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The Legendary of Sekar Langit Waterfall as Nawangwulan’s Angel Bathing Place

Sekar Langit Waterfall
Magelang Regency at Central Java is a region that has some tourist attraction. It is from the down town until some regions at the border of Magelang. If we  observed them, some of tourist attractions at Magelang have own story and also own history.

Some of The tourist attractions at Magelang Regency opened to public or haven’t officially opened yet. All of the tourist attractions always have own interesting history for the tourists to dig deeper.

For example Mount Tidar. Here known the story of Kyai Sepanjang. At Mount Tidar, there is a cemetry of Kyai Sepanjang which some of the people said that everybody who can measure by using their fingers so the measurement always different.

Not only Mount Tidar, there are still many others tourist attractions at Magelang that have own story and interesting history inside as I will explore at this article. It will talking about Sekar Langit Waterfall.

Jaka Tarub & 7 Angels

The History of Sekar Langit Waterfall
One of the tourist attractions located in Magelang is Sekar Langit Water fall. This water fall also has own legend.

Once upon a time, this waterfall is a bathing place for an angel when she went to the earth. Her name was Nawangwulan. When she enjoyed the bathing at waterfall, there was man named Jaka Tarub. He stoled her scarf. Actually the scarf was using by the Nawangwulan to go back to the sky. Beside this, the scarf also as a source of Nawangwulan’s power. Because of Jaka Tarus stoled it so Nawangwulan could not go back to the sky. She lost her power and could not fly more. So She decided to live at the earth and merried with Jaka Tarub.

More, because of this legend makes curious for some people to come to Sekar Langit waterfall. They want to know closer and more about Sekar Langit water fall that as a place for angel to take a bath. They think that it must be beautiful place so an angel go down to the earth for bathing.

Tourism In Sekar Langit Waterfall

Sekar Langit Waterfall Myth
The people around the water fall believe that the water from water fall has some advantages. Beside to cure the disease both chronic disease or not, the water also can increase the aura for the women. How could it done? By bathing there or just wash your face with this water.

There is also an eroticism opinion about the advantage of the water. The water can make the the breast sexier than before. How to do this?

The woman must take a bath under the water fall. The water from the waterfall run down to the breast directly or it can be done step by step or just take some and wash on your breast. The important thing, the water of the waterfall must touch your breast before the water down to the earth.

For the men who have difficulties to get a partner, this place often be used  as a place to do what they want

The ritual to get a partner usually done by meditation at night. It is always done at Friday night (Javanese = Malam Jumat Kliwon)or Tuesday Night (Javanese = Malam Selasa Kliwon). Burn the incense and face to the north east. Generally, the place that always used the ritual is a stone with diameter 5 meter and located on the south of the waterfall. Reputedly, this place is the best position. This place is a plac where Jaka Tarub peek the angels who took a bath at Sekar Langit water fall.

Route to Sekar Langit Waterfall

Easy Access to Sekar Langit Water Fall
Beside enjoying the beauty of the water fall, and also interested with the story of Jaka Tarub and Nawangwulan the access to Sekar Langit is very easy.

The location of Sekar Langit is on Telogorejo – Grabag Magelang Regency. It is among Semarang Regency , Salatiga Municipality and Magelang Regency. The Water fall is on the slope of Mount Telomoyo. On the next, we will try to explore about Mount Telomoyo.

The Biggest Reason Why We Must Visit Sekar Langit Water fall 
As a tourist attraction on the mount, the situation on Sekar Langit water fall always so cold and fresh. The sound of the water will greet us when we reach there.

This water fall is not too high. It is almost 25 meter. But the beauty and the charm of the water fall able to make many people to visit here. More, after they know about the legend of the water fall.

Down of the waterfal there is a small pond that used by Nawangwulan took a bath at past. The water is so fresh because the water is from the mountain.

At this pond you can enjoy the scenery of the waterfall by bathing in. But remember, don’t steal the clothes likes Jaka Tarub done.

Telogorejo Village, Grabag Magelang Regency, Central Java


>>>Entrance Ticket<<<
For enjoying the beauty of the Sekar Langit water fall, you don’t need much money. You just pay IDR 2.000 for motorcycle parking fee and for car only IDR 3.000. The fee can be change depend on the regulation of the local government.

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