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The Loneliness of Gedong Songo Temple that Captivate the Heart

Gedong Songo Temple
Perhaps you oftern hear about the temple at Central Java and Yogyakarta as tourist attractions in Indonesia. There are many temples on Central Java and Yogyakarta as ancestral temples of Indonesia. There are Mendut temple, Pawon temple, Borobudur temple, Ngawen temple etc. In Yogyakarta, there are Ratu Boko temple and Prambanan temple Which known with the performing of Ramayana  Ballet

Now, MasIfan.Com will explore a temple which the name of the temple is taken from the total of the temple. This temple has similarity with Dieng temple at Wonosobo. Gedong Songo is the name of the temple. Gedong Songo is a complex temple. This Hindu temple is located at Darum village, Bandungan Semarang Regency.

Gedong Songo more precisely located on the slope of Mount Ungaran on the south side and on 1.200 meters above sea levels. The effect of this makes Gedong Songo temple cold enough. The temperature there between 19-270C. The location is on110020’27” East Longitute and 07013’13” South latitude. The fresh environment, free from air pollution, the beautiful panorama and hot water attraction from the water spring containing sulfur on the Gedong 3 and Gedong 4 makes this temple give impression and own experience for the tourists.

Based on historical records, this temple was found by Raffles on 1804, It is a heritage of Wangsa Syailendra on 9th century. We will explore detail about the history of Gedong Songo temple on this session.

As stated above that the name of the temple taken from the total of the temple. Gedong Songo, Gedong (Javanese) means building and Songo (Javanese) means nine. Although there are nine building of temple but one each other is not in one location. One temple is not adjacent to each other temples. So, you need extra power to reach hundred meters to see all temple on Gedong Songo temple. That is one uniqueness of Gedong Songo temple than other temples. If you are lucky, you can meet the cold foggy down from the mountain. You can feel as you are on the land above the clouds.

Gedong Songo Temple

The History of Gedong Songo Temple
Gedong Songo temple has many similarities with Dieng Temple on Wonosobo. The Gedong Songo complex has made in a row from bottom to the top of the mountain round the crater hot spring. It is the same with the temple in Dieng. There are many crater hot springs that not to far from the central temple.

Temple is made symmetrical on the top of the mountain shows the union of two local religious. Thy are the belief in ancestors and Hindu culture that believe that the temple is a place to stay the God.

The principe of bud temple that is like with culture of terraced stone age. The principe of this that getting to the peak of the spirit of the ancestors is getting close to humans

Nowadays, the statues on Gedong Songo temple is not a complete more. You will just find some of them like Durga (Syiwa wife), Ghanesa (Syiwa son), Agastya (spiritual teacher) and also two syiwa’s guards. They are Nandiswara and Mahakala.

As stated above that the person who found Gedong Songo temple at the first time was Raffles, but at this section #MasIfan.Com will tries to explore detail about the history of Gedong Songo temple. Actually, Gedong Songo temple first time found by Loten on 1740. And on Raffles period on 1804 this discovery was written and given name Gedong Pitoe. The name Gedong Pitoe because at that time, only found seven temples.

On 1925 Van Braam made publication that there was a temple around the Mount Ungaran. Then, Friederich and Hopermans was the person who wrote about Gedong Songo. Van Stein Calefelss was a person who did research around Gedong Songo temple on 1908. And on 1911-1912 Knebel did the inventory all temples on Gedong Songo temple.

>>Entrance Ticket<<
There is a difference fee for entrance ticket between domestic and foreign tourist. For local or domestic tourist you can pay IDR 6.000 and for foreign tourist the ticket entrance is IDR 25.000

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Beautifull Gedong Songo Temple

The Mystery Story at Gedong Songo 
Although on the historical records has written that this temple found in the first time on 1740 but this temple that located on the mount that is Mount Ungaran by the archaeologists haven’t found historical evidences about the built of this complex,and the  construction background. But, if we see from the architecture and its location,the scientists just predicted that this temple was built on Sanjaya Hindu dynasty at Java on 8th century.

Based on the story on the people around Gedong Songo temple, a long time a go, this temple used by Hanoman (White ape) to pile up Dasamuka king in the big war to snacth Shinta.

This is the story of Ramayana. At this story, Dewi Shinta, Rama’s wife was kidnapped by Dasamuka King in the jungle.To snacth Dewi Shinta, Rama must do a big war againts the giant army. King Rama was helped by Apes army conducted by Hanoman. Dasamuka king is very strong and had a supernatural power. He could not be killed by the Rama’s weapons. Hanoman knew about that so he decided to lift the mountain to pile up King Dasamuka. Finally, King Dasamuka piled up alive on the botton of the mountain. Now, the mountain called by Mount Ungaran.

For the tourists who want to visit Gedong Sango temple must be careful. They way that will they thorugh is narrow enough and winding. When the rain fall, #MasIfan.Com suggested to do the trip slowly. Used the lowest gear because the road is very ascend. Many cars and motorcylces  overhelmed and must stop in the middle of the grade.

From Ambarawa, you need around 40 minutes. From Bandungan you just need 10 minutes.

Here is the list of distance to go to the temple
•    Ungaran – Gedong Songo         : 25 km
•    Ambarawa – Gedong Songo     : 15 km
•    Semarang – Gedong Songo       : 45 km

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