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Playing Marbles. Traditional Games Which Begins be Eroded by the Progress of Time.

Playing Marbles ( Foto @U-Report )
In the modern era likes now, there are many cultures that be eroded by the time. One of them is the traditional cultures. The children now do not know how to play the traditional game and even, they don’t understand the traditional game from Indonesia. The modern era now makes the traditional games begin to forgetted and onl a few people who want to conserve.

Actually, the traditional game like playing marbles that will be explored by masifan.com has many advantages. It is different with the game now that only use their hand and eyes. Playing marbles uses all part of our body.

Marble has synonym with gundu, keneker, kelici, guli is a small ball made from clay, marmoreal, or glass. The size of the marbles are various. The size usually 0,5 inchies or 1,25 cm. They sometimes collect the marbles for nostalgia and because of the aesthetic color.

The History of Playing Marbles 
In the middle century, They have played marble and often played by aristocrat and patrician. This game is not only known in our community but also at French many people love this game and they called this game by pentaque. The differences between them marble using small size while pentaque needs two kinds of big ball and it is made from teak wood and steel. Pentaque first time introduce by Gaule tribe. From French this game began spreading to other countries likes Greece and Egypt. This game brought by Roman. It is the same with Nekeran, Pentaque in the fistr time just to waste the spare time.

History was continued until up to the Renaissance. Pentaque to be a game for aristocrat and patrician. The newest news, this game is equated with tennis. Tennis is elite sport at that era. Only a certain person may play tennis.

Since 1850, a social organization Clos Jouve introduced again Pentaque because the people began to forget this game. On 20th century this game was patented. After pantented this game, there were many Pentaque clubs to save this traditional culture.

Technology to make the marbles from glasses was found on 1864 at German. The marbles that in the first time only had one colour to be colourful like candy. This technology spread fast to the countries in Europe and America. But, the effect of World War II the expedition of the machine to make marbles have postponed. It make the other countries had innovation to make the own machine.

Equipment Needed and the Regulation to Play Marbles
To Play marbles, we  do not need special equipments. The players just need an empty yard as a place for playing. Chalk or stick to make a line in playing it. Then, the game is ready.

There are some regulations in playing marbles. Some of them are pot-potan, ban-banan, or jarum-jaruman. But the basic is same, directing the shooting marbles to target marbles. To play pot-potan we must make a square. Then we put the marbles between the point field. Our marbles and our opponents tries to make each marbles out from the square. If the marbles of our opponent can be made out from square by us so their marbles  will belong to us. It also applies vice versa. Besides pot-potan, there is another shape. We can make a circle. Put the target marbles and who can make the marbles out from the circle and collect the most marbles is the winner.

How to Play Marbles
To play marbles, the basic one is the suitable yard. There are some sand on the yard or the rim of the yard. Don’t to many grasses there. The marble will be difficult to move.

After you make the yard, all players must have contribution by giving some little marbles to the center of the arena. Make the cross. The marbles on the center is target marbles. At this session the players must decide whether they want to play seriously or not. If they play just for fun, the marbles must put back to the arena and no one can possess the marbles. But if you want to play seriously, the winner will save all marbles to be played as amercement and reward of the game.

Playing Marbles is not only Ordinary Game but Also There are some benefits in.

- Manage the Emotions 
Playing marbles is very interesting especially for children. This fun can make the players relax and help them to get out for a while from daily routines . It also can to recharge their energy. If their energy full will give good effect for them to do anythings like study.

- Practice the Motoric Intellegence 
The activities at this game like throwing, shooting can practice the soft and hard motoric intellegence on their school age. The coordination between visual and concentration will make the children more skillful to shoot the marbles.

- Practice the cognitif ability 
The thingking ability fo children also stimulate in this game. For example, if he wants to win the game so he must able to solve the problem and using the strategy with special technique to be a winner.

- Social Ability 
The most important thing in playing game is how the children able to make friendship with the other friend. Remember that the relationship will give the chance for the children to learn about social context. For example, they can learn how to cooperate, learn how to solve the conflict when they are quarrel among them and also tho communicate what they want and think.

- Practice the accuracy and precision levels
This game can practice our brain to more accuracy to do something and more conscientious with everyhing has done and will do next. By thingking the steps that will get and the condition when they are playing.

The conclusion, this game is not only an ordinary game but also has funny unsure. But, the traditional game able to practice the child motoric, attitude, build good character and also their skills

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