who guesses that behind of their courage there are another hidden beauty at Temanggung.

There is Sikunir at Dieng, Magelang with Mount Andong so Temanggung has interesting tourist resort. That is Posong. This new destination located on the bottom of Sindoro, Tlahab village, Kledung Temanggung Regency.

The History of the word “ Posong”
The location of Posong is 6 km from Parakan and 3,5 km from Parakan -  Wonosobo. This natural tourism is ogled the first time by nature lovers Jogokerso on the beginning of 2010. They collaborated with the Tourism office government of Temanggung to build the beauty of Posong.

The word “Posong” was from the Javanese “Pos sing Kosong” (Indonesian : Pos yang Kosong, Empty Place or station). The phrase is a part of the Diponegoro’s war on 1825-1830. At that time, the Diponegoro’s troop recessived from Magelang and Temanggung. There were then build a place called “POS” at Tlahab it the upper part of Sindoro Slope as a place to hidden from the Netherland troop.

But, it was not long time to stay there. The Netherland troop could find this place. They decided to besiege and attact the Diponegoro’s troop. Before the Netherland troops found this POS, one of the troop of Diponegoro knew about that information and told this to Diponegoro.

Diponegoro commanded his troops to go soon before the Netherland troops found their POS. And what did happen? No long time from leaving of Diponegoro’s troop, the Netherland troop come to that place. But they didn’t find anything. They just found an empty place. – Empty Pos or in Javanese called POS SING KOSONG. So, as the time goes by, this place named POSONG, POS SING KOSONG (Javanese)

What will we get if visiting Posong?
Although it is a new tourist destination, but don’t be trivialed the beauty of the panorama there. So what are they?

Posong at Night

1. Amazing Golden sunrise
As I said above that Dieng has Sikunir and Magelang has Punthuk Setumbu or Mount Andong so Temanggung has Posong.

I suggest for the travellers who want going to Posong. You must be careful.The foothpath to go there is so narrow with the rock contour. But all of this will disappear because the travellers will get the beautiful scenery. There are the some plantation residents and the beauty of the earth curvature. The travellers just need almost one hours from the ticket gate to the end location.

Posong with milky ways

2. Camping ground.
The travellers can contact the administrator in the place. If you have camping here so you will get many amazing things. Besides can see the golden sunrise, at the night before you can see millions of stars above you. Imagine that. You sleep below tha millions of stars. Wonderful, isn’t it? The stars above you usually called Milky Way. If you will have camping there don’t forget to wear thick jacket, gloves, head cover, trousers and shocks. The temperature is very cold.

The travellers who want getting the golden sunrise better for them to start at 4 o’clock a.m. from the ticket gate. Because just need almost an hour so may be at 5 o’clock a.m. you will on the main spot. Be patient to wait the sun appears by sitting and enjoting the delicious hot tea and coffee provided on the gazebos.

At 05.45 a.m. look at the Mount Sumbing. Slowly the sun will peek behind it. Because of the peeking of the sun, the shadow of Mount Merbabu, Mount Merapi, Telomoyo, Mount Muria and Mount Ungaran will be seen little by little. Very special moment there. For the photographers prepare your SLD/DSLR camera with tripod and set your camera manually to get the perfect capture.

If you do the trip from Semarang, you must take the Pantura Semarang – Yogyakarta route passing Bawen – Ambarawa and will end  on the cross road on Secang. You turn right on the cross road and follow this way until you find the Temanggung town square.

But if you begin the trip from Yogyakarta take the Pantura Yogyakarta – Semarang passing Magelang and ending also on the cross road on Secang. On the cross road turn left and take the same route above.

From town square of Temanggung, take the route to Wonosobo through Parakan. After Parakan just go straight on until Kledung district. You must be careful on this road because the road is like a snake- Curvaceous road.

Be concentrate to fine the little gate. On the gate lettering “POSONG” on the right side. The gate will be found after through twin bridges and one other bridge more. After that there is a rising road and on the slew right you will find the POSONG gate on the right side.

Curious it? Let’s visit POSONG. It can be the best alternative vacation for you. You will not be disappointed. But you must be remember that to get the best view, the best capture same with Pundhuk Setumbu and Sikunir you must come on the dry seasons.

Beauty of night

The Address and the Tickets
The location of Posong is on Parakan – Wonosobo road Km. 9 Temanggung Regency Middle Java postal code 56264

It opens every day on 3 o’clock a.m. until 5 o’clock p.m

The entrance ticket is IDR 4.000

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