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Pindul Cave, The Nature Tourist Attraction Caving Underground

Pindul Cave
Pindul cave is a cave  tourist attraction that located at Bejiharjo village, Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta. It is approximately 7 km from Gunung Kidul capital city or 46 km form yogyakarta. Pindul cave is known because of how to enjoy the jorney. He tourist must down to the cave, ride the tube as a float on the river flow. This activity called Cave Tubing.

The name of PINDUL is taken from the legend of this place. PINDUL comes from the word PIPI (Javanese , cheek in English) and KEBENDUL. (Stumble in English). Both of two words to be PINDUL.

To down the cave, the tourists must need special equipments. There are big inner tube and life preserver. As stated above that this journey called as Cave Tubing or Cave Tubing Pindul. The big tube (tubing) has been modified by giving the hasp like crossed straps in the middle and it is used to sit on the water.

The length of the Pindul Cave is 350 meters. The tourist just needs 40-60 minutes to do the journey on Pindul Cave. But it can be more or less time too depends on the situation and the condition of the tourist itself.

The width of Pindul Cave evenly 4 meters, the height of the water surface is 5 meters and the depth of the water is 1-12 meters.

The History of Pindul Cave
Nobody knows when exaclty when Pindul Cave formed. The Pindul cave is formed naturally. There is no human being intervention in the process of Pindul cave formed.

At the beginning, Pindul Cave was as a place for the villagers to do their some daily activities like took a bath, washed their clothes or fishing. Take a bath at this river perhaps done by the villagers every day. It caused the water of this river is very clean and there is no contamination from the factory.

On last of 2010, Pindul Cave began to open as tourist attraction by POKDARWIS (aware group travel) that the members are the villagers around the Pindul cave. The first, there was an idea from the student of Gajah Mada University of Yogyakarta did KKN ata Gelaran. He want to do research the stones and the depth of the water on Pindul Cave.

After he entered the cave, he saw the beauty of the inner cave. Some of them had the brilliant ideas to make Pindul Cave as tourist object.

To follow up this idea, few months later the deeper research was done to investigate from the safety side and properness of the cave. Finally, on October 10th, 2010 the villavers and the local government inagurated Gua Pindul as tourist attraction special interest.

The Legend of Pindul Cave
The legend of Pindul cave was believed hereditary by the villagers around Pindul cave. The story began with the journey of Joko Singlulung that excursions the jungle, river and cave to looked for his father. When he did the excursion seven caves that had the river flow beneath, Joko’s head hit the big stone. The cave where Joko’s head hit the stone named by Gua Pindul. In Javanese means PIPI Gebendul.

Tour at Pindul Cave
Because the flow at Pindul cave so calm, so the cave tubing at Pindul cave can be done by the beginner, children and also the pregnant mother.

In the middle of the cave, there is a bigger room with a hole on the top. The people around Pindul cave said Sumur Terbalik. Through this hole the sun shine can enter to the cave. It makes the situation in the cave becomes more beautiful. The hole on the cave always use as the entrace by the rescue team or training.

When you are in the Pindul cave, you will see a stalactite merges with stalagmite so it looks like a pillar with the big size. It is almost five arm spans.

The stalagmite at Pindul cave is the rank four in the world based on the size. There is a stalagmite called stalagmite putting. This stalagmite waits you with its water droplest. Reputedly, this water can make the girl more beautiful and for the man can increase the vitality although just touch it stalagmite.

Three Zones in Pindul Cave
There are three zones at Pindul cave.

First, the bright zone. At this place, the situation is bright so the tourist can see the beauty of the cave directly. In the bright zone, you can do swimming, jumping while seeing the big fish shows their beauty body.

The second, the gloomy zone. There is less light enter the cave. It helps by the reflection of the shine on the water at the wall of the cave.

The last, the dark zone. To explore this part the tourist must be helped by the light. This zone is very dark.

It is easy to come to Pindul Cave. From Yogyakarta you go to Wonosari. Then to Bejiharjo village and follow the road until you find the letter “ Pindhul/ Pindul “ . The tourist can go here using car or motorcylce.

>>Entrance Ticket<<
The tourists just pay IDR 35.000 each person.

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