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Looking for an Interesting Tourist Attraction from Papua? Raja Ampat is the Answer

Raja Ampat Explore The Beauty Of Indonesia ( Foto @MasIfan.Com )
In this chance, MasIfan.Com will explore about the beauty of tourist destination from Raja Ampat Island at Papua. Raja Ampat Island is the best tourist destination at West Papua Province. Let’s we explore the uniqueness from Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Island is tourist destination from Papua. This place has known to the world because of the beautyof the nature. One of the popularity object at Raja Ampat is the production  of documentary film that made by Avant Premiere with the title Edis Paradise 3. This film tells the beauty of the nature beneath the sea of Raja Ampat Papua. Raja Ampat also called as Sea World Amazon. This cognomen is given because of the position of Raja Ampat is in the middle of the world's coral triangle. Raja Ampat Island is located on the West Papua territory, that is a group of islands consists of 610 islands. Although there are 610 islands but only 35 islands are inhabited.

Raja Ampat is an islands. The only transportation that always uses by the people there is water transportation. This transportation is used to the regency capital (Waisai) and vice versa. With four main islands. All of them to be the own uniqueness's for you who go to Raja Ampat. The four islands are Batanta, Misoo, Salawati and Waigeo. The name of Raja Ampat taken from the myth of the people there. Raja Ampat in Indonesia means Empat Raja and Four Kings in English.

The tourists who come from the other countries in the world come to Raja Ampat Papua to enjoy the beauty of the islands and the uniqueness the beauty of the nature beneath the sea, surfing the walls by diving. The tourists can cross the group of big islands and small islands, mountain, tropic forest, coral strands, white sand beach  and also the many kinds of animals on Raja Ampat. It can be said that the natural wealth is very rare found in the other countries. So Indonesia must be grateful because Indonesia has endowment that very difficult to describe using words.

Something Interesting that Can be Done at Raja Ampat
This tourist attraction at Papua offers the beauty of the biodiversity, that can be said that the biodiversity here is overflow enough. The tourist can find 540 kinds of coral and 1.511 species of fishes. 75% of coral species on the world can be found here. The amount of them are 10 fold amount the coral that find at Caribbean. You can also find 27 species rare fishes at Raja Ampat, 5 species rare sea turtle, 13 species marine mammals and 57 species mantis shrimps. So, you can imagine now who unique of this tourist destination.

The charm of the beautiful ocean view, that can be seen both from beneath  and above the sea will be hypnotic you. So, MasIfan.Com suggests you not to miss the value moment when you visit Raja Ampat. This condition is supported by the endemic soil structure, the wealth of marine life and also the culture and wisdom of local communities.

There are some activities that can do here, such as :
  1. Exploring Raja Ampat Island by boat. 
  2. Doing the Kayak game. 
  3. Diving to see the the rest of the wreckage under the sea. 
  4. Enjoying the beauty of coral atoll around the Wayag Island. 
  5. Visiting the Red Cenderawasih birds of paradise from West Papua. 
  6. Doing traditional fishing. 
  7. Giving seed kuskus. 
  8. Exploring the bat cave. 
  9. Making the own sculpture guided by the Asmat craftsmen. 
  10. Snorkeling.  
  11. Trekking to find the water fall.
Beside this, you can see the “sea ghost”. It is an unique and interesting nature phenomenon located at the east of Waigeo. This phenomenon is created by the glow that comes from sea water  or it can be said as phenomenon of sunset that can be seen from the boat and surround the surface along 10-18 minutes. You can see this phenomenon only at the end of year.

For the MasIfan.Com’s fans, on the west and north Waigeo there is performing of traditional bamboo flute who played by the people there. This performing called Suling Tambur. This performing usually done if there is a religious festival or Independence Day celebration and also for welcoming ceremony to greet the important person.

The Charming of Tomolol Cave
You will be amazed with the beauty of Tomolol Cave. There are the freehand writing from the human and animals with the size very big on the cave’s wall. Reputedly, the handwriting drawing was made on prehistory period.

For additional, in the north of Waigeo, you can also enjoy the history tour. It is a cave from the 2nd World War. This cave was a place for Dutch and Japan to build the bunker. Beside this you can enjoy the unique culture that perform by the people there in a war dance. The other attraction is the water fall. I hope you don’t miss it.

The next destination is Ayau island. Ayau island is a group of small islands that located at coral island. With the huge size and the white sand to be a base of the sea. Ayau island connected on island to others. Not too far from this place, you can enjoy the islands with the unique sand called Zandplaat. This place is an unique habitat from the local vegetation of Raja Ampat. You can also see the people there especially the women and their children catching the marine worms or insonem.

After all above, please  comes to South Waigeo. It is a favourite destination for the diving lovers. Not far from South Waigeo you can find the tour destination. It is coral atoll Kabui Bay, Tengkorak Cave and also the historical tour destination Raja Ampat at Kali Raja. You can see the Salay dance at Saonek, many kinds of bird at Sawinggrai village and Yenwaupnor and also the woven handicrafts at Arborek. Also at this place, you can do snorkeling to see the group of stingrays swim. Then, if you continue the trip to the Sawandarek, you will see the white sand and the beauty coral and you can find many sea ducks. You can also take a walk and enjoy the traditional village that has unique nuance.

In the west of Waigeo, Konfiau and Batanta you can  enjoy the diving. The other interesting tourist attraction that can you visit is houseboats and the coral atoll on the Wayag Island.

Culinary and Specific  Souvenir  from Raja Ampat
Sea food the the special culinary from Papua. Usually, the diving organizer  provides this menu. There are many kinds of menu there. Beside traditional menu, there is also international menu. All of the food cooks by the people there. For example is special food from Raja Ampat is Soup Yellow Fish. Usually, the special food of Raja Ampat provides at the restaurant on Waisai.

The best souvenir from Raja Ampat said by the tourists who has visit Raja Ampat is an experience when they visit Raja Ampat. Of course by making documentation using their camera and also using the good video. But if you want to give a souvenir to your family or your friend you can buy the special sourvenir from Raja Ampat. They are :
  1. Traditional clothes     
  2. Woven handcraft  
  3. The Sculpture of Asmat Tribe    
  4. Traditional musical instrument     
  5. Traditional drum called Tambur      
  6. Traditional flute
You can find them at some souvenir stores at Waisai and also at the other cities on Papua. If you buy the souvenir at Papua it will make you easier to bring your luggage from Raja Ampat.

The History or the Legend of Raja Ampat
The Raja Ampat tour can be said as unique tour. Why can it said like this? Because Raja Ampat has a historical value or own legend. The legend of Raja Ampat come from the people there. There are some versions talking about the legend. It handed down from generation to the next generation. The legend was about the name of Raja Ampat itself. One version of Raja Ampat’s version was stated below :

Once upon a time, there was a couple. They lived humble at Kabui bay Wawiyai village. They worked as encroachment to look for their daily need. They went together through the forest to get what they wanted soon. One day, when they were on the Waikeo riverside, they took a rest. When they took a rest the saw five eggs located near them. Then the come closer and actually the eggs were the dragon’s eggs. Because they felt that they had found the strange eggs, the covered them in a noken (noken = pouch) and they brought all eggs to their home. After they were at home, the eggs were saved on the  one room.

As time goes by, the eggs that they saved on the room issued noisy. The felt curious and they tried to peep behind the door. After they saw, they were very shocked. The five eggs hatched and all of them were 4 boys and one girl. Five children wore the good clothes. It showed that they were the son of the king.

Until now, nobody knows who gave the name to them and why they hatched from the dragon egss.  But the people there know the name of them :

The King Name of the Raja Ampat Legend 
  1. Betani, on the future to be Salawati King  
  2. Dohar to be Lilinta King (Missol)  
  3.  Mohamad tobe Waigama King (Batanta)  
  4. War to be Waigeo King  
  5. Pintolee, the daughter. 
After they were adult, the four princess to be a king and governed wisely. While the daughter (Pintolee) one day she pregnant and gave birth two eggs. It was known by her brothers. One eggs was put on the big clam shell and then floated off and the finally this eggs stranded on the island. The name was Numfor Island.

The other egg did not hatch and changed to be a stone and it was gave the name Kapatnai. This stone was streated liked a king by the villagers and they gave the room for the stone for sitting. On the side of the stone, the villagers put the other stones. It meant to guard the stone. Until now, the people there still honour this stone and to be a worship object.

Little suggestion for my friends. If you want to go vacation there, make sure that you bring mosquito repellent or the lotion of this. Because there are much of mosquito especially at night. That’s the explore of the tour destination of Raja Ampat Papua that MasIfan.Com can inform for you. We hope, it can give the describe and advantages for the reader. Thank you.

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