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Hunting the Beautiful Sunrise from Telomoyo

Hunting the Beautiful Sunrise from Telomoyo
Mount Telomoyo located at Semarang regency and Magelang Regency Central Java. The height of Mount Telomoyo is 1.894 meters above sea levels and the shape is strato. Although Mount Telomoyo is a volcano but there is no record about the eruption. This mountain can be seen from the city around it likes Magelang, Secang, Ambarawa and Salatiga. For additional that Mount Telomoyo also located on the line of Mount Merapi-Mount Merbabu- Mount Telomoyo and Mount Ungaran.

The mount that has funny name stands among Mount Andong, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sumbing and Mount Ungaran. Until now, there is a mystery why the mount is named with Telomoyo.

The tourists who want to visit Mount Telomoyo can go there by motorcyle or better on foot. Perhaps, Mount Telomoyo is the only mountain in Indonesia that can be climb using vehicles especially motorcylce. Now, on the top of Mount Telomoyo there are many relay radio towers

From the top of Mount Telomoyo, the tourists can see how beautiul the scenery below. We can see Salatiga Municipality, Rawa Pening Lake, Ambarawa, and Magelang. Also from this top, the tourists will see how beauty of Mount Merbabu, Mount Merapi, Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro.

On the slope of Mount Telomoyo, there is a hot spring Candi Umbul that located at Grabag Magelang Regency.

Hot Spring Candi Umbul located at 600 m above sea levels. It is on the west of Mount Telomoyo and the temperature is 350C. The other hot spring is on the south side of Rawa Pening lake.

The Beauty Night of Mount Telomoyo
The tourists will be surprised when climb Mount Telomoyo at night. The beauty of night when climbing Mount Telomoyo can’t be imaged by the words. It is very amazing. The lamps of the cities around Mount Telomoyo are like a sea of lamps. Please, don’t miss this moment. If you are lucky, you can see the beauty of lighting on the top of Mount Ungaran.

What are the uniquesses of Mount Telomoyo?
Seen from the name that is unique and until now, nobody know about the name of Mount Telomoyo and what the meaning is.

The uniqueness that can found by the tourist at Mount Telomoyo are stated belows :
  • There are some relay towers at the top.
  • There is the highest paragliding runway on Central Java or may be the highest of Indonesia. That is why on October 2014, there was a hang gliding championships Telomoyo Champhionship.
  • Along the way to the top of Mount Telomoyo, if you are lucky you can find the unique plant. This is Kantong Semar Nephentes. It is rare plants but you can find it on the origin habitat at the side of the road.
  • The distance to the top is only 6 km. You only need 15 minutes. If you do leisurely strolling or by jogging you need approximately 2 hours from the entrance gate.

What will we do at Mount Telomoyo? 
Confused what will make you enjoy at Mount Telomoyo? If you love doing sport, believe me that the tract is very fun and challange. You can do cycling or jogging until the top. Beside this, you can get the perfect panorama at Mount Telomoyo especially when the sun rises.

When the sky is so clear and there is no cloud, the tourist can see clearly the top of Mount Merbabu and Merapi that reddens on the east side. If you see to the north, there are Mount Ungaran and Rawa Pening lake will be seen vague.

Don’t miss the water fall on the middle of you journey to the top. But on the dry season, the water debit is so small but you can feel the differences between this water with the other water. It is so fresh.

The important information for you, there are some stop points. There are favourite places for the tourists. Also don’t miss that places. You can see the scenery below. It is suitable for you if your hobby is photography. It is like a heaven for you.

The Myth of Telomoyo
The myth of Mount Telomoyo actually is not on the mount. But the myth is located on the its water fall. This water fall has already masifan.com explored before on the title #The Legendary Sekar Langit Waterfall As Nawangwulan’s Angel Bathing Place. Yes, the name of the water fall is Sekar Langit on Grabag Magelang Regency.

The Facilities and Accomodation
There is no special facilities at the Mount Telomoyo. But if you need the public transportation or just for stay for a night, you can stay at the villagers’ house.

There are some traditional store belongs to the villagers around the Mount Telomoyo. They provide some food and drinks. But they haven’t provided the equipment of climbing or hiking.

Before yo do the trip to the top of Mount Telomoyo, it is better for you to prepare all first because it will make you comfort for doing the trip to Mount Telomoyo.

The Access to Mount Telomoyo
There are two accesses to reach the Mount Telomoyo. If you through Magelang Municipality you through the way to Semarang and turn right when you are on Secang. Follow this way until you are on Grabag. Stay the way to the east you will go to Ngablak direction until you find the Dalangan village. Dalangan village is on the bottom of Mount Telomoyo.

The second you can through Salatiga – Magelang. The entrance access is Salaran village, Getasan Semarang Regency or Blancir Ngablak Magelang regency

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