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Lemper, Traditional Javanese Food Which Very Entice

Lemper, Traditional Javanese Food  Which Very  Entice
Lemper is food that made of sticky rice and there is shredded or chicken minced meat and wrapped by banana trees.

Lemper is a one of everlasting special culinary from Java till now. This culinary has savory taste usually provides at the Java traditional ceremony  for example wedding party until snack for thanksgiving of baby birth.

This traditional food also still to be the favorit food as gift or ulih-ulih (Javanese). Ulih-ulih is a term for Javanese for say thanks to their family that comes and participated happy at the procession of the Javanese wedding ceremony.

This food is known throughout Indonesia as stomach booster before main meal. The making of lemper cosists of preparation of chicken minced meat and boil the sticky rice likes boiling the rice (it can be added by coconut milk). Then, chicken minced meat wrapped by the boiled sticky rice and wrapped again using banana leaves likes lontong. Then all of them steamed unti cooked. After cooked and chilled open the wrapped and cut athwart suitable with they want to so the chicked minced meat can be seen.

In variation of making lemper has been changed especially commercialized one. After the sticky rice cooked and fill up with chicken minced meat and the size is different tha usual. It is bigger than usual. The size is suitable with the orders. Then wrapped using transparents plastics so lemper can be seen from out side. It can economize time and cost.

One peace of lemper is cheap enough. The cost is IDR 2.000 – IDR 3.000

One of the center of Traditional food atYogyakarta that is Kranggan Market and Legi Market Kotagede, you can find some kinds of traditional food with the friendly price.

There are some variants of lemper. First using coatings crepe that made of flour, flavor and egg then fries them all and known as Semar Mendem. The people also know it with arem-arem that using  rice,

The History of Lemper 
Lemper is traditional food from Java that cannot be eroded by the cultural development until now. This savory traditional food until now we can find it in some events especially for traditional and sacred events.

Once upon a time, lemper is a food that has friendship philosophy. The philosophy is on the sticky of the sticky rice. It shows the closed friendship and it is hoped can sticky likes sticky rice.

At the beginning, lemper contained gebingan  or now known as serundeng. Serundeng is young coconut that cooked to be abon. At the royal  family, lemper contained minced beef or slice of chicken meat

Until now, lemper also to be a special treat for Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono’s guest. The effect of this makes lemper known until foreign.

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