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“Pahingan“ Market Magelang, Historical Traditional Market

“Pahingan“ Market Magelang, Historical  Traditional Market
Market Sunday “Pahingan “ is a tradition and also as an icon of Magelang Municipality. This market has been there more that a half century.

This market is not tradtional market generally, but this pasar only each 35 days (Javanese = Selapan) and the location is on Magelang Town Square Central Java.

Some people said that this market suitable with Pasar tiban or more be known as “Pahingan” or “Paingan” that refer to the name of the day in Javanese calendar.

One uniqueness of Pahingan market is the market only happen on Sunday (Minggu Pahing) together with the preachment of the Jami Mosque Kauman on the west of Magelang Town Square.

Some known Ulama (Theologian = Christian) who to be pioneers such as KH. Chudlori from Pondok Pesantren Asrama Perguruan Islam (API) from Tegalrejo Magelang Regency, K.H. Ahmad Haq or more known with Mbah Mad from Ponpes Watucongol Muntilan, Magelang Regency and K.H. Alwi from Ponpes Salam Kanci Bandongan, Magelang Regency.

A Piece Memorize about the History of Pahingan Market
At every regions, Pahingan markets  have own history. For example on Menggono Village. Here, reputedly Pahingan market  was initiated by Kyai Pahing. He held an event. The event name Mujahadah or in English can be said as pray together. It began on Friday night and conducted by Kyai Adam Muhammad. At  the beginning, the people heard what Kyai Adam said that talked about Islam knowledge. After that all people did Mujahadah or pray together.

From Friday to the next Friday the followers increased. They came from another place near and also the far place. They did not only to do Mujahadah or heard what the kyai said (Javanese : Ngaji) but also they wanted to know closer who the kyai was and they wanted to get blessing and so on.

Because in every Mujahadah there were many people came, so they needed drink and also food. It caused a lot of the people stay and sleep there. Based on this condition so Kyai Pahing’s wife (Nyi Pahing) sold across from the Mosque by selling food, drink and everything that the people needed. Kyai Pahing passed away and buried at Ngabean Menggoro. Nyai Pahing also buried at the same place.

The History of Pahingan Market at Magelang 
According to the Kauman Public Figure , Luky Hendri Yuni Susanto at the first time at Pahingan market there were only 45 person who sold at the Mosque yard when recitation held. They are the students of Pondok Pesantren (Arabic = Santri) who loyal to escorted (Javanese : Ndhereke) or follow the Kyai.

The things that they sold traditional food like boiled corn, boild peanut, boiled cassave and some drink. As the time goes by, at Pahingan  market they are not only sell traditional food and drink but also another things also sell here. For example anthique things.

Year by year, the activity of the trade at Pahingan is more crowded. Not anly the people who want o heard recitation who come to pahingan market but also the people who only want to enjoy the traditional food. Until 1980, the merchants fill out the Magelang Town Square with any kinds that they sell.

They come fro any regions, for example Tegalrejo, Bandongan, Secang until Muntilan Magelang Regency.

Pahingan market than envolves to be a local wisdom that rooted on the local people. The people for any region come to Kauman Mosque to do recitation or also for Pahingan.

Both of them to be more closer likes a coupe of Romeo and Juliet that hard to be separated. Both of the have own spiritual values. Holy Qur’am, pray, tahlilan and recitation fertilize the mystcism side to be more closer to God. Fertilize them to alway remember the eternity.

While the trader that doing at the Pahingan recitation, educate us to always think the power to look for provision for they life in the world. The Javane said Entuk Donyane yo Enthuk Akhirate (they can get both advantages. In the world and next the eternity.

Pahingan Market that Always be Waiting 
Approximately on 1983-1985 there were the community. The name of the community was Komunitas Pemuda Minggu Pahing (PMP) that routinesly did the meeting every Sunday Pahing. The youths who come from any regions in Magelang always do some activities or just sight seeing to enjoy the situation of Pahingan Market at Magelang.

“We always longing with the situation of Pahingan, there is a crowded, trading transaction although in the condition in looking for the islamknowledge by hearing the recitation. The sense of family can we feel among the traders. Although they have been here for a long time but they just meet in the same place in every 35 days.

The calmness in a crownded situation is the most felt in Pahingan market. Although there are many people sell many things but the people who come to hear the recitation, to get some knowledge of Islam can do their activities well. They don’t feel disturb with all crowded that happened cause of Pahingan Market. All of them can feel peacefulness.

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