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Gobak Sodor (Galah Asin) Historical Traditional Game

Gobak Sodor (Galah Asin) Historical Traditional Game ( Foto @U-Report )
The game of Gobak Sodor is very known at Java. Some of them said that this game came from Yogyakarta. The word of Gobak Sodor comes from the word Gobak and Sodor. Gobak means move freely and Sodor means javelin. Many years ago, the soldiers had the game named Sodoran. This game to pratice the war skill. Sodor was a jevelin which length almost 2 metres, without sharp spear on the top.

The players on the Gobak Sodor must be consists of 6-10 children. This children is divided to be two teams. The Guardian team and the attacking team. So, each teams must consists of 3-5 children. The player on Gobak Sodor usually boys, because this game need more power and exhausted the players’ power. But, if the girls want to play this game they must have the equal compositions players. The gender  and also their age must be equal. Why the composition must be like this? Because if it doesn’t equal so the power of each teams will unbalanced

To play Gobak Sodor, masifan.coms’ friend do not need the music to accompanies them in playing.

There is a thing that must be done before play this game. You must prepare the yard to play Gobag Sodor. It is rectangle. Then, among long line make transverse so there are some rectangles. After that, you must make perpendicular with the transverse so it will make some squares. This line named sodor.

The Regulation in Playing Gobak Sodor
There are some regulation if you want to play Gobak Sodor stated below :
  • Each players of the teams must move along the transverse. So the foot must always steps this line.
  • The player who can do sodor is olny the first transverse guard.
  • Each team attacking, from the base must through all the transverse. And if one of the players can go back to the base without touching team guard, so the winner is team attacking.
  • If the team guard can touch one of the player of team attacking so the winner is team guard. So the team guard change to be team attacking and vice versa.
  • If in one square, there are two or more players so the winner is team guard, and change position to be team guard.

How to play Gobak Sodor
The player is divided to be team guard and team attacking. Each teams choose one of the members to be a leader. The task of the leader is a sodor. From the figure above for example, the sodor’s team is A dan the sodor’s team attacking is F. Attacking team gather on the base while team guard stands at transverse that ordered by the leader.

From the figure above, A as sodor will guard the line ef at the left side. B guards the gh line on the right side. C guards line ij on the left side. D guard line kl on the right side. And E guars line mn on the left side. If we see from the front, we can see the position of team guard zig zag formation. A as sodor is not only moving at line ef but also on line cd.

Team attacking tries to enter the squares so they can get the place behind the mn line. Then, tries again to go back to the base. If one player of team attacking can go back to the base without touching by the team guard, so the winner is team attracking and getting the point.

If one player of attacking team is touched by the team guard before come back to the base, so team attacking is loose. After that, the team attacking change the position as team guard with F as sodor. If two or more players of team attacking at in one square so the team attacking is loose and change position to be team guard. There is the step of Gobak Sodor game that can be played repeatedly.

The advantages of Gobak Sodor
Belows are some advantages from playing gobag sodor :
  • Practice the cooperate each team members.  
  • Practice the leadership.  
  • Sharpen the brain ability.  
  • Sharepen the ability to look for the best strategy.  
  • Increase the power and legerity.
It is certain that the traditional games from Indonesia have some incredibles advantages. For example Gobak sodor. Gobak sodor is the most pleasure traditional game among the other games version masifan.com. But, all traditional games from Indonesia are very interesting to play and learn by the children and also it must be preserved so this game will be throughout the ages.

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