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It is not an Ordinary Game, Cublak-Cublak Suweng has Fantastic Meaning and Advantages

Cublak - Cublak Suweng Game Play ( Foto @U-Report )
Cublak-cublak Suweng is a game that played at least with three person. This game will be interesting if you play it by seven until eight person. This game begins with decided one person to be Pak Empo, the main character at this game. Pak Empo has a duty. He must look for gravel or small stone(stone here likened an earing, Suweng in Javanese) that will be hidden with the other players. Then all players put they hand faces the Pak Empo’s back.

The game of Cublak-cublak Suweng is created by Sunan Giri. Sunan Giri is a great moslem theologian and humanist. In spreading the Islam, he didnot enforce anyone to be a moslem. He did using culture, art especially for Javanese. Through gamelan, song or literature made him known and to be admired until now.

How To Play Cublak – Cublak Suweng
For masifan.com lovers who haven’t known how to play this traditional game, you can chech the rules and how to play it below

The first, beginning with Gambreng, the lost one tobe Pak Empo. She lying her face down in the middle of the other children. Open your hand, put on Pak Empo’s back and faces up. One of the player take a gravel, hold it and move it step by step, from one hand to the other hand by singing Cublak-cublak Suweng.

"Cublak cublek suweng.  
Suwenge ting gelenter.  
Mambu ketundung gudel.  
Pak empo lirak-lirik.  
Sapa ngguyu ndhelikake.  
Sir-sir pong dele gosong.  
Sir-sir pong dele gosong.", 

This song sings together twice or third

While singing, the gravel must be move from one hand to the other player’s hand. After in the last lyric sir-sir pong dele gosong, give the gravel to the someone to hide in the grip one of the players. At the end of the song all hand must be holding their hands, and they must dissimulate hiding the gravel by moving their hands. Pak Empo wakes up and guesses in which hand the gravel is hidden. If Pak Empo able to guess, the child who brings must be the next Pak Empo but if it is wrong so he must be the same position as Pak Empo and the game begins again from beginning.

The Interesting Advantages of Cublak – Cublak Suweng
The children learn to sing, matching the rhythm with the hands, learingn Javanese, practicing the soft motorics, learing to obey the rule, learning cooperaton and learning to save the secret.

Instrument of Cublak – Cublak Suweng Gamelan Version :

Cublak – Cublak Suweng’s Song :

The Meaning of Cublak – Cublak Suweng
This Dolanan Children Song was created by Sunan Giri trully has the glorious meaning about the superiority value human life. The meaning teaches us not to corrupt and don’t be greedy.

Below the meaning of Cublak-cublak Suweng

- Cublak - Cublak Suweng
Cublak Suweng means a place to save Suweng(earing in English).

Earing (Javanese : Suweng) is a javanese women jewerly. So Cublak-cublak Suweng means there is a place to save value things. The thing is Suweng (Javanese Suweng means Suwung (empty), Sepi (quiet), sejati(truth)) or it means the true treasure.

- Suwenge teng gelenter
Suwenge Teng Gelenter = suweng berserakan (The earings are scattered).
The true treasure is true happiness. It is around the human.

- Mambu ketundhung gudel
Mambu means the smell, Ketundhung means for, addresse to and Gudel is calve. There are many people try to find the true treasure. Even the fool one (describing with Gudel) looks for with lustful of ego, corrupt and greedy. Their aim is to find the true treasure.

- Pak empo lera-lere
Pak Empo means a toothless man
Lere-lere means looking left and right.
The foolish is like the confused toothless old man. Although he has much treasure but that is a fake treasure. Not a true treasure. They confuse because they overpowered by their own  greedy lust.

- Sopo ngguyu ndhelikake
Sopo Ngguyu means who is laughing
Ndhelikake means a person who hide
It means that only a wise person who could find the place of true treasure. He is a person who always smile, semeleh in their live although he live with the greedy ones.

- Sir-sir pong dele kopong
Sir means heart
Pong dele kopong means empty soy
It means that in the empty heart. To get the place of true treasure (Cublak Suweng) or the true happiness a person must release the feeling of love to the wordly treasure, emptying themselves, humble, not to humble to others and also always uses the taste and sharpen the heart.

Conclusion of the Meaning of Cublak – Cublak Suweng 
May be the meaning of Cublak-cublak Suweng can be a lesson and lifeline for all lovers of www.masifan.com which “ to find the true treasure don’t follow your lust. All of this back to the conscience. Not influence lust. With conscience, it is easier for us to find it, not getting the wrong way until we forget the eternity”.

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