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De Mata Trick Eye Museum Yogyakarta – The Best Place to Feast TheEeyes With The Real 3D Art

De Mata Trick Eye Museum Yogyakarta ( Foto @dematamuseum.com )
Who says that traveled to museum is something bored? Please try to come to the tourist attraction at Yogyakarta. It is De Mata Trick Eye Museum. #Masifan.com guarantees that your impression about the museum that is rather interesting will disappear. Especially for you who have hobby taking pictures. You are as traveler must come to this museum.

At De Mata Trick Eye Museum you will be served by 120 collections of 3D pictures. The traveler will be easy to release their desire to take pictures on the collection of the pictures or paintings on this museum.

Don’t forget to visit this great museum. You must prepare you camera battery full or you can brings backup battery so you can really exploit the value moments to take a pictures with the pictures or 3D painting that will cheat your eyes.

Why do you must visit “De Mata Trick Eye Museum Yogyakarta”.

Beside you can enjoy the amazing real 3D pictures and looks real, you can also be helped by the museum officers to get the photo style so the result of the pictures will be maximal.

Even you come to De Mata Trick Eye Museum, you will be felt how the feel walk on the old wooden bridge and the below there is hot lava flow. On this museum the travelers also can feel and accept the flower from Sri Sultan HB X. All of them can be found at this museum tours.

For the travelers who want to get the cheaper entrance ticket of this museum, you must come on Monday – Thursday at 10. o’clock a.m. until 3 o’clock p.m. For normal price if it is not on Happy Hour Museum is IDR 35.000.

This museum opens on 10 o’clock a.m. and will be closed on 10 o’clock p.m.

The Location of De Mata Trick Eye Museum

The location of De Mata Trick Eye Museum is on basement area of XT Square Yogyakarta. At De Mata Trick Eye Museum placed the labyrinth concept so it will not  make the visitors bored when they are in the one object of this tourist attraction.

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