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Kupat Tahu from Magelang, the Taste Makes us More and More.

Kupat Tahu Magelang AA 
Kupat tahu is one of specific food from Magelang. It called as kupat tahu because this food consists of sliced kupat or ketupat and tahu. That is the reason why this food is called kupat tahu.

The base material from ketupat is rice. The rice cook by entering them in a place made from the coconut leave. It calls as janur. The sliced ketupat combined with sliced tahu that already fried too.

Don’t have negatif think with this food. We can enjoy this food not only combination of tahu and ketupat but also there are some others accompanies kupat tahu. Before we enjoy kupat tahu, first it mixes with sauce that makes from mashed beans, chili, palm sugar and down forget to add onion. Beside this you can find slice of cabbage and bean spout

Another interesting things, in one portion of kupat tahu that consists of kupat, tahu and others above it is still one kind of food combine with kupat tahu. It is bakwan. Bakwan is a kind of food make of wheat flour, slice of carrot, and slice of cabbage. All of them mixing into one batter and fried it.

What does that make kupat tahu special?
The special of this food is the taste composition. There are some taste and all of them combine to be one so it make own taste.What does make kupat tahu special?

The dominant taste of ketupat is savorless combined with the tasefull of tahu and the delicious peanut sauce. Especally adding the chili and tauge. For spicies’ lover don’t be afraid because kupat tahu is very delicious if we enjoyed it with spicy tase combine with the sweet ketchup and peanut sauce

Kupat Tahu in Magelang
If you visit Magelang, there are some known kupat tahu sellers.
  1. Kupat Tahu “Pak Pangat “ The name of “ Pak Pangat” is the owner. It is located on Jl. Sultan Agung Magelang. Every day especially at noon there are some people go here to get lunch. 
  2. Kupat Tahu Dompleng Dompleng is the term of Javanese. Dompleng means nunut. It is located on Blabak. The road way Magelang – Yogyakarta.  
  3. Kupat Tahu Pojok It names pojok because the location of the store is in corner. So the name of the store is Kupat Tahu Pojok. The location is on Jl. Tentara Pelajar. Near the Magelang Town Square. People called the place for sell it with “Ngesengan”
How to Make Kupat Tahu
Materials :
  • 2 pcs ketupat 
  • 1 tahu 
  • 200 gr of tauge 
  • 300 gr cabbage 
  • Celery 
  • 150 gr fried peanut, mashed it. 
  • Fried red onion 
  • Fried oil 
  • Salt 
  • Sweet ketchup 
  • 150 gr of palm sugar 
  • 6-8 pcs chili 
  • 2 onions 
  • Water
Steps :
  • Cut tahu like dices 
  • Fried the tahu until cooked 
  • For sauce, boiled palm sugar with water and bay leaf. Give less salt. 
  • Mash onion and chilli  
  • Put in kupat, tahu, cabbage and tauge, fried peanut in a plate. Add some ketchup, mashed onion and chilli. 
  • Flush them with the water which celery and frien onion in it. 
  • Serve it

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