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Lawang Sewu Semarang, The Mystery of its History. How many doors are there?

For the fans of #Masifan.com from Indonesia certainly know about the story of the tourist attraction of #LawangSewuSemarang. This place is known as a place that full of mystery and history. And for the fan of #Masifan.com who comes abroad you can read this article about the mystery and the history of Lawang Sewu. It will make you more curious and steady to visit it.

The name of Lawang Sewu in Indonesia means Pintu Seribu or Thousand doors if we say in English. It was built when the Dutch colonization. It was built on 1904

At that time, Lawang Sewu was the central office of Dutch Railway Company or Nederlandsch Indishe Spoorweg Naatschappij (NIS). This building had three stairs and it was art deco style (1850-1940). The architect of this building were Prof Jacob F Klinkhamer and BJ Queendag.

Lawang Sewu is located on the eastern of #TuguMuda Semarang or MasIfan.com may say that it is on the corner of Jl. Pandanaran and Jl. Pemuda. It is called Lawang Sewu because this building has many doors. So, the people called it with Lawang Sewu although actually the doors of this building are not until thousand doors. Beside there are many doors, at this building also has many big, high and wide windows. Perhaps, it is the other reason why the people called it with Lawang Sewu.

The Mystery of Lawang Sewu known until the Other Countries in The World. 

The horror story about Lawang Sewu to be a legend for the people at Semarang and Central Java. It is more known after one of the private television stations made Lawang Sewu as the location of its programs “ Uji Nyali”. The story of the building belongs to PT. Kereta Api Indonesia to be more known in Indonesia.

It is also the reason why the horror story of Lawang Sewu to be a film on 2007. On the legend of Lawang Sewu, there are many creepy mistics stories. It caused Lawang Sewu had been a witness to history of Indonesia struggle. Lawang Sewu had been a place for detention and torture of Indonesian warriors.

One of the building’s guard, Soeranto says that he has been stay at Lawang Sewu yard for a long time. So, he often find strange thing at night. The appearance and the form of supernatural beings on this building always he sees.

The appearance of the supernatural beings considered by the Dutch troops spirit and Japan. Each of them has own region. On the west front door, based Soeranto’s story belongs to Dutch troop spirit. The ghost always wears the complete uniform and the gun. On the back door on the east, some doors, the rooms on the second stairs belongs to Japan troop spirit.

Reputedly, there were many Dutch troop die by slaughtering with Japan troop. So the scream of the sound often hears until now. If you look to the top of the building, you will see the water reservoir. At that time to save the water. Around Lawang Sewu there are also many old wells. The wells always lock everyday. It was built from the base until up and the red roof on the top. At this place, always be heard the voice of screaming Dutch and Japan girls

The Haunted Lawang Sewu Building will be Multipurpose Building

PT. KAI is active to empower their assets that displaced for along time. One of the assets belong to PT. KAI that has revitalized is Lawang Sewu Building.

PT. KAI tries to change the haunted building. Now the revitalization is on process and until on the last step. So, What is Lawang Sewu like?

All this time, some commercial events often held on the Lawang Sewu area. The events are art galleries, Automotive Corporate etc. This events slowly give contribution for PT. KAI.

The History of Lawang Sewu, a piece of Dutch and Japan Colonialism in Indonesia.

The history of this building cannot be separated with the history of railroad system of Indonesia. It was built as an assets of Het Hoofdkantoor Van de Nederlandsch – Indische Spoorweg Maatscappij (NIS) central office of  NIS, The Dutch private railroad who built the first the railway in Indonesia from Semarang to“Vorstenlanden” (Surakarta and Yogyakarta) with the first lane Semarang Temanggung 1867.

At the beginning, the NIS administration was hold on NIS Semarang Station. The growth of the network was so fast. It was followed by the needed of the room to work. So it was decided to build the new administration office on the new location. And the decision was on the country side of Semarang near Dutch East Indies Resident's house on the south end Bodjongweg Semarang. The NOS management gave the planning to build the building to Prof Jacob F Klinkhamer and B.J Ouendag, the architect form Netherlands

The construction was began on February 27th, 1904 and finished on 1907. The condition of the land must be repaired first by digging the land 4 meters depth and changed using volcanic layers. The first building that done was guard house and printing office building. After used for several years, the expansion was done by making the additional building on 1916-1918.

On 1873, the first railway at Dutch East Indies has finished constructed. The road was built by Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg maatschappij (NIS), a private companies who ordered by the colonia government to connect the fertile countryside at Central Java and Semarang as port city (Durrant, 1972). The station at Semarang that located at Tambaksari was not far from the port.

At the turn of the twentieth century, NIS built the new big stations. On 1914, the Tambaksari station was change with Tawang Station. Before, on 1908 the central office of NIS was finished to build. The building is end of the Bodjong road at Wilhelmina Plein across from the place where the governor stayed.

The NIS central office was big building with two stairs and with L shape. The building was designed by J.F Klinkhamer and Ouendag with Renaissance Revival style (Sudrajat,1991). According Sudrajat the construction of NIS Central Office at Semarang were two typical decades the beginning on 20 century.

The Semarang people gives name Lawang Sewu, refers to the many doors there. It is the effort of the architects who built the modern building suitable with the tropic climate at Semarang. All the materials of this building are from Europe except  brick and the teak wood.

At the same time, Angkatan Muda Kereta Api (AMKA) tried to take over the train. The battle happened between the youth and the Japan soldiers. Many youth were killed at this building. Five person of them were buried at the yard of Lawang Sewu. On 1975 the corpse were moved to hero’s grave. In front of Lawang Sewu, there is standing the monument to commemorate them who were die at the five days battle at Semarang (known as Pertempuran Lima Hari di Semarang).

Several moments after the independence day, Lawang Sewu was used as railroad office, then the military took over this building, but now this building back to PT. KAI.

Actually, How many doors at Lawang Sewu?

Likes Kepulauan Seribu which the amount of the islands there  are not until thousand islands. They are only 342 islands. The name of Sewu (Javanese) is the describing how many doors there. Based on the guide of Lawang Sewu, all the doors only 429 doors with door leaves more than 1.200 pieces. Some of the doors use 2 leaves doors and some other using 4 leaves doors that consists of 2 doors using hinge, and added by two others doors sliding doors type.

The uniqueness, history and the mystery on Lawang Sewu makes the fans of masifan.com feel curious with this tourists destination at Semarang. For you who wants to go there and needed our services to accompany there you can contact us on email below :

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