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Lupis - Traditional Food from Nusantara Indonesia

Lupis Tradisional Food
Lupis or Lopis is a food from Indonesia especially Java. Lopis a sweet food that made from glutinous rice. This traditional food can be consumed in every condition or it can be as a breakfast menu and also can be as afternoon tea while enjoying your afternoon  situation on your spare time .

Lopis consists of two ingredients. There uses glutinous rice and also some of them uses cassava to make this traditional food. Commonly, Lopis makes from glutinous rice.

Lopis is categorized as food that cannot durable. If this food is served, so it must be eaten soon. The unique taste and its delicious make Lopis to be traditional food that until now still survive although there are some modern food which increase every time. Savory flavor mixed with sweetness that on the traditional ingredients  is the key why this food so attractiveness.

Lopis often serves at some formal events or sometimes can be seen as appetizers and also as a snack.

The History of Huge Lopis from Pekalongan
The traditional food – lopis often we find on the traditional markets. Lopis at Kota Santri (Pekalongan) almost every year on Syawalan tradition gives the perform of Huge Lopis. For information, this traditional food that the base ingredients is glutinous rice has high philosophy and religious meaning.

At Pekalongan, tradition serves Lopis has already on 13th century on Krapyak Village. It proves that the aged of Lopis is already hundred year. At the beginning, this traditional food was served for guess who just came on Lebaran day. Lupis to be a bond symbol of the family sense and among moslem.

Until now, there wa a mystery about where lopis comes from. Some said that Lopis is traditional food at Madura, but al Java, Kalimantan and also Sulawesi this food is highly respected

Philosophy of Lupis 
Lupis has good philosophy. From the uses side and also in making process. The sticky rice as the base ingredient has meaning unity (kraket = erat), the boiled of sticky rice has strong adhesiveness than rice. It means that as a moslem we must has mutual care, remind each other. The white  of sticky rice, clean means sanctity in Lebaran nuance.

The cover of Lopis is from banana leaves. It has meaning of Islam and prosperity. Islam always grows the kindness and care of God’s bounty. The banana leaves that uses as a cover may not too old, because it will effect the taste of Lopis itself.

The rope that used to bind uses banana trees’ fiber. It shows the power. Something that has reached (back to holy) must be cared so it will not fade or decrease.It is better if increase or be increased. The binding also means as a binding to establish the relationship among the moslem (Hamlum minannas)

In making process lupis must be steamed aproximately 24-30 hours. It will make the Lupis really cooked. Lopis that is steamed less from 24 hours will be stale quickly and uncooked.The long steaming process teaches us to be patient. It is like fasting. We must hold the hunger and thirst

The Meaning of Triangle of Lopis
Commonly, the shape of Lopis is triangle. Actually it also has a meaning on the top of the triangle. It  symbolizes that the top corner is God and the both corners means human and nature.

For you the fans of MasIfan.Com who wants to make Lopis, you can try the recipe how to make original lopis fro Indonesia below

The main ingrediets :
  • 1 kg of sticky rice 
  • ¼  coconut, shredded 
  • 200 grams of  palm sugar 
  • salt
The wat to make delicious Lopis :
  1. Cook glutinous using the water until half baked 
  2. Cover the glutinus using banana leaf. At the past, people make lopis with triangle shape. (One spoon of glutinous rice each wrappers) or sphere  
  3. If all them have wrapped, boiled on the cormorant until all the ingredients baked 
  4. Boil the brown sugar till condensed soup 
  5. Enter the salt and grated coconut 
  6. Lopis ready to serve
Note :
If the shape of lopis that you make is trangle, you can ope directly and consume it. But, if you make it likes cylinder so you must cut it every 1 cm

To serve lopis is not difficult. Prepare small plate to put lopis, then sprinkle with the grated coconut and brown sugar are already liquid

The way to make lopis is not too difficult. Once again #MasIfanDotCom remind you that this special food from Indonesia has potential to International. The people usually like something unique and interesting. At glance, Lopis is simple but if we modify using the interesting liquid or sprinkle using some kinds ingredients like chicken so it will make this food to be special food to be able propsour stomach.

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