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The Courage of Merapi and Merbabu seen from Ketep Pass

Ketep Pass Scenic In Magelang Travel Magelang ( Foto @U-Report )
Central Java is a province in Indonesia that has many mountains there. The scenery of each mountains are very amazing and marvelous that can be seen directly or seen from far place or climbed it until its top. For example in Dieng plateau, the domestic and foreign tourists will be intimated with the splendor of the mountains nearby. The twin mountains Sumbing and Sindoro for example. For enjoying the splendor of the mountain from far, the travellers can visit Ketep Pass.

This tourist attraction is located in Ketep Village. This is the reason why the local government named the tourists resort as Ketep Pass. Ketep Village is on Sawangan district Magelang Regency. Sawangan comes from the Javanese. Sawangan means sawang or nyawang that has meaning see or watch. Ketep Pass is a natural tourist object concerns with the volcano especially Merapi and Merbabu. The location of Ketep pass is on 1.200 meters above the sea level. Located in top of the hill and really in the middle among them-Merbabu and Merapi. The coordinat position of this location is 7029’38.65” South Latitude dan   110022’55.52” East Longitude. The spacious of this location is 8.000 square meters and 17 kilometers from Blabak, 30 kilometers from Magelang Municipality, 35 km from Boyolali and 32 kilometers from Salatiga through Kopeng and Kaponan. It also only need 30 minutes from Borobudur temple. The transportation to go to Ketep Pass is very simple and easy by using public bus, car and also a motorcycle. Ketep Pass was established based on the initiative of the Cetral Java’s Governor at that period H. Mardiyanto. The place is expanded as a new tourist destination at SSB route (Solo – Selo – Borobudur) and inaugurated by the president of Indonesia Mrs. Megawati Sukarno Putri on October 17th, 2002.

The Ketep Pass’s Functions  
  1. There is a documenter film that played in the mini theatre. By playing the documenter film it makes the Ketep Pass as a means of documentation.  
  2. The existence of an interactive computer that stores the data about Mount Merapi provided in Volcano Centre is used as a means of demonstration and educational facilities. 
  3. Location observations of volcanic activity make this place as a means of research. 
  4. Viewing post and Pancaarga yard  at Ketep Pass could be as a means of recreation for the tourists.
The Facilities
There are many facilities that provided to make the visitors comfort when the visit Ketep Pass. The facilities are :

- Volcanology Museum. 
With the spacious about 550 square meters, in this museum the tourists can see the Merapi’s miniature, interactive computer that stores the documents concerning with the volcano, some examples of the rock eruptions from year to year, the poster of Top Garuda, the poster about the early warning of eruption and some photograph that tell about the Merapi’s activities.

- Mini Theater
There are 78 seats on it. The film talks about the history of Mount Merapi such as the story how Mount Merapi create, the hiking trails, the observation in the Top Garuda, the eruptions of this mount and some phenomenons that happened in certain time. The duration of the film is 23 minutes.

- The Telescope
Two telescopes are available in Ketep Pass. There are on Top Panca Arga and the other one is on viewing post. The telescope can be used by the visitors to watch clearly the beauty of Merapi, Merbabu and the other mountains around both mountains.

- Pancaarga yard
The word Panca and Arga is the word from Javanese. Panca means five and Arga means mountain. So Panca Arga means five mountains. Panca Arga yard is the highest location at Ketep Pass. From this place, the tourists can see the five mountais. There are Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing, Sindoro and Slamet. Beside them, they can also see the small mounts and valleys like Mount Tidar, Mount Andong, Mount Pring, Menoreh hill and Telomoyo hill.

- Viewing Post
The viewing post is a gazebo. two gazebos are tectangular and octagonal building with side lengths five meters. From this viewing post they can see the beauty of Merapi and Merbabu. They can also see the beauty of agricultural land on the valley of them

If the visitors feel tired, they don’t be worried because in this tourist resort there are some exotic culinary places. Beside enjoying the typical food  likes roasted corn, warm tempe mendoan, rabbit satay the visitors will be entertained the beauty of Merapi, Merbabu and the agricultural land. It can be happen because while they enjoying the delicious food and the warm drink the place they sit faces all of them mentioned.

>>Entrance Ticket Price<<
1. Entrance the area and museum : IDR    7.500,- each person  (IDR  500,- for insurance)
2. Ketep Volcano Theatre : IDR    7.000,- each person
3. Telescope : IDR     3.000,-/ each person
4. Tiket Wisatawan Mancanegara : US $ 3 each person (Free all facilities)

Admission prices can vary depending on local government policy, please come to Ketep fitting, in a beautiful tourist town magelang

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