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Historic Tour at Umbul Jumprit at Ngadirejo

Historic Tour at Umbul Jumprit at Ngadirejo
Have you ever visited Ngadirejo, Temanggung? If #Masifan.com’s friend have gone there it means that they have visited Umbul Jumprit. Umbul Jumprit is a place where we can do traveling while pilgrimage at Ki Jumprit cemetery. There are many things that make Umbul Jumprit necessary to be tourist attraction for you who likes adventure.

At that time, the existence of Umbul Jumprit just know by the certain people. On the beginning on 1980 the visitors at Umbul Jumprit began increase especially they who wanted to pilgrimage at Ki Jumprit and took and soaked at Umbul Jumprit. On January 18th, 1987 the local government of Temanggung declared that Jumprit as ecotourism region. One year later, this region declared by the Central Java governor at that time HM. Ismail.

The name of Jumprit has stated at #serat Centini, especially associated with the legend of Ki Jumprit as necromancer at Majapahit palace. Ki Jumprit was known with his supernatural power. Actually he was one of the son of Brawijaya King, Majapahit’s king.

He left the palace to practice his esoteric knowledge and his supernatural power to help the people. His long wandering ended at Tegalrejo village, Ngadirejo Temanggung regency. Some figures believe that Ki Jumprit is their ancestor. Ki Jumprit is the ancestor of the people from Temanggung that separated at the slope of mount Sindoro and mount Sumbing.

All of them still need the deeper study especially from the historical aspect. Surely, There are some locations that believes as “petilasan”  KI Jumprit. The cemetery of him is also near from Umbul Jumprit. Those two locations that always be visited by the people to pilgrimage especially by the certain community that usually do “tirakat”.

As necromancer, Ki Jumprit had predicted that one day, Temanggung would be the prosperous region. Some of his prediction proved true. The farmers on the slope of Mount Sumbing and Sindoro live well because of their cultivate the tobacco.This commodity was popular in the beginning on 1970.

The education and health level of the people from Temanggung can be categorized on high level at Central Java especially if it compares with the other regencies. Although the tobacco commodity is not too bright than before but the welfare of the people still above average the people at Central Java.

To be Sanctuary for the Buddhists 

The Jumprit tour to be sanctuary for the Indonesian Buddhists. Every the Trisuci Waisak ceremony at Borobudur temple, the water blessing is always taken from Umbul Jumprit.

This tour is one of the tourist destinations at Temanggung that day by day the visitors increase. Many visitors who come to this place to answer all their curiosities about this place that full of history and also many connections with the ritual at some places.

Some tourists come to Umbul Jumprit to enjoy the bathing place of Umbul Jumprit and also to pilgrimage at Ki Jumprit cemetery.

The History of Umbul Jumprit

Before enter the tourist area you will see the entrance gate like a Majapahit temple that has built at ancient era and there are hundred years ago.

Behind this building, the Umbul Jumprit that the water in always uses by the visitor to take a bath.After they took a bath, they will throw away their under wear as a symbol to throw away their bad luck. This tradition was happened for a long time ago.

On night of 1 Suro, Umbul Jumprit is very crowded. At the same night there is traditional event at Sendang Si Dukun. The event is Suran Traji with any ritual spread the fetish of Lurah Taji bride.

Umbul Jumprit has history that relation with the felt down of Majapahit kingdom. At that time, The Islam kingdom Demak that led by Raden Patah expanded the region until the region of Majapahit kingdom. Some of them obeyed and also disobeyed the leadership of Raden Patah. One of the people who disboyed with the leadship of Raden Patah wass Pangeran Singonegoro. He decided to went out from Majapahit to the plateo at Tegalrejo, Ngadirejo Temanggung Regency, Central Java. He went with his wife and two guards Mahesa Aduk and Endong Ukung. There was a white monkey named Ki Dipo also went together with them.

Singonegoro was imprisoned himself and spred the Hindu to the people around Tegalrejo with his wife. When Singonegoro passed away, the white monkey (Ki Dipo)  faithfully guarded his cemetery and his ancestry until now. Two guards- Mahesa Aduk and Endong Ukung down the mountain and built Pringapus temple that located near from the Singonegoro cemetery.

The name of Jumprit came from the people name Ki Jumprit from Kulonprogo Yogyakarta who suffered from a severe ilness. He felt hopeless and thought to end his life by suicide. But when he wanted to do that, he got a message to take a bath at “sendang” near the Singonegoro cemetery. He did that and he was health from his skin disease and after that he was to be the guard of the cemetery until end of his life. To respect the guard, the people around there named this place suitable with his name – Jumprit.

The Facilities at Jumprit

The Jumprit tour was crowded at the first time on 1980. Some of them came to this place for imprisoned himself at Ki Jumprit cemetery that near the Umbul Jumprit and it would continue by taking a bath at the spring that reputedly never dry.

Below #Masifan.com informs you some facilities at Jumprit :
  • The place to pilgrimage Ki Jumprit is near Umbul Jumprit usually to do imprisoned and to enjoy the beauty of nature there. 
  • The bathing place near Umbul Jumprit that usually uses coming from the pure spring. 
  • The scenery of the mountain from Jumprit is very amazing. Some monkeys there reputedly the ancestry of Ki Dipo the white monkey. 
  • Wisma Perhutani that usual for camping with the forest condition is still pure and be protected by the local government. 
  • ATV track arena to excursions wisma perhutani 
  • The hotel is provided near Umbul Jumprit 
  • Toilet dan Mushola
Little Description How to Go to Umbul Jumprit 

If you want to go to Umbul Jumprit, you can go through Temanggung regency then take the direction to Ngadirejo. At the junction of Ngadirejo turn left to the Dieng direction. It is almost 3 km from Ngadirejo

If you come from Wonosobo you can go through Wonosobo – Dieng. Then after Garung Market turn right to Ngadirejo direction. After pass Tambi you will reach Jumprit.

>>Ticket Price<<

#Masifan.com suggests you who as foreign or domestic tourists to try to come at this tourist attraction that full of history. Don’t worry about the ticket price. The price is very cheap. It is only 5.000 rupiahs.

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