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Let’s Explore Suroloyo Peak

Suroloyo Peak
Do you want to enjoy the beauty of Jogjakarta from highland? If you want to do this, please come to Peak Suroloyo. This highest peak at Menoreh hill located on Gerbosari Village Samigaluh Kulonprogo Yogyakarta has own beauty. The peak which extending far along Jogjakarta cannot be compared with anyplace. Here, the tourists can see sunrise, sunset and the Yogyakarta sparkling lamps at night from this peak.

With the height 1.019 meters above sea levels, Peak Suroloyo has four amazing charming. The tourist will see four mountains when they climb Peak Suroloyo. They are Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro and Sumbing.

The trip to Suraloyo’s peak is the amazing adventure. The trip will be an own challenge. The narrow way and full of steep climbs, sharp bend and between two hills and gorges make the exciting trip. The fear along the trip will disappear when you see the amazing scenery in front of you. A cluster of hills seems stand strongly protect the village below. As far as our eyes see, the green combine with the blue sky and the white cloud.

The Legend of Suroloyo Peak
On the northwest of Borobudur temple, extend the Menoreh hill if we see it is like a sleeping Budha’s silhouette. The size is very huge. On the 18 century, a poet from Surakarta Kingdom named Ngabehi Yasadipura I, wrote a masterpiece titled Serat Cabolek. He wrote that Raden Mas Rangsang the prince of Mataram Islam Kingdom got a Wangsit (Javanese : message from God). He will to be a king of Java Island. He must walk from Kotagede Kingdom to the west. After walked approximately 40 km he was fainted because he felt so tired on the Menoreh Hill. When he was fainted he got wangsit that someday if he is be a king, he must be named himself with Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma and he also be imprisoned in the one of peak at Menoreh hill. Now, This peak is called Suroloyo.

The Mystery of Suroloyo Peak
Based on the story of the villagers, Suroloyo is a peak where Raden Mas Rangsang did imprisoned after getting the Wangsit.

They also believed that as the highest place, Suroloyo to be a place for Batara guru to lead the gods. And also at this place Ki Semar (Ismoyo/ Bodronoyo) took care Petruk, Gareng, Bagong (Punakawan) and also Pandawa. That is the reason why some of the villagers said that Suroloyo Peak is Ki Semar’s house. And almost all villagers who lived around Suroloyo Peak makes Ki Semar as the symbol and also as their way of life.

On Suroloyo Peak, there are some mythological places, they are :
  1. Suroloyo Peak, Batara Guru’s place 
  2. Tegal kepanasan as a place for Gods to get meeting  
  3. Sariloyo as a place to conclude the meeting result 
  4. Sendang kadewatan 
  5. Sendang Kawidodaren : a place for the knight to take a bath before they do imprisoned 
  6. Pertapaan Kaendran is a place for  the knights to do imprisoned 
  7. Pertapaan Mintorogo

Route to Reach Suroloyo Peak
There are two routes to go Suroloyo :

First route : Godean street – Sentolo – Kalibawang – Suroloyo

Second route : Magelang street – Muntilan Traditional market – Kalibawang – Suroloyo

Tour on Suroloyo Peak
There are three Pendopo at Suroloyo :

- Suroloyo 
Pendopo Suroloyo is the lowest than the others. From here, the tourists can see Borobudur temple in the morning and afternoon. If you lucky, in the morning you can see the Spot of Borobudur temple that cover the vague fog.

- Sariloyo 
It is located 200 meters to the west. The tourist can see the twin mountains, Sumbing and Sindoro. Both of them like a reflection. If you see there sharp, you can see at the bottom the green of tea plantation.

- Kaendran 
The tourists must climb up stairs 200 meters more. Here, you will vague see the the blue abuts the grey. That is Glagah beach at Kulonprogo.

All hermitages are located in one area and closer to the others on the peak. If we make a line, Suroloyo peak is located at the intersection of four mountains; Merapi, Sindoro, Sumbing and Merbabu. The Javanese called is as Kiblat Pancering Bumi.

Traditional Ceremony
One more, don’t miss the celebrate of 1 Suro (Javanese mount) at Suroloyo peak. Jamasan Pusaka (Pusaka  is the term for weapon in Java) belongs to Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. They are Tombak Kyai Manggolo Murti and Sonsong Kyai Manggolo Dewo. This ceremony begins at night of 1 Suro. Towards morning, the procession brings the crops and pusaka leave from Keceme village.

The villagers wear the traditional clothes and a long they walk the children dance and doing party happily. The groups of traditional art around Suroloyo usually participate at this ceremony. Although the way to Sendang Kawidodaren is hard, they don’t feel that because of their happiness feeling.

There are only some small traditional stalls provides the food and drink. To entrance the Suroloyo peak, the tourists just pays IDR 2.000

For the durian lovers, if the season of durian come please try to taste the delicious of Suroloyo’s durian variety. This durian known with Durian Menorah. If you are lucky, yoy can get the durian that ripes on the tree. Menorah durian is only at Suralaya. There are no places that has this variety

The last, #MasIfan.Com suggests you if you want to go to Suroloyo peak, do this at night. Because you can enjoy the sparkling of the lamps from Jogja city and in the morning you can see the beautiful sunrise. Don’t forget to bring tent to sleep at Suroloyo peak.

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