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Candirejo Village – Interactive Tourism Village

Candirejo Village – Interactive Tourism Village
Tourism village is a unity among attraction, accommodation and some supported facilities then it is package to be one and presented in a community life structure that merges between etiquette and the prevailing tradition.

Accommodation meant here is a place for stay. Part of the people there rent their house for accommodation that must be there on a tourism village. While attraction is all people daily life combine with the physically setting of the location of the village that make the opportunity to integrated among the tourist as active participation likes dance, language and other specifics.

Talking about tourism village, our mind certainly imagines about the place near the tourist resort. Magelang also has the interesting tourist village.

Candirejo, it is the name of the village. Candirejo village is very near to Borobudur Temple. It just almost 2,5 km. This village has 365 hectare that consists of 60% for agriculture, 20% for shelter and the other for something like forest.

Why does Candirejo so Interesting?
At the first time, Candirejo village is just a village like usual that often visited by the tourist. The tourists always stay for a few days to visit Borobudur temple.

As the time goes by, this village is not only visited as a place to stay but also to be a new tourist attraction at the end. Now, this village has close bond with Borobudur temple.

There are three tours that can be visited at Candirejo Village, they are culture tour, agrotourism tour and natural tour. But, most of the tourists especially the foreign tourists never think about that terms. They come to Candirejo to enjoy the beauty and the uniqueness at this village.

Something that can be learnt from Candirejo is the villagers. From the traditional art, local traditional and home industry that is done by the villagers. Candirejo’s villagers keep the local wisdom well. They always do the traditional ceremonies to their ancestors. One of the interesting things is Nyadran.

Nyadran is traditional ceremony that celebrate every year to pray the spirit of their ancestors on Rejeb month. At this ceremony, there is one ritual that will never forgot is giving sesajen at Mount Mijil. The purpose of giving sesajen is the ancestors can enjoy all the crops that the Candirejo villagers get every years.

The other traditional ceremony is Saparan and Perti Desa that always be done every 15 Sapar. The purposes of this event are as a gratitude of their crops, a petition means to God for getting the salvation and increasing crops every  years.

This traditional ceremonies that is done at Candirejo village is a symbol of relation between human and the God, human with the ancestor, human and human and human and the surrounding.

The symbols of this relation shows on the Javanese “Memetri Bapak Ngangkoso Ibu Pertiwi

Bapa Ngangkoso is the symbol of sky. Sky is a place where the rain come. Rain is a water that is as a source to life.

Ibu Pertiwi is a symbol of earth that also as a source of life.

Candirejo tourism village offers some tour, such as :

- Around the village 
The tourists can around the Candirejo village on foot or by using traditional cart named Andhong. The tourists will see how uniqueness the tradition and the culture of local people, their craft, traditional cultivate system and the traditional art.

- Menoreh Tour 
This tour gives the tourists about the villagers’ daily life who live at Menoreh, the natural habitat of the birds, and the herbal garden.

- Cultivate System  
The tourists will enjoy how the feel in croping the fruit directly from the garden.

- River Activities 
You can feel how interesting in catching fishes from the river while enjoying the fresh swimming and bathing in the river. Don’y worry, all this activities are guarded by the guards and the trusted keepers.

- Environmental Education     
At this tour, the tourists will learn how the organic cultivate system, production process of organics seed, and the form of nature conservation that is done by the villagers.

- The arts at Candirejo 
  1. Jathilan If we discuss about Candrejo village, it cannot be separated with the history of Diponegoro struggle on 1825-1830. As a cultural heritage that has we explored on masifan.com before stated that jathilan described the war practice the Diponegoro’s soldiers.  
  2. Wayang/ Shadow puppet 
  3. Tarian Gatholoco/ Wulangsunu It performs couple and stand in line. The dancers are even. It called as Wulangsunu because the lyrics is talking about education. Wulang (Javanese) means educate, giving suggestions and Sunu (Javanese) means boy. 
  4. Kubrosiswo  The art of Kubrosiswo has been there since 1965. It is islamic art. The musical accompaniments are like the song struggle and qasidah (islamic music). 
  5. Shalawatan

The History of Candirejo
The word Candirejo appeared from the social phenomenon between Hindu and Budha that life together. The Hindu life in the suburban area and the Budha on central region.

Based on tutut tinular (said hereditary) Candirejo cames two words. They are Candi  and Arga. Candi means temple and Arga means mount.

The word Rejo  means fertile. And it is a symbol of the fertilize land of Candirejo although there are some stones there

The other version stated that Candirejo began from the founding the temple at this place. Based on the evidences on Candirejo village, there was a temple named Brangkal temple. The evidences are temple stones, brickes, statues ,  yoni etc.

How to get there?
If you want to go Candirejo Village from Semarang, the distance is almost 90 km while if you go from Yogyakarta is shorter distance. There are only 40 km.

From Semarang you can go there by public transportation that has direction to Magelang. You can stop on Borobudur bus station. Then, change your transportation. There are some transportation to go there. One of them you can go there by cart.

While from Yogya, you can also by public transportation and stop on Borobudur bus station. From this place, you can change the transportation same with state above.

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