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Brown Canyon Semarang – USA Canyon at Semarang

Brown Canyon Semarang ( Foto @ariefphotography.tk )
Do you know Grand Canyon at America? Green Canyon at Pangandaran? #MasIfanDotCom sure that all of you know about that. But do you know that Semarang also have canyon? If you haven’t known that Semarang has canyon, we will #explore Brown Canyon at Semarang for You.

Brown Canyon at semarang is located 2 km the south of TVRI Centra Java – Pucang Gading Mranggen Semarang Central Java.

Semarang Brown Canyon actually is a project of C excavation project. It has been ten years more. From this C excavation project, many people have many opportunity to earn their income by  doing the sand quarrying, land landfill quarrying and limestone.

Actually, Brown Canyon at Semarang is not a tourist attraction. It is just a hill like usual. Because of the mining material that done every day for some years finally this place becomes a place like Green Canyon at USA.

The beauty of the exotic nature panorama makes Brown Canyon at Semarang to be the one tourist attraction and a place for phorograph lovers. The high towering cliffs combines with the trees on the top makes this place has beautiful scenery and #MasIfanDotCom recommended for travelers.

Location of Brown Canyon at Semarang
Brown Canyon located at Rowosari Meteseh Tembalang Semarang. This place is far enough from the downtown of Semarang

The name of Brown Canyon actually is popularized by the visitors of this location. If we ask to the people around Brown Canyon, some of them haven’t familiar with this name yet. They are familiar with Padas Keruk (the former of the hill that has been dredging, and there are just limestone left)

The History of Semarang  Brown Canyon 
As stated above that Brown Canon is a hill. At that hill, the dredging land landfill quarrying activity has been done for 10 years. So, this place is a  C excavation project. Because the dredging has been done for 10 years, so slowly the cliff tekstur formed. The unique cliff like Grand Canyon USA.

The cliffs are formed because not all the hill to be a project. So at the border of the dredging formed the cliffs like now. Based on the information of the people around the hill, the part that formed the cliffs is very hard. It needs  sophisticated steam shovel

So, the name of Bown Canyon perhaps has meaning cliffs like Grand Canyon and its colour are brown. The social media makes the brown canyon can be famous.

First time, #MasIFanDotCom thinks that the miners has high sense of art so they can make the beautiful canyon like Grand Canyon at USA. After we did the investigation the higher part and some trees on it comes from the hardest part of the hill that cannot be dredginh. At that time, the miners only have 1 kind of standard Back hoe  (Back Hoe Hidraulic Excavator). This machine cannot do dredging the hardest part of the hills. So, they leave this part. And the effect of the accidentally activities, the Brown Canyon Semarang formed and to be the favourite place to take a photograph.

  • From the east (Purwodadi) after through Mranggen arket, there is cross road then turn left on Jl. Raya Batur Sari. Go straigh and follow the road. Finally you will enter the Dongko village the you will reach the location.
  • From Simpang Lima, go to the Pedurungan direction. At the junction of Polres Semarang Timur turn right. You will through Jl. Fatmawati to RSUD Semarang (Ketileng), then turn left (the direction to Klipang) and you will find Klipang Golf location. After Klipang Golf, continue through Jembatan Besi. On the junction take the direction to the south (turn right). Go straigh 2 km and you will see the beauty of Brown Canyon of Semarang.
  • The other route,  from Simpang Lima to Pedurungan, Junction on Polres Semarang Timur, go straight to Mranggen or Purwodadi. There is junction turn right to TVRI Jawa Tengah, Pucag Gading. The way to Stasiun TVRI go straight then turn left and follow the way to the housing. You will find Jl. Raya Batur Sari turn right and go straight. So you will find the location.
  • The route to Brown Canyon from Solo, Yogyakarta and Semarang can be done through Banyumanik, Tembalang, Diponegoro University of Semarang then Singar Bencah until cross road of Meteseh market. Go straight.

Accomodation and Facilities
The traveler just pay IDR 5.000 to visit Brown Canyon. For accomodation you can go to the close village. The villagers will help you to provide the toilet, pray etc.

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