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Hide and Seek, forgotten antiquity game. Beginning seldom to play.

Hide and SeekJilumpet (Javanese) is really a funny game. This traditional game will begin to be forgot by the children now. The modern games laki play station, gadget game etc can move the position of this traditional game.

It can be happen because of the growth of the technology which support and produce  many kinds of toys. Even though, the our traditional game which our ancestors bequeath hereditary has many advantages. Besides not only can conserve our culture as our character but also good for psychological development and increase the creativities, dexterities, motorics and sense of socializing. We will explore the game Jilumpet (English Hide and Seek) deeper

Jilumpet (Javanese) or hide and seek is a game that is  played by more than two person. More  chlidren play in this game, so the game will more exciting. Now, many people don’t play this game more. That is why masifan.com – Explore the Beauty of Indonesia wants to explore Jilumpet deeper. We will explore the advantages, how we play, myth of jilumpet and also the history of it.

Physically jilumpet will make the children strong and deft.Tthis game also has the other advantages. Emotional, intelectual, and social that will be get by the children.

Jilumpet had popular on since 1970 until 1990. The children at that era made this game to be their favourite game when they went out home. They played it on school or after they took a bath in the afternoon.

The Hitory of Jilumpet
The traditional game is a game that has existed since time immemorial, which developed within the community. Almost the childre on 1990 played this game. Jilumpet is one of the traditional games that  is hundred or may be thousand years ago. That is not clearly when this game was played in the first time. On 2nd century, a writer from Greece wrote about this game. This game called apodidraskinda. This game is like with jilumpet now. Jilumpet is a kind of game we one person of them must try to find the others hide person. It can be played by two person or more is better.

In the world, this game has own name suitable with the language of each country. For example el escondite (Spain), jeude chache chece (French), Macboim (Israel), Sumbaggoggil (North Korea), Hide and seek (English). In Indonesia this game known with Jilumpet. That it why, at masifan.com we use term jilumpet not hide and seek because we will the traditional game from Indonesia. In Indonesia, there is also has another name suitable with the regions for example Ucing Sumput from Sunda, at Java known with Jepungan or jethungan etc.

How To Play Jilumpet 
Jilumpet is known traditional game. Every children from Indonesia absolutely know and ever play this game. Jilumpet play by more than three people. Beginning with hompimpa to decde who will to be a “ cat “. Cat is a term for the child who will find the others hide. The cat must close the eye, face the wall or tree or every where which cannot see where the other friends hide.

The cat counts from one or more until the other friends finish to look for the place for hiding. After the other friend finish finding the place to hide, it is time for cat to leave the place where his/her faces the wall and try to find the hiding friend. Here is the excisting session, the cat must fast and as soon as possible find the hiding friends before they touch the place where the cat count the number.

If “the cat” can find his/her friends, he will say the name of them while touching and say JEPUNG or INGLO/ BON, HONG. If just said the name so “ the cat” cannot win the game. The game must be restart again from the beginning. The most exicting thing is when the cat guerilla to find the other friends. One of the others friends (operation target) can skulk while step by step and slowly go to JEPUNG, INGLO, BONG or HONG. If he can do that, touching it so all friends that haven’t found by the cat yet are freed. It means that the cat nevel be found so the cat must count again from one or the game begin from beginning again.

The game can be said end if all friend has already found. And the child who find in the first time to be the next cat.

The Advantages of JILUMPET
Some game that played by the children can give some advantages for the intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. One of the game that still to be the favorit one for the children from the various regions is Jilumpet (hide and seek)

Beside it makes us pleasure, this game trully give some advantages for the children. Below some advantages of Jilumpet for the children growth.

-  The children can learn how to socializing
Socializing not only done by the adult, the children also need to do socilalizing until they are adult. This game is done together without looking the ethnic or background family. All children active involved in this game.

- Learning Counting 
This game is not only good for the children growth but also for the grwth of Children intelligences. The children who play are dividen into two group. They are searching group and the group to be searched. When the child has chance to be searching one, he will count to give chance the other children to hide.

- The Children are more Active
Jilumpet can help the children to be more active. The active children will growth more significant than the children who never active move. In this game, the children will run and hide so indirectly thy will do sport.

It is better for children to play jilumpet than they just play game, gadget or just watching television. This activity is more usefull for them

- This Game practices the Children to Obey the Rules. 
To practice the children to obey the rules within rules of their small surrounding like family, school or the community until the bigger surrounding like the country. It is need to be learned since they were child. Learning dicipline for children are not must on formal education or what we are said to them but it can also by  playing game. In this game, the children will play together by obeying the rules that they make together. Every children must obey and done all the rule that they have discussed decided together among them. If  they obey the rule that they have made together, this game will don well and make the game fun.

- Make the Children to be more Active 
Jilumpet will give the learning for the children to grind their brain where the children are more creative to fnd and get the place to hide differently with other children. In this condition, the children must think fast so they can find the difficult place to be found.

- Learning to Discuss How to Solve the Problem
The game that done together is needed an agreement to do one thing. In this game, all players must make, agree and done all the rule. It is done to avoid the conflict among them.

- Practice the Children to Sportive
In this game, the lose and the winner must accept and do their own jobs. The children will learn how to accept their lost and still enjoy the game.

Many advantages that can the children get from jilumpet, so you can support our children to play this game. As parents, you can support and direct our children to be more increase their creativity by playing game than watching television or playing online game.

The Myth on Jilumpet
Be careful! Don’t play jilumpet more than 7 o’clok p.m. supposedly said that this game can invite the ghost when we play it at night. Base on the myth and it is not a secret for the children who play this game at night more than 7 o’clock p.m. they will see ghost.

The myth about jilumpet at Java may be different with some other places and may be another countries.

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