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The Fresh of Warm Water Bathing Place Candi Umbul Magelang

Candi Umbul Magelang
Magelang is one of the regencies at Central Java that its border is Yogyakarta.

If we talking about the tourism, it can be said that Yogyakarta and Magelang can to be one packet.

At Magelang regency, there is the most glorious Budha temple in the world, Borobudur Temple and the tourists who visit Borobudur usually from Yogyakarta.

Beside this, the distance between two cities is not to far so as #MasIfan.Com said above that both of the city is like one packet.

Another place at Magelang that can be a reference to visit and perhaps there are many people haven’t known about this place yet is the warm water at the bathing place. Candi Umbul.

Candi Umbul more unique than the other warm water at the bathing place.

Suitable with the name, the bathing place is located at Kartoharjo Village, Grabag, Magelang Regency, Central Java. Actually this bathing place is a temple. It is an  archaeological sites hot spring .

The History of Candi Umbul
The history of Candi Umbul came from the word umbul (Javanese) because the water source that comes from the base of the pool always swell likes bubbles, the people called it with “mumbul

The pool at Candi Umbul is divided by two places. The first located at the upper, is the warm pool  contain sulphur. The second is lower one contain the cool water.

All the wall of the pool is made of andesite. At that period, this pool was a bathing place for the prince and princess.

The sites stones put in row in the edge of the pool show the relief of plant, animal and stupa of a temple and the whole of the temple shows the nuance of history.

The foundations that are located on each base corners of the pool to be their poles of the roof.

While the others stone that shape like flat lingga is as cushion to pray.

From the relief and some petilasan that shape is lingga and yoni at some places shows that Candi Umbul is Hindu temple. It is possible that Candi Umbul was built by Sanjaya Dynasty which their religion are Hindhu.

But there are some opinions stated that Candi Umbul is the Syailendra Dynasty heritage. This place is believed as a place for bathing the princess

No more features of the temple are left now. However , in the pool there are some lingga pedestal stones at the surface.

Besides as bathing place, it is possible that the existence of the lingga pedestal stone at that period used as a sit cushion for soaking for the knights.

It is the Differentiator  Candi Umbul with Other Warm Bathing Place. 
Something unique Candi Umum is there is no smell of sulphur like other places for example Gedong Songo temple.

This condition makes the visitors comfort to  swim or soaking without risk.

Although there is no smell of sulfur, but there are still some advantages of the water to cure skin disease, the temperature can be a bone therapy and to unleash the blood circulation.

The location of Candi Umbul that surrounded some mountain makes this bathing place is very cool and comfortable.

You will like to soaking for a long time here with the fresh air and the weather is so cool.

The Route to Candi Umbul 
If you are form Yogyakarta, take the direction to Magelang. Look for  Secang crossroad. From here you go straight to Semarang direction. No far from this crossroad, there is a junction. The name of junction is Krincing. Turn right to Grabag. Then follow the signpost to Candi Umbu.

For alternative, look at the map below :

>>Entrance Ticket<<
The entrance ticket is very cheap. You just pay IDR 3.000 so you can be relax and enjoy the warm of the water in the bathing place with your family.

To manage Candi Umbul, it is done by the Government Tourism Office of Magelang Regency. So, the price above can change every time depends on the Government Tourism Office of Magelang Regency.

So, for you who want to enjoy the vacation on Magelang and Yogyakarta, it is better for you to go here and enjoy how the natural warm water at Candi Umbul.

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