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Seplawan Cave

Seplawan Cave
Seplawan cave is ine of the caves on Purworejo Regency. This cave is located on the cluster of Menoreh hills theboundary of Purworejo Regency and Kulonprogo. The location of this cave is on Donorojo Village, Kaligesing Purworejo Regency. It is 20 km eastern of the Purworejo down town and 700 meters above sea levels. The length of this cave is 750 meters.

Seplawan cave is formed of nature evolution process for millions year. The nature evolution formed the ancient mountain surface so presented the wonders of the natural panorama. On the tops of the mountain, there are some caves like Kiskendo cave at Kulonprogo, some artificial caves of ancient culture results and also Seplawan cave.

The nature beauty of Seplawan cave is really beautiful overlays and cooling. Seplawan cave has beautiful and amazing ornaments. Some various stalactites and stalagmites. The ornaments are not inferior to flowstone, helektit, soda straw, gourdam etc.

One thing that make Seplawan cave more interesting is the fresh fount and a lake that its above there is ancient lettering said Saplo Wan. Saplu  means holy and wan means holy man or a place to purify the human.

From view post, the tourists can see Kulonprogo, Sermo reservoir and Indian Ocean. If you climb to the higher hill at this cave you will see Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sumbing, Mount Sindoro and also Mount Slamet.

All the mountain can you see only in the morning. Many tourists do camping at Seplawan cave to see the beauty of Seplawan cave in the morning.

History of Seplawan Cave
Seplawan cave initially found because of the order of Purworejo’s Regent to look for the possibility of tourist attraction at Purworejo regency.

Then, the Donorojo village government established a team that consisted of 47 person to look for some caves that possible to be a tourist attraction at Purworejo Regency as Purworejo’s Regent ordered. The team led by Mr. Ngudiyo and did the expedition at some caves at Donorojo village.

The team consists of :
  1. Sastro Tinoyo Donorojo village chief as a leader. 
  2. Parmo Sentono, Village Secretary 
  3. Semirjo 
  4. Ngudiyo 
  5. Cokro Tinoyo 
  6. Muji Wiyono
On Tuesday (Kliwon = Javanese day) August 28th, 1979 some of the members of the expedition team named Slamet, Lebuh and Sukir  saw a silted strange thing like a sparkling thermos on Seplawan cave. Actually, Slamet was not a member of the team. He was a volunteer who entered the cave.

Then, the team dug the silted thing. The silted thing was a kendogo contained Sywa and Parwati statues. Both of them made of gold. The gold statues were called as Kencana Statue. The statues made of gold 24 carat, weight 1.5 kg and height 15 cm.

The history of the gold statues happed on Rakai Sanjaya era precisely when the lifetime of a young man named Dyah Balitung before he was be a Mataram King. So the making of this gold statue was on Wangsa Sanjaya Rakai Sanjaya’s progeny.

Now, The statues are saved in the museum on Jakarta. The government makes the bigger replica of them and put it in front of the Seplawan cave.

Location and Route to Seplawan Cave
Seplawan cave located at Donorojo village, Kaligesing, Purworejo Regency.

The route to Seplawan Cave :

From Purworejo take the direction to Kaligesing through Cangkrep – Brenggong – Plipir – Kaliharjo- Kaligono – Donorejo.

You can also go there by Primkopol public transportation route  44 from Baledono Market  station Purworejo

From Jogja / Magelang / Godean / Wates you can through Kenteng Nanggulan direction to Jonggrangan jatimulyo – Tlogoguwo – Donorejo.

>>Entrance Ticket<<
Anytime the tourists can visit the Seplawan Cave but the cave open at 8 0’clock a.m. until 5 o’clock p.m.

The entrance ticket is very cheap. You just paid IDR 2.000 – 3.000,-

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