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Ngobaran Beach – Bali Nuance at Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

Ngobaran Beach
One again unique tourist attraction from Yogyakarta. Ngobaran beach, the beach that located on Kanigoro Village, Saptosari Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta is very attractive because at this beach there are some temples. The temples are places to pray the Hindu. Near the temple there is small mosque named musholla. The uniqueness of this mushola is the directions to face. This musholla faces to the south but the people pray faces Kiblat.

Ngobaran beach offers you a beauty on pluralism. The friendly wave give the coolness of alba there. Likes others tourists attraction at Gunung Kidul, nobody knows about this tourist attraction although to reach Ngobaran beach is not too difficult.

On the beach, the people often done the ritual ceremony for Kejawen adherent. We can conclude that, Ngobaran beach is a tolerance symbol. Although there are some different religion but each adherents can do their prays peace and aadjoining.

The History of Ngobaran Beach
Ngobaran beach is known a place to do ritual the certain religion and certain faith. At this place we can see some places to pray likes #MasIfanDotCom stated above like mosque next to the temples that faces to the sea. Here also as a place for the Kejawen and Kejawan adherents pray. Kejawan  is the heritage adherent of King Brawijaya V. There are also some statues that often used as places to do certain ceremony of their religions.

Ngobaran beach is a beach that has long history because this beach has relation with the ending history of Majapahit Kingdom and the beginning of Islam kingdom on Nusantara. The name of ngobaran was from the word “Kobaran “ (blaze)  that means on fire

On the top of cliff around the beach there is a box stone in front of Joglo surrounded by grey wood gate. Reputedly, this stone is a place where King Brawijaya V burned himself.

Based on the history, King Brawijaya V is the last ancestry of Majapahit Kingdom. The king escaped from the palace with his wifes named Bondang Surati  (the first wife) and Dewi Lowati (the second wife). They didn’t want to be a moslem by his son Raden Patah, the first king of Demak.

Their escaped finally arrived at Ngobaran becah Gunung Kidul and they couldnot go everwhere. Finally the king decided to burn himself. Before he did that, he asked to his wifes both of them who was their love was bigger. Dewi Lowati answered that her love was as big as the mountain while Bondan Surati  answered that her love was like black nail. If the nail was cut so it would be growth again. So her love was like that will be growth again if this love was disappear.

After he heard the answered both of them, The king pulled Dewi Lowati’s hand then they jumped in the fire. Both of them burnt.

Based on the incident, this place named Ngobaran came from the word kobong that means on fire or burnt themselves.

The truth of this story is still doubtful, because based on the information of some people there who their parents or their ancestor know about the story told that who splashed on fire is not Kig Brawijaya V, but it was his dog. This opinion can be proof by finding the trace of bone the rest of the blaze was dog’s bone not human’s bone. King Brawijaya V was Mukso.

The special menu that provides on the food stalls is fried sea urchin. The people here said that the meat of sea urchin is very chewy and delicious. They way to eat fied sea urchin is also unique. Cut the quill first, then dispart using sickle until the eat seen.

After that pried the meat. This menu is an exterm menu that will make you have an unforgetable experience.

It is approximately 65 km from Yogyakarta. From Yogyakarta through the road Yogyakarta – Wonosari. Along the street you will find the charateristics of Gunung Kidul. Piyungan – From here the road will begin rises and curvaceous. Hargodumillah – patuk – Sambi Pitu – Tleseh – junction Gading turn right (the direction to Playen Paliyan) – Trowono – PUSDIKLAT TNI AD – Sodong forest. At Sodong the tourist can find the monkey hide in the caves in the sodong forest.

Before enter Trowono you will through Namberan lake then go to south – Kanigoro Saptosari. On the left and right side it will be found the pipes of water to drink for the people at Ngobaran – junction – turn left is direction to Ngrenehan beach, turn right is direction to Ngobaran beach

The Facilities and Entrance Ticket to Ngobaran Beach Gunung Kidul 
There is complete facilities on Gunung Kidul beach. From the entrance ticket to the beach the tourist has been greet by the gift shop specia Ngobaran beach. The restaurants provide some here especially the food stall with seafood menu. The bathroom and toilet is clean enough

The ticket entrance is very cheap. It is only IDR 3.000.

Parking fee for motorcycle is only IDR 2.000.

Parking fee for car is only IDR. 5.000

If you meet the seller of dent seaweed you can try to buy it

It is only IDR 2.000 each pack.

Tips Getting Tour at Ngobaran Beach 
You can go down to the beach directly from the temple area using ladder. But it must be careful if the sea is high tide. #MasIfanDotCom suggests you not to go down. It is very dangerous. The condition of the beach immediately adjacent with the high cliff makes you to very be careful if want to play on the beach.

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