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Jembatan Setan Andong
Andong is the name of traditional transportation from Java especially Central Java. We say cart in English. At Magelang regency, there is a mountain has name same with this traditional transportation. Mount Andong is the name. Why does the name is Mount Andong? Is the shape of the mountain same with Andong? Or Is the size is small like andong? Let’s find the answer here at masifan.comExplore the Beauty of Indonesia.

The History of Mount Andong 
Mount Andong has 1.726 metre above sea levels. To reach the top of Mount Andong does not need much time. It is almost 2,5 hours. The Mount Andong that is like a shield located at the eastern of Magelang Regency. More precisely at the border of Ngablak and Grabag.

The story of Mount Andong closely reated with Sunan Kalijaga dan Sunan Geseng. Sunan Geseng was born on Purworejo. The real name of Sunan Geseng was Ki Yusuf Cakra Jaya. Ki Yusuf is a buddhist. He works as sugar palm maker. His job took  the sap of palm trees. In Javanese it calls nderes

When Ki Yusuf Cakra sap the palm trees at his field, Sunan Kalijaga passed Ki Yusuf’s field. Sunan Kalijaga taught Ki Yusuf Cakra if he sap his palm tress while singing a Javanese song (ngura-ura/ klenengan or nembang in Javanese). Besides taught nembang, Sunan Kalijaga gave Ki Yusuf Cakra Kalimasada fetish.

After Sunan Kalijaga left Ki Yusuf Cakra, he tried to use the Sunan Kalijaga’s fetish. And it was success because the sugar palm change to be gold. Because he was so proud, he decided to try to look for Sunan Kalijaga. He walked until Imogiri Yogyakarta. After met Sunan Kalijaga, Sunan Kalijaga gave a mandate to Ki Yusuf Cakra to take care Sunan Kalijaga’s stick. The stick may not wake up until Sunan Kalijaga came back to that place. Ki Yusuf Cakra did the mandate well.

Unconsciously, it was eight year left to keep the stick . It made all the body of Ki Yusuf Cakra closed by bushes and bamboos trees.The people around the bamboo didn’t know that there was a man in the middle of Bamboos tree.

Geger Sapi

The bamboos tree has burned with the people. At that time, Sunan Kalijaga went back to that place and found Ki Yusuf Cakra has been black because of burned (Javanese = geseng). Since that, Ki Yusuf Cakra was changed his name with Sunan Geseng. Sunan Kalijaga gave the name Sunan Geseng because his body was black (geseng). Sunan Kalijaga brought Sunan Geseng to Sendang Panguripan Banyuurip, Gunung Kidul Yogykarta.

After that, Sunan Geseng went to Demak. Sunan Geseng was ordered to keep the rice. Don’t stop the journey until this rice felt don’t itself. After waste much time, finally the rice down at region of Magelang. This region was gave name with Mount Andong because there were many Andong (carts).

Closer with Mount Andong
At Mount Andong, besides Andong peak, there are some other peaks. They are Makam Peak at the west and Alap-alap Peak at the east. The travelers usually go to Alap-alap Peak because it is the nearest with Andong Peak.

Although Mount Andong is not as big as others mount near Andong, but Mount Andong has some beauty scenery and some places that can make the travelers feels afraid. Why?

Jembatan Setan is the answer. Jembatan Setan (Setan Bridge) suddenly  can make their guts shrink. Actually it is not a real bridge. It is one of the tract at Mount Andong. The width is only 1 metre and on the left and right side there is some cliffs. This tract will make the travelers’ heart flutter and make them afraid to sink.

If you can conquer your fear, you you will get the reward with the blue sky, fresh air, the eagle sound and the scenery of the village for far. The Mount Merbabu with other mountains like Sindoro, Sumbing, Slamet and Lawu likes the painting of the great maestro.

First at all, the travelers will through the pines forest to Watu Pocong. The structure of the soil is terracotta with 450 tilt.

After walking almost thirty minutes, the travelers will reach the first post Gili Cino. Take a rest for a while at this place if you feel so tired. From this post to the next post it will through a water resource. This water resource that makes the track wet and slippery enough. After through this water resource you will reach at second post Watu Wayang.

It just need almost one hour to reach the peak from this post. If you do the climbing at night, so you can see the beauty of the flickering lamp from Magelang.

After through second post, we will reach at top of Mount Andong that has four peaks- Makam peak, Jiwa peak, Andong peak and Alap-alap peak.

Mystery of Makam Peak at Mount Andong
If you are at the junction of peak at the right side there is a small and closed building. In the small building there is one room for pilgrimage. The size of the room is 2 x 3 metre. There is also one closed room. It just has small window. On the room, there is a tomb. The people said that it is Kyai Abdul Faqih’s (Joko Pekik) tomb.

>>Entrance Ticket<<
To reach the Mount Andong actually there is no ticket entrance, the travellers just pay the retribution IDR 5.000.

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