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Traveled to Banten The Great Mousqe

Traveled to Banten The Great Mousqe
Someday, Masifan.com perhaps wants to explore the history of Banten the Great Mosque when on holiday many travelers visit here. Evidently, this great mosque serve the traveles with the beautiful panorama on the mosque building ornament. The travelers also can go to Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin’s tomb and his fourteen lineage. Reputedly, the people said that the tomb is their progenitors.

The Great Mosque Banten is the oldest mosque in Indonesia that full of history value. Even, at last Idul Fitri vacation, this mosque full of travelers from many countries. Many people said that this old mosque gives many knowledge. Especially about the history

If you enter to your vacation schedule to visit this Banten Great Mosque, it will increase your history knowledge. I suggest you to ask your children go with you because your children will get some knowledge about it”.

The Great Mosque of Banten crowded by the pilgrims to visit the mosque. Some of them come from Java. The shape of tower is like a lighthouse. This mosque has own characteristics. If you see this mosque from far, you can see the tower. The Mosque guard name Sible said that the visitors who visit the mosque can be 50 thousand person a day from morning until evening. It is true that most of the travelers are from Banten, but it is also much person who come from Jakarta and Java.

The travelers also pilgrimage to Sultan Maulana Hasanudin’s tomb said Sibli one of the person who take this mosque care.

Syawal Tradition (Something interesting at The Great Mosque Banten) 
Not only to pilgrimage, the travelers also go to the fourteen other tombs that are the Sultan’s progenitors at The Great Mosque Banten area. Especially at Syawal month (Arabic month)

 “The travelers come on the seventh day of Lebaran. This tradition has been hereditary tradition to pray for ancestors”

Little History of The Great Mosque of Banten 
This mosque was built first time by Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1552-1557). He is the first sultan from Banten. He is the first son of Sunan Gunung Jati. One of the special characteristic that can beem seen at this mosque is on the main building’s roof that pile five up. It is like a Chinese pagoda that is work of China architect name Tjak Ban Tjut. Two foyers that is built to complete at the north and south side of main building.

At this mosque, there are two areas of the Banten Sultans’ tomb and their families. They are the tomb of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin and her wife, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa and Sultan Abu Nasir Abdul Qohhar. While, on the north side of the south foyer there are the Sultan Maulana Muhammad’s tomb, Sultan Zainul Abidin and others.

The Great Mosque of Banten also has additional paviliun that located on the south of main building. Two stairs paviliun is named Tiyamah. The shape is rectangle with ancient Netherlands achitecture style. This building was designed by Dutch Architect  named Hendick Lucazs Cardeel. If there is a meeting and islamic study usually be done here. Now, this building is used as a place to save heirlooms.

The tower that to be a character on this mosque located on the east of the mosque. This tower made of bricks with height more than 24 meters with diameter on the bottom almost 10 meters.

To reach the peak of the tower, You must pass 83 stairs and through the aise that only passes by one person.


Masjid Agung Banten, Desa Kasemen, Kecamatan Kasemen, Banten, Kec. Serang, Kota Serang, Banten 42191

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