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The Virgin Grand Canyon at Wonosobo – Lobang Sewu

lobang sewu
Have you ever heard about Grand Canyon? Grand Canyon is Big Canyon with the steep cliffs. In the world, the Grand Canyon Colorado at North Arizona is very known in the world. This Grand Canyon is included as Seven Wonders in the World.

Grand Canyon at North Arizona that created by Colorado river chops a strait for million years. The length is almost 446 km, width from 6 until 29 km with the depth more than 1.600 km.

Who knows that we also have grand canyon? Grand canyon that we have is not as big as, as deep as and also as known as  Colorado Grand Canyon. Actually, this new destination in Wonosobo  Central Java can take up many tourists. Every day many tourists visit this new grand canyon. The tourists almost ten thousand every week to know this new destination.

At Wonosobo, besides visiting Sikunir, please spare you time, your trip or your vacation to visit this virgin destination. Lobang Sewu – It is the virgin grand canyon at Wonosobo Central Java. It is located at Erorejo village, Wadaslintang, Wonosobo, Central Java. You just need 1,5 hours from Wonosobo. From Erorejo’s main road it is only 400 meter.

After heard the name of Wadaslintang, on our mind we imagine about reservoir, Wadaslintang. The big reservoir at Wonosobo. It is very different when talking about Erojero. There are no many tourists know about this village. They haven’t know that at Erojero has new tourist destination.  This place is very known as producer of fish and pepes. Pepes from Erojero is very famous with its deliciousness.

the virgin of lobang sewu

The History of Lobang Sewu
The destination at Erojero Wadaslintang ca be said still new. The virgin destination. This new location was opened on 2015. This destination is not as known as Dieng Plateu. However, the scenery of Lobang Sewu no less beautiful than Sikunir. The scenery here is very amazing.

There is no certain history discussing about Lobang Sewu. But, This place has been there for thousands of years ago. It is a favourite place for fishing especially the people at this village. Some of them are not aware that the place usually they used to fishing is amazing place. Beautiful place and have the special attraction for tourist.

The name of Lobang Sewu came from the story of the Erojero’s people when the water of the reservoir down. There are thousand holes and stone which is eroded by the water like the coral or like little grand canyon and it is very beautiful. The holes are believed as the source of the water that fill the reservoir. When the water is up, the holes used thousand fishes to live there.

According to the trust people around Lubang Sewu, if the reservoir water receded at any time looks very interesting holes. But the myth said that the hole cannot see by everyone because the holes sometimes only appear once a year, even up until several years emerged seen by many people.

Pre wedding At Lobang Sewu

Why must We Visit Lobang Sewu? 
The combination of limestone along the edge of Wadaslintang has own scenery. More exotic and more interesting. It can be happened because the blend of reflection of the Wadaslintang water. The blue reflection is more interesting when the sun begins set.

Beside the tourist can do fishing, they also can rent gethek. Gethek is a boat but made from some bamboos. They can surround the Wadaslintang reservoir, enjoy the beauty of island that located in the middle of reservoir named Kumejing village.

The tourist can reach this location by car or motorcycle. From Wonosobo through the way to Banjarnegara. Before passed the monument you must turn left at the Sawangan junction. From the traffic light find the way to Kaliwiro or Wadaslintang.

The tourists just bring IDR 300.000 so they can stay at Erojero for two nights. They also can enjoy some traditional menu likes Pepes, Bucu Rice, Palm sugar Badeg, and any other traditional menu from Wonosobo. In the morning, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise at Siwindu hill or Sibedug hill. From these hills you can see the fisherman activities at Wadaslintang Reservoir while you waiting the breakfast.

Come and prove it... The beauty of Lobang Sewu Grand Canyon. The beauty of them can be seen from any viewpoints. 

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