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Magic Stone at Candirejo Borobudur – Watu Kendil

Watu Kendil Candirejo Borobudur
If you remember Magelang, Masifan.com sure that you will remember with Borobudur. The biggest and also the moracle of Borobudur temple is not be doubt. 5 km from Borobudur temple, there is a magic stone named Watu Kendil. Are you courious?

Watu kendil is a big square stome with 7 m height in the brink of Menoreh hill. It is almost 2 km from Candirejo village office, Borobudur, Magelang regency. It is located at 600 meters above the sea levels.

The Candirejo village office is approximately 5 km south east from Borobudur temple. Around Watu Kendil there are also some big stones. The people called them with Watu Dandang, Watu Tambak and Watu Tumpeng.

Watu is javanese word means stone and kendil means pot. Exactly means the stone with the shape likes a pot. At that time, watu kendil was a place to cook the meal for the employees who built the Borobudur temple. Based on the story there, the architect of Borobudur temple was Empu Gunadharma and there is an own mistic relation between Watu Kendil and Borobudur temple.

The special things, the volume of the stone is very big if it compares with the houses around the stone. Don’t ask about the weight, it is very heavy.

This stone stand strong withoutgluten and the locatin is in brink.  At a glance, if we touch the stone with our hands it seems falling down. But, the reality it is not easy. Some informations stated that the earthquake is not able to move the position of the stone. It s very amazing.

What Will You Get at Watu Kendil?

Besides the magic stone, the visitors will get much things there. They are watching sunrise and four mountains from Watu Kendil. The other interesting things is climbing the place with 600 meters above sea level by off road jeep is very amazing.

The travelers can go from the base camp on Candirejo tourist village. After passed some kilometers of asphalt road then enter the rocks village road and climbs with the tilt 45. It is a travel challenging likes off road passes the natural steep.

The trip by jeep need 1 hour. The jeep cannot reach up the top of Watu Kendil hill. The traveler must go 2 km on foot.

Although the road always uphill and steep, you will not feel bored and tired. Because you will see the green beautiful scenery, green lush plant, pandanus plant, and fruits. Occasionally, you will see the beauty of farm on the valley.

After 30 minutes, the travelers will reach the place name Watu Kendil. A giant black stone likes pot that patches on the other bigger stone. The scenery is very beautiful seeing from this place. From this place if you see on the north there is the panorama of Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro and also the Borobudur temple.

All the scenery of Watu Kendil will be more beautiful in the morning. On the morning you will see the sun rises on the eastern horizon reveal the fog makes the beautiful silhouette. From this place too, you will see the Progo river flow likes a ring.


Mount Menoreh, Watu Kendil and Borobudur temple with the valley is the equilibrium shape. The valley, at that time was a lake. If the equilibrium is disturbed for example Watu Kendil falls down, so there will spread out heavy water from Watu Kendil place. The water would flow to the valley and it will make the lake again like before. So that, Watu Kendil is a symbol of stability in the region that must be maintened by nature conservation. The local values whether it is believed or not has base meaning for philosophy of the balanced and life conservation.

Location and Route

Watu Kendil is located on the small village named Candirejo Magelang Regency. The important thing the traveller must find the Candirejo village. You just go straight follow the way until you find an elementary school or MI Sambeng. Besides Sambeng Elementary School the is a small way from block paving. You just walk and follow the paving. After 30 minutes you can ask to the people there. There is no sign direction to reach Watu Kendil. Don’t think that it is easy for you to find the people there. Don’t waste to ask the people.

If you will go Watu Kendil by motorcycle, make sure that your motorcycle on the best condition. The way is too wide and up down road. On the village, you motorcycle can be left on the villager’s house there. Walk 10 minutes and you will reach the location.

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