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Klepon The Best Indonesia Culinary
Klepon is one of traditional food from Indonesia and the people in Indonesia know this traditional food. Not only the children know klepon but also the adults and old people very love klepon. The taste of klepon is sweet inside and savory at outer. Actually, klepon is a traditional food from Kalimantan especially Martapura.

Klepon is traditional food that made of glutinous rice flour, the shape is like a ball and palm sugar in it. This dough is sprinkled by grated coconut. The size of this food is rather small and the colour is light green.

The Legeng of Klepon
Once upon a time, there was a widow who lived in Maratapura. She lived with her daughter. Her name was Galuh. After her husband passed away, the widow often be sickly. The widow had a habit. She liked making some food. Her habit always she did when her husband still alive. The widow made the food then sold them to sufficient their daily need. She was very skillful in making the food. The food is very delicious.  There are many customers bought her food. The neighbour bought her food to help her after her husband passed away.

At that time, the process to make a food was not like now. There was also no more variants. The people at that time only could make simple food. It also happened to the widow. She made the food by entering the rice to the mortar. The mortar used to subtilize the food in the mortar. The shape of the vessel was like a box. There was a hole in the middle. The hole used to put the food also the long ironwood to subtilize the food in. It wa called Lasung. After entered the rice, then subtilized it. After that entered the palm sugar.

After all the ingredients mixed to be one, maked them to be a ball used a spoon. The taste of that food was delicious. This food was called Wadai masak di lasung. The widow also sold this food. Her condition that began to old made her not too strong like before. She sometimes felt ill. One night, the widow was ill and wanted to eat wadai masak di lasung. Because of her love to the mother, although at the midnight Galuh went to the kitchen to make the food what her mother wanted. She boiled the water to make a drink for her mother while she made the food. When she wanted to use the lasung, there was a scopio in the hole.

Galuh felt shocked and scared looking the scorpio. She suddenly screamed asking help to her mother. Her mother also shocked when heard her daughter screamed loudly. Her mother asked to galuh what happened was. To make her mother didnot feel worry, Galuh didnot say anyhing. She expelled the scorpio using the firewood.

The mother felt that her daughter was too long in making the food. Her mother asked to Galuh why she cooked to long. Her mother  felt angry to Galuh because Galuh was too long in making the food. 

Galuh answered that there was a scorpio on the lasung. Because of her nervous, she answered the mother “kalapun”.

Galuh made creation on her food. The creation was like klepon now. Her mother felt shock when she saw the food was different with usual. Her mother picked one this food. The taste was so delicious.  Her mother very proud to Galuh. At that time, their neighbours came to Galuh’s house to see Galuh’s mother. They tried the food that Galuh made. They said that the food was very delicious.They asked what the name of the food was. Galuh could not ask the question. Her mother remembered that when she asked Galuh, Galuh answer “kalapun” So, her mother said that the name of he food was kalapun.

Since that time, this food named kelepun and Galuh sold this food. As time goes by, the kelepun called kelepon or klepon.

Ingredients to make Klepon 
  1. Prepare rice flour 50 grams ; 
  2. Pandan green pasta 2 teaspoon; 
  3. Fine glutinous rice flour 250 grams; 
  4. Thiny sliced Palm sugar  190 until  220 gram.  
  5. Salt;  
  6. Plain water 280 ml 
  7. 1 sheet of Pandan leaf  
  8. Whiting 50 ml 
  9. Grated coconut
Steps to Make Klepon
  1. Make the whitewash.  
  2. Pick a place to make a dough . Put 250 gram of glutinous rice flour and 50 grams of rice flour. Stir both of the ingredients.  
  3. Enter 2 spons of pandan pasta and whitewash. Then stir  them.  
  4. Enter the plain water little by little while stir the dough.  Add more water if you think that the dough is still lumpy. 
  5. Pick the upper dough and make the dough like a ball then flat it. 
  6. Pick few  sliced palm sugar, put in the center of the dough and then make this dough like a ball again.  
  7. Do all the steps from number one until the dough end. 
  8. Boil the water until boiling. Then enter one by one the ball to the boiling water. 
  9. Wait the dough until blow in the boiling water, drin it and prepare the steamer. 
  10. Pick the receptacle then enter the grated coconut, salt and panda leaf. Stir and mix all of them. Then steamed them for a minute. 
  11. Pick the klepon dough and enter to the receptacle with the grated coconut in. You just roll al the klepon until the surface covers by the grated coconut. 
  12. Ready to serve.

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