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Gereja Ayam, Hidden Church that has Mystery and Exiting in the World

Gereja Ayam
Gereja Ayam at Magelang Regency suddenly well-known because this church to be one of setting where Cinta and Rangga at film AADC 2 expressed their longing. They who haven’t known this place yet, suddenly  know about this place and of course they have desire to visit this place. Actually, what is the special thing at #GerejaAyam?

Actually, Gereja Ayam is a building that has been never completly built. Now, this building is so dirty and looks very unkept. On the wall there are some vandalism. The interesting thing on the building is the shape of the church. The shape of the church is like chicken. That’ why this church is called Gereja Ayam (Chicken Church in English)

Th other things that attracted on this place is the  panorama around the church. The location of this place is really different with other church. This church is located on the hill named Rhema hill.From this place we can see the Borobudur temple from different side. It is the other reason why this place always be visited by the tourists who visit Magelang or Jogjakarta.

Before visit #GerejaAyam, #MasIfan.com suggests you to know  the interesting fact about this uniqe church.

The History of Gereja Ayam
#GerejaAyam was built on 1990 by a man name Daniel Alamsjah. At that year, he bought 3,000 meters squares. On 1990 the price of land was very cheap. He just paid 2 million rupiahs to buy this land. He didnot pay the land in cash.. After the land was bought, the church construction  was began. Before the church finished, the development was stopped. It caused by the construction cost was limited and the villagers around Gereja Ayam disagreed with this development. Since 1999 this church was neglected .

Daniel Alamsjah the owner  of Gereja Ayam is a Christian. Actually, this building was not to pray the Christian. He said that this building was not a church. This building he was built used to pray every one and every religions. Actually, this building ever used to pray some religion like Budha, Islam and Christian. Beside used to pray, this building also ever used as a rehabilitation place for disabilities children, drug addicts and madman.

Daniel Alamsjah also gave explanation that the shape of this building was not a chicken. It was a dove. The idea of this construction when Daniel got the message from God to build the worship house with dove as the shape. Because of Daniel a Christian, some people guessed that he would build a church. Although in fact it was not true.

The Reason Why Gereja Ayam must be Visited. 
One reason why many people want to visit Gereja Ayam. It caused the location that very closed with Punthuk Setumbu. As we now on the previous article on #MasIfan.Com explored about #PunthukSetumbu, said that #PunthukSetumbuh is a place to enjoy the sun rises at Magelang especially to enjoy Borobudur temple and sun rises.

May be you have opinion that Gereja Ayam  just visit by the local tourists. If you have opinion likes that it is wrong. This place is very known on the foreign tourists. The foreign tourists who has vacation on Borobudur usually visit Punthuk Setumbu to enjoy the sun rise. Because the building of Gereja Ayam can be seen clearly from Punthuk Setumbu, so some of them feel so curios to visit this building.

After that, there are some names for Gereja Ayam. All the name is given by the tourists who visit this place. Some names of Gereja Ayam are Chicken Church, Bird Church, Dove Church and Pigeon hill.

Before “promoted “ by #AADC2, Gereja Ayam actually has been known by the travelers on Social Media. Instagram is social media that many upload the pictures of Gereja Ayam. The unique shape of the building makes this building always crowded by the tourists. Some of them visit this place just to make narcissist photos. Sometimes, this place also be visited by the young couple to make pre-wedding photos.

Many know-nothing people often dirt the wall of Gereja Ayam. It makes the appearance of Gereja Ayam grubby and dirty. Although this place is grubby ad dirty, some tourists always visit Gereja Ayam that was built by Daniel Alamsjah.

Gereja Ayam has not officially used as a tourist destination by the local government but some people around there utilize the coming of the tourist to provide the parking area. You just pay IDR 5.000 include entrance ticket.

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