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Calming Water Recreation at Sermo Reservoir Yogyakarta

Sermo Reservoir
Yogyakarta is a province that identic with some interesting tourists attractions. There are many tourist attractions at Yogyakarta and Gunung Kidul Regency. Gunung Kidul Regency has many beautiful natural tourist attractions that serve the beaches as the objects. They are Indrayanti beach, Pindul Cave, Ngobaran beach, Education Village etc.

But now, MasIfan.com will not explore  about the tourist attractions at Gunung Kidul regency. We will explore one tourist attraction at Kulonprogo Regency. The Natural tourist attraction at Kulonprogo Regency is Sermo Reservoir. The location of this reservoir is on Sermo, Hargowilis Village, Kokap, Kulonprogo Regency Yogyakarta.

Sermo reservoir was inaugurated at November 20th, 1996 by the president at that year Mr. Soeharto. The  development of Sermo Reservoir was done by the local government and it needed the exes until 22 billion rupiah. The development of Sermo reservoir was as irrigation suppletion system for 7.152 hectare area at Kalibawang. In developing process of this reservoir, Kulonprogo Regency must transmigrate the 100 families to the Tak Bio Bengkulu and 7 families to Perkebunan Inti Rakyat Palm Oil at Riau. The transmigration liked that was called Bedho Desa transmigration.  And it was done by the local government – Kulonprogo Regency.

Something Beauty at Sermo Reservoir
Sermo reservoir is really natural tourism. It is very natural nature landscape. The beauty of Sermo reservoir can you see along 21 km. And the shape of this reservoir is circle and bituminous. At Sermo reservoir beside you can enjoy the beauty of Sermo, you can also be fun traveled using boat.

Many things that you can do to enjoy its natural elegance. MasIfan.Com’s friends can expressed itself by cycling, jogging and of course fishing at Sermo reservoir. You can also   just sit back with your friends or your love enjoying the scenery from the high land at Sermo. Enjoying the fresh air of the mountain also be done by sitting on the javanese traditional house (gubug) around the reservoir.

The local government uses Sermo reservoir not only for the family vacation spot but also as irrigation to irrigate the field. Also at this location, there is a Sermo reservoir management office that will give us the complete information for example the history etc.

Location and Route to Sermo Reservoir
To reach Sermo reservoir is not too difficult. If you want to go Sermo reservoir by public transportation, MasIfan.Com suggests you to go here early.  What is the reason? Because you will have a long time to wait the public transportation. The easiest route to go to Sermo reservoir is through Wates. You can go there by bus or rural transportation from Wates traditional market to Sermo reservoir.  Below we will explain shortly the route that you can passed.

The route from east : Jogjakarta city – Wates highway – Wates townsqaure – to the north through Wates way to Kokap – Location of Sermo reservoir (it just 15 minutes)

The route from west : Purworejo – Wates highway to the south track – Wates station turn left – the railway turn left – Wates Kokap highway – Sermo reservoir location (15 minutes)

Discussing about route, if you are on the trip from Jogja to Jakarta or Bandung, Sermo reservoir can be a place to take a rest. Because the location of Sermo reservoir is very closed with the highway and it is only need 15 minutes

Ticket Entrance to Sermo Reservoir Natural Tourism
From some facilities on Sermo reservoir, all the visitor can not be arbitrarily entered Sermo reservoir. But don’t worry because the entrance ticket is very cheap.
  • IDR 2.000 each person     
  • IDR 1.000 for Motorcycle  
  • IDR 3.000 for car  
  • IDR 5.000 for bus or truck 
Beside the entrance ticket, the visitors will get parking fee.
  • IDR 1.500 for motorcycle    
  • IDR 3.000 for car 
  • IDR 5.000 for Bus and truck
Very cheap, isn’t it? Here you can get the panorama of Sermo reservoir natural tourism .

As stated above, you can enjoy the beauty of Sermo reservoir. Cycling, jogging or using the ship that has been provided. The rent is also very cheap.

IDR 3.000 for children and IDR 5.000 for adult.

Very cheap , isn’t it? The ship will go around the Sermo area is almost 20 minutes. The boat will go if there are 5 person on the boat or no more 10 person.

The safety on Sermo reservoir is priority for that local management.There are also some SAR teams to protect the safety of the travelers if there are somthening happen.

Yogyakarta is really never release from the trade mark as tourism city. One of them is Sermo reservoir at Kulonprogo Yogyakarta. Soo, enjoy the beauty of this natural attraction right now.

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