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Selogriyo Temple – Hidden Silence on the Slope of Sumbing Mountain

Selogriyo Temple
Talking about temple, Magelang Regency can be said that this regency has thousand temple. It caused at Magelang Regency has many temple sites at its region. Borobudur, Mendut, Pawon, etc. All the temples are known by the domestic tourists  and foreign tourists. Besides all those temples, there are some beautiful temples that haven’t known by the tourists for example Ngawen temple, Batur temple and Selogriyo Temple.

Here, #MasIfanDotCom will #Explore the temple that located on the slope of Mount Sumbing in te east side of this mountain.

Although it is a small temple, but Selogriyo temple was built on the hill and it faces to the east where the sun rises.

At the east slope of Sumbing Mountain is the located of Selogriyo temple.  Selogriyo temple predicted built hundred years ago. The temple also located at the secluded area, hidden among Giyanti hill, Condong hill and Malang hill.

Selogriyo temple is located at Campurrejo village, Kembangkuning, Windusari, Magelang Regency. Reputedly, this temple is ancient relics of Hindu on 8th century. It was built on Mataram Hindu kingdom on Wangsa Syailendra. It is the same period with the temples on Dieng Plateu. The temple that located on the east slope of Sumbing Mountain is on 740 meters above sea levels. The sign that this temple is Hindu’s heritage can be seen on the entrance gate. The entrance gate on this temple faces the east, and also there are Ganesha statue, Durga and Agastya on the temple.

The History of Selogriyo Temple
Selogriyo temple was found in the first time by the Resident of Magelang. He was Hartman. He found on 1835. The condition of the temple is not like now. At that time, the condition of Selogriyo temple was shattered. Hartman had opinion to rebuilt this temple. So, he made a team to reconstruct Selogriyo temple. The result of the reconstruction is like now.

The name of Selogriyo is given by the villagers around the temple. Selo (Javanese) means stone and Griyo (Javanese) means house. So, the meaning of Selogriyo based on the villagers said the house that makes from stones. The villagers also said that Selogriyo was built by the soldier from Kediri who escaped from Kediri kingdom until that place. Reputedly, this temple he built as a place to pray and worship place.

Selogriyo temple is categorized as small temple because the dimensions of the temple just 5.2 m x 5.2 m and the height is only 4.9 m. It is single temple without perwara temple. Perwara means companion. The shape of Selogriyo temple is also unique especially on the top of the temple. The top of its temple is like keben fruit. Keben fruit is a fruit of Kalpataru tree.

Selogriyo temple ever had landslide on December 31st, 1998. Some of the building was badly damage. So, it needs to get renovation and relocation. The relocation was done not far from the landslide location. It must be located on the stable location. The renovation was done on 2005.

  1. From Yogyakarta, the tourists just through Jl. Yogya – Magelang. After on Magelang Municipality the distance just 40 km and need 1,5 hours by motorcycle. 
  2. From Magelang Municipality to Windusari, actually there are two ways. First, the easiest and fastest through Bandongan. The tourist just follow the sign direction to Bandongan. On the junction on Bandongan, the tourist will find the sign direction to Windusari. 
  3. The second way, it is the furthest route. Although it is the furthest route but there is a positive side. Along the journey to Selogriyo temple you can see the beautiful scenery. From Magelang Municipality just follow the direction to Semarang. At the Payaman junction (Kalibening junction) turn left. It is the way to Selogriyo temple. 
  4. On Payaman village, you can see the villagers whose their libelihood are river stone collectors. You can take a picture with them. Along the street, on the both sides there are the beautiful paddy fields. 
  5. After find the Selogriyo village, the tourists can asks where the location of the temple is. Here, the scenery is also beautiful, very amazing panorama. 
  6. For the tourists who go to Selogriyo temple by car, it can be parked on the side of the entrance road to Selogriyo village. Then go to Selogriyo temple on foot.
The tract to Selogriyo temple is very far. It is almost 1.5 km from the main road. The track is steep. But don’t worry, along the trip to Selogriyo the panorama is very beautiful. It will make your journey pleasure.The green terracing paddy field, surrounded by the beautiful hills will entertain you trip. If you have spare time, please try to come to Selogriyo temple in the morning. #MasIFanDotCom guaranted you, that you will be really spellbound with this temple. It has one condition; the weather is bright. What is that??? Let visit Selogriyo temple and find what the answer is.

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