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The Beauty of Bidadari Water Fall that Hidden at Pekalongan

The Beauty of Bidadari Water Fall that Hidden at Pekalongan
The tourist attraction Bidadari Water fall or more known as #CurugBidadari that located at the boundary of Pekalongan Regency and Batang Central Java is on Jolotigo village proper to be tourism sector mainstay for the local government there.

Curug Bidadari recently popular to be tourist destination because the lack of the information and the means that make this place to be better as beautiful natural tourist destination.

The attraction of Curug Bidadari is no less interesting comparing with the other object likes Tawangmangu or Curug Sewu Sukorejo Kendal Regency Central Java.

To reach the location of Curug Bidadari, the visitors can go there the car with route to Doro – Talun – Batursari – Sengare – and Jolotigo.

Some visitors who go there by public transportation, it stops at Batursari village then continue the trip by ojek (motorcyle’s rent)

For the travelers and adventurers certainly enjoy their trip especially the condition that make the trip has much challenge. They will be served by two natural ponds with greenish water.

The first pond with 4 meters depth located below Curug Bidadari which 7 meters height will be own attraction for the visitors to stay there for a long time.

Between the ponds, the travelers will be served with the river flow. The water is so clear and swift. Some stones can be used as foothold to reach Curug Bidadari.

For the visitors who do swimming, you can try the sensation jumping down to the pond from the cliffs that clamp Curug Bidadari.

The natural panorama, the cool weather and the song of the birds sound above make this place more beautiful.

The Mystery Why This Water fall is Named with Curug Bidadari

The name Bidadari for this place because there are three location that every certain night there is a beautiful girl takes a bath at the curug. The first at douche at the breaks of stones, the second at the middle aisle and the third is on the waterfall. So, for #Masifan.com’s friends who will come here, you must obey the regulation there and respects the norms there. Don’t be careless. The ignorant children forbidden to play or visit Curug Bidadari.

Always Watched the Water Depth. Is it the save place to swim?

If you just play the water, you can do at the pond with 50 cm until 1.5 meters depth. At this pond, MasIfan.com thinks that it is a save place especially for you who cannot swim. For children it is also the best place for them to play water. Here, provides two floats that can you rent. It is only IDR. 5.000 and you can use the float as long you want.

The Reason Why Must You Visit Curug Bidadari 

The biggest reason why must you visit Curug Bidadari at Pekalongan is the water that so fresh, the weather is so clear and cool, the situation so calm makes our feeling peace here. The situation like this really makes us refresh our body, our mind that tired with all activities. So, Masifan.com guarantees you that taking a bath here can make us fresh, happy and suitable to be  reference for MasIfan.com’s friends who have touring as hobby.

Entrance Ticket

You just need IDR 3.000 to enjoy the beautiful of the nature here, take a bath and also swimming.

Parking fee for motorcycle is IDR 2.000, Car is IDR 5.000. So, It is very cheap. Curug Bidadari open at 8 o’clock and close at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

So, What do you wait more? For MasIfan.com’s friend who want go here and need a guide you can use our service by contacting us at fanspage https://www.facebook.com/Masifandotcom/  or chat us directly on our Facebook account : https://www.facebook.com/danang.ismaya . Don’t worry we service you with friendly price.

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