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Demak Great Mosque, the Prove of Wali Sanga Deployment

Demak Great Mosque ( Foto @pusakaindonesia.org )
Not far from Semarang, there is a town that known as Kota Wali. It can be happened because long time a go Wali Sanga often come together  to discuss how to teach Islam at Java. This town is Demak. So that Demak always crowded by the tourists especially for person who want to know the history of Islam civilization at Java Island.

Demak is one of the tourist attraction in Central Java that rich with islamic culture. At Demak, there are three tourist attractions that always crowed visiting by many  tourists. They are Demak Great Mosque, the tomb of the big family of the Sultan Demak’s ancestry, and Sunan Kalijaga’s tomb. The tourist who visit Demak are those who have or will visit the tomb of Sunan Kudus at Kudus and Sunan Muria’s tomb at Mount Muria.

Demak Great Mosque is one of the olderst mosque in Indonesia. Like most cities in Indonesia governance arrangement, Demak Great Mosque is located on the west of Demak town square. The building of Demak Great Mosque if we see from the outside seem susceptible and worn. It is different with the mosques now – big and luxurius. Although it looks not interesting but don’t brush aside the history value of Demak Great Mosque. Reputedly, this place was be a place for Wali Sanga discussed the problem of Islam.

Demak Great Mosque is One of the Islam History at Java Island
Demak Great Mosque complex has history side in every corners. Each pillars have own name. For examples Sunan Kalijaga pillar, Sunan Kudus pillar etc. On the north of the Great Mosque complex, there is a museum. It can be used as reference about the Islam culture in Demak. One thing that must be known, the parking area at Demak Great Mosque is wide enough. The location is on the west of town square. The tourist can be feel satisfy and enjoy the sight seeing.

Not far from DemakGreat  Mosque, there is tomb of Sultan Demak’s ancestry. It is the north west from the Demak Great Mosque position. The Mosque and tomb are separated by the hall with the door that made from the beautiful teek wood. At tomb, the tourists can know the Raden Patah’s tomb (The founder of Kasultanan Demak). Raden Patah’s wife, Pati Unus, Sultan Trenggono, Pangeran Maulan etc.

When we visit the family tomb of Kesultanan Demak, you will be realized that the body of them is very long. It can be proof that Raden Patah and Pangeran Maulana height are 2 metres.

Many tourists amazed with the height of the tombs. After asking to the tour guide about that, it is real size. It is their real height. The ancients really had higher posture than the people now.

Demak Great Mosque

Looking for About Javanese  Culture
Based on the time needed that only 20 minutes, the distance of Sunan Kaijaga’s tomb with Demak Great Mosque is not too far. Sunan Kalijaga’s tomb is a religious tourism. Something that make different with the other Sunan’s tomb is the touch of Javanese art at the Sunan Kalijaga’s tombs

The Sunan Kalijaga’s tomb is realize describing about the Javanese  culture. It can be seen from the ornament on Kala Makara. This ornament like the ornament on temple. After pilgrimage on Sunan Kalijaga’s tomb you can go to the traditional market near the tomb’s location.

Demak regency is not big as Semarang, Magelang, Yogyakarta or Salatiga. But, in this small town it has the story of Javanese culture. It is important for the culture development in Indonesia. By visiting to Demak, we can know all the moral values from this historical location and buildings.

To do this religious tour to Demak Great Mosque, you don’t need much cost. You can enter Demak Great Mosque and gathering the history free and no ticket entrance.

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