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Kedung Kayang – Explore the Hidden Beauty from Magelang

Kedung Kayang – Explore the Hidden Beauty from Magelang
There are many places in Indonesia that serve the beauty of Indonesia Nature. One of them is waterfall tourism. There are many waterfall tourism in Indonesia.

According to Wikipedia, waterfall is a place where water flows over a vertical drops or a series of drops in the course of a stream or river. Waterfalls also occur where melt water drops over the edge of a tabular iceberg or ice shelf.

The waterfalls forms because of the water flow’s erosion, the water flows over the rock varies layers from the different levels of erosion.The water flow through the over soft stone will have higher erosion level  than another region that the stone is harder.

The phenomenon above causes the water velocity up faster. The water of the river makes flow faster to the river bed. In the line with this, the water of river makes canyon or cliff on downstream slowly.

Talking about waterfall, we can inform that Magelang also has many waterfalls. One of them is Kedung Kayang waterfall. It is located on Magelang Regency.

Kedung Kayang waterfall is located on Wonolelo Village Sawangan Magelang Regency. This location is only 3 km from Ketep Pass View Post. It is the same direction to Boyolali. The location is between two mounts, those are Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu.

The water that flows at Kedung Kayang located at Pabelan river plot. It is 39 meter height, with the splay 800 and on 950 meter above sea levels. As you know that, behind the waterfall, there is a cave with 2 meter width and 2.5 meter height. The length of this cave cannot predictable. The myth there said that this cave has no ending.

Access to Kedung Kayang
The distance of Kedung Kayang through Blabak – Boyolali is almost 19 km.The access is easier using private car or public transportation. The condition of the road is relative well. Many entrance gates of Kedung Kayang. There are from Muntilan, Salatiga or Boyolali. The tourists who go there by public transportation can through both of the accesses.

The first access, by bus and stop in the east of Blabak Paper Factory. Change your public transportation that go to Tlatar Sawangan. After reached Tlatar you must change your transportation to Jrakah.

The second access, If you go Kedung Kayang by bus, you must stop at Muntilan bus station. Then, change the public car that goes to Pasar Talun. After Pasar Talun change once again to Jrakah Village.

After reached at this tourist attraction, you will see the simple gate. This simple gate is on the curvaceous track. After about 100 meter there is parking area. From parking area it just need 15 minutes or may be only 200 meter.

From High Land

The History of Kedung Kayang
The name of Kedung Kayang was from three Empu. Empu is a person who has supernatural power in making a gun that made from metal. They are Empu Panggung, Empu Putut and Empu Khalik.

Those Empu had meeting at that location. All of them had ideas that Pabelan river gave the blessing for the civilization around the river. Although the river is from Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi but they believed that river would not be through by lava. The reason this place had guards. The guards are Kyai Gadung Melati and Nyai Widari Welas Asih.

At that meeting, they had purpose. They would magic duel. The duel is throwing duel. This duel is done on Muharram (name of Islamic Month). The duel stated that each empu must throw at Kedung used the goose egg. May be it was very simple. But it would be impossible if the goose egg could not broke after entered Kedung.

The duel was done well with them. All Empu threw the goose eggs. And all of the eggs were broken after felt down to the river. They finally decided to walk down to the cliff. Something strange happened. The shells of all the goose eggs (Javanese = anyang) could not be found.

At last, all Empu agreed to give the name of kedung with Kedung Kayang. The spall of goose shell  were changed by Kyai Gadung Melati and Nyai Widari Wekas Asih to be wellspring that always flow every year

The Myth of Kedung Kayang 
There are some own uniqueness and curiosities. Those are at Suro Month (Javanese month) especially at Jumat (Friday) Kliwon night on Kedung Kayang usually heard the Javanese gamelan sound. At night Kamis (Thursday) Wage there are some monkey on the upper of Kedung Kayang.

As stated above that at Kedung Kayang there are two wellsprings. The first is Air Panguripan that usually be used by the people to fulfill their daily need and the other is Air Kinasihan. People believe that this wellspring has much benefit for those who need.

>>Ticket and Parking<<
The entrance ticket is IDR 4.000 and the parking rate is IDR 1.000

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