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AFFANDI MUSEUM – The Maestro Painter Palace

AFFANDI  MUSEUM – The Maestro Painter Palace
Affandi is one of the contemporary painting maestro that known in the world. The portrait painting about himself to be one of the masterpiece painting at his museum. Affandi museum is one of the best painting museum in the world.

Affandi Museum is located on Jl. Laksa Adisucipto 167. The main road that connected Yogyakarta and Solo on the west bank of Gajahwong river and on 3,500 m2 that consists of museum building and the complementary buildings, the building where him and his family stayed. Affandi museum was built by himself on 1962 and inaugurated on 1974.

On Affandi museum, there is not only display his masterpiece but also the other painters. Besides this, there is a vehicle that he used. This museum is divided by four galleries. Each galleries have own different characteristics.

Who is Affandi?
Affandi was born at Cirebon on 1907. He was son of R. Koesoema. His complete name was Affandi Koesoema. Affandi is the abstract or expressionism painter. There are 2,000 masterpieces during his lifetime. The special character of him is his sarong and mouthpiece on his mouth. on 26 years old he was married with Maryati and there was a daughter named Kartika Affandi, the other suns on her daughter. 1974 he got the Doctor Honoris Causa degree from University of Singapore. On May 23rd, 1990 he passed away. The important figures who ever visited Affandi museum are Soeharto and Dr. Mahathir Mohammad the Prime Minister of Malay on June 1988.

Affandi began to paint by joining the group of five artists from Bandung. They were Hendra Gunawan, Barli, Sudarso and Wahdi. Affandi was the leader of this group. The name of Affandi to be controversy on Orde Baru because his involvement of Lekra (communist wing)

Affandi is one of the pride of Indonesia in the painting. His masterpieces is very phenomenal and able to be one of art flow in the world. On 1950 he did the single exhibition on India, England, Europe and USA. His masterpiece are 2.000 pieces.

Part of Affandi Museum 

First Gallery 
At this gallery, the tourists can buy an entrance ticket and find the information center. His career from the first until end shows at his masterpiece on this gallery. At this gallery there are several objects associated with his life likes his car Mitsubishi Gallant 1975, the Releigh bicycle 1975, sandals, his brush, pail, his clothe, sarong, scrapbook of newspaper talking about him, his photo memories and his mouthpiece

Some certificates that accepted Affandi and the stamp collections PT. POS Indonesia with Affandi as the figures on 1997 also displayed here.

Second Gallery
At the second gallery actually provided to display the Kartika Affandi’s masterpieces. But, as the time goes by, this gallery also as display room of the painting collection from some maestro likes Basuki Abdullah, Popo Iskandar, Hendra, Rusli, Fajar Sidik, S. Sujoyono, Barli, Wahdi s, Bagong Kusudiarjo, Mochtar Apin and the others painters. This gallery has two stairs. On the first stair, there are some abstract painting and the second stair is dominate with realist painting.

Third Gallery
Third gallery finished to be built on 1997. On this gallery there are some new paintings of Kartika Affandi that makes on 1999. The title of the paintings are Apa yang Harus Kuperbuat (January 1999), Apa Salahku? Mengapa ini Harus Terjadi (February 1999), Tidak Adil (June 1999), Kembali pada Realita Kehidupan, Semuanya Kuserahkan KepadaNya (July 1999) etc.

Also at this gallery, displayed the painting of Rukmini Yusuf and Juki Affandi, and painting embroidery of wool fabric of Maryati, the Affandi’s wife.

The second stair on this gallery used as the treatment room painting, the base stair is used to save the collections.

Fourth Gallery
Fourth Gallery is a room to display some painting of Didit, the Affandi’s grandson’. The ceiling of this room is very interesting because it makes from woven bamboo.

On the north side of the first gallery, there is Maestro’s Rumah Abadi with his wife. Very simple and surrounded some flowers.

Near the second and third gallery, there is a place for te children to learn painting. In front of the second gallery there is musholla. The unique of the musholla is the shape. The shape of the musholla is bullock cart. The proud of this museum, the collections on this museum are very complete. There are some collections of the best contemporary painters maestro in the world. Affandi Museum is one of the best painting museum in the world with the best saving.

Some Activities can be Done At Affandi Museum

Learning to paint at Gajah Wong Studio 
If you have the talent to paint and want to learn to paint, you can sign up yourself as a course participant at Gajah Wong Studio. You will get good painting teachers. The teachers are supervised from Mrs. Kartika Affandi. As course participant, you will get some facilities like free entrance ticket to Affandi Museum, Free visit the Affandi Library, join the exhibition.

Watching Painting Demo 
It is amazing experience seeing Kartika Affandi paints under the tree on Affandi Museum. If you want to do this, you can ask to the museum staff. To see the painting demo, you must in a group or at least ten persons. You can see how the painting maestro scraping ink on white canvas and make it to be the beautiful painting.

Hangout at Loteng Café 
After walk around the museum and feel tired, you can take a rest at Loteng Cafe. At this cafe you can sit at the bench that makes of the wood and unique tires. The big kamboja tree makes the weather cool and fresh. Don’t forget to exchange the drink voucher when you buy the entrance ticket.

Shopping at Art Shop
If you love the art, you can do shopping at art shop on the museum complex. At art shop, you can find and buy the repro painting, t-shirt, sourvenir, and some books about the maestro-Affandi. The masterpiece of the maetro also provided in a postcard, apron, bag etc. All the things are limited and it does not sell at the other places.

>>Ticket Entrance<<
  • International  Visitors       : Rp. 50.000 ( free softdrink + souvenirs ) 
  • Local visitor                    : Rp. 20.000 ( free softdrink ) 
  • camera / video                : Rp. 20.000 
  • mobile camera (hp)         : Rp. 10.000 
  • camera ( group visitors ) : Rp. 50.000 ( 10 person )

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