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Wonosobo’s Ten beauty Tourist Attraction that Make the Tourists Unwilling Back Home

ten places at dieng ( Foto @U-Report )
Undeniable fact, Wonosobo has the very beutiful nature.  All the way to Wonosobo, you will be offered the amazing beauty of Wonosobo at the left and the right side. There are Mount Sumbing – Sindoro and Mount Merapi – Merbabu. Everything that you see is so clear. Very amazing.

Furthermore, the weather is also cold. I am sure that it will make the tourist feel happy, comfort and so proud. “ If you are at Jogjakarta or Semarang I suggest you to split your time on your travelling to visit Wonosobo. Wonosobo the regency on the bottom part of Dieng Plateu. At Dieng Plateu I give you guarantee that you will find some incredible scenery.

Wonosobo really has some destinations for the tourists. There are the great nature, culture and culinary. There are Dieng Plateu, Telaga Warna, Sikunir  hill, Sikidang crater, Dieng temple, Purwoceng drink, some waterfalls, Telaga Menjer  etc. And don’t miss to visit Tambi Tea Plantation that nowadays develop to be outbond destination. This place suitable to visit with the family.

“ Please come to Wonosobo... Come to Dieng Plateu, Sikunir hill, Tambi Tea Plantation and the other some tourist destinations.

Below, we will describing Wonosobo’s ten beauty tourist attraction that will challenge soon.

Telaga Warna

1. Telaga Warna
Telaga Warna is one of landmarks tourism at Wonosobo. The name of Telaga Warna because we can some some colours from the lake. The different  colour from Telaga Warna based on the legend caused by the prince rings that felt into the lake. Scientifically, the colour comes from the refraction of the sulfurs on the bottom.

The domination of the colour is green blue and white yellowish. If you want the beauty of Telaga Warna you can climb the top of the highlands around Telaga Warna. At the edges of Telaga Warna there is a balcony that can we use to sits while enjoying the beauty of it

SiKunir Hill

2. SiKunir Hill
Do you want to see sunrise? Come to Sikunir hill. Sikunis is well known among the tourists as a place to hunt sunrise. Si kunis is located at Sembungan village. Sembungan village is the highest village at Centra Java. It is almost 2.200 meters above sea levels. This hill is called Sikunir because the hill that makes many people addticted hunting sunrise. The colour of the sun shine is yellow likes kunir. It makes the people around named with Sikunir. Kunir is the Javanese of kunyit.

Sumur Jalatunda

3. Sumur Jalatunda  
Sumur Jalatunda is located on Pekasiran village, Bantur, Banjarnegara Regency. It is moreover 12 km in the west of Dieng. Sumur Jalatunda once was a niche fracture the crater. By the time goes by, this niche is filled with the water with diameter 90 meters and the depth almost 200 meters. Because of the niche fulfill the water so it is like a wheel.

To reach Sumur  Jalatunda, you must prepare your physical. You must climb up the 257 stairs. In the end of the stairs, you will find paved with piles of gravel. The myth said that everybody that can throw from the opposite to the other place opposite it, so what they want will be succeed.

Sikidang Crater

4. Sikidang Crater
The Dieng Plateu Wonosobo has some beautiful craters. They are Sikidang, Candradimuka, and Sileri. Sileri is active crater until now. Sikidang Crater in one of the craters in Wonosobo that to be a main tourist attraction at Dieng and the location is on the Eastern of Dieng.

The scenery around the crater is very beautiful, the combinations between the green hills and the karts around  crater. It named Sikidang because the magma at this crater is often change the position. So, they called it with kidang (deer). The magma’s  turmoil at this crater is high enough. It is half until one meters.

Sileri Crater

5. Sileri Crater
Sileri crater still release the white fume. It is name Sileri because the colour of the crater is white and the aroma is like Leri (Javanese – the water after washing the rice).

Candradimuka Crater

6. Candradimuka Crater
Candradimuka Crater is a crater that known at the puppet legend. In legend said that, this crater is a place where Gatotkaca dijedi (taken a bath) so he has great power. The position of this crater is almost 6 km from Dieng Plateu.

Candi Dieng

7. Candi Dieng  
Temple is a tourism symbol at Dieng. The temple that have made Dieng to be sacred place. At Dieng, there many Hinduism temples separated in several locations. The temples here named suitable with the figures on Mahabharata. There are Bima temple, Arjuna, Gatotkaca, Srikandi etc. The design of the temples are like temples in India with the statue and relief decorate the temple

Telaga Pengilon

8. Telaga Pengilon  
It is not complete if you visit tourist attraction at Telaga Warna Dieng but you don’t visit Telaga Pengilon. Telaga Pengilon is like a lake and the location is next to Telaga Warna at Dieng Plateu. The unique thing, although it is near, Telaga Pengilon has own characteristics that different with Telaga Warna.The water on Telaga Pengilon is so clear and it doesn’t have colour likes Telaga Warna. For photographer, you will be happy seeing the scenery around Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon. This place is surrounded by the green and beautiful hills.

Telaga Merdada

9. Telaga Merdada  
The beauty of Dieng Central Java is really no rival. It can be proof with the natural attraction that ready for the tourists to visit from everywhere. One of the natural attraction at Dieng is lake. There is the largest lake at Dieng. It is Telaga Merdada. Telaga Merdada is located at Karangtengah village Batur Banjarnegara Regency. This destination at Dieng if we see from the shape is like caldera former  eruption that filled the water. The contour can be seen if we see it in higher place.

Batu Ratapan Angin

10. Batu Ratapan Angin  
Batu Ratapan Angin is a canyon near the Telaga Warna at Dieng Plateu. This place is to be one favourite destination for tourist because from this place we can see Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon from higher place. Can you imagine that we see two lakes from higher place? It is so amazing the beauty of the natural attraction here. But we need the extra power to reach this place. But after we reach this place, all that we feel will disappear with the beauty of Batu Ratapan Angin. Batu Ratapan Angin is also called as Batu Pandang Dieng.

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