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The Legendary Shopping Center at Yogyakarta - Malioboro

The Legendary Shopping Center at Yogyakarta - Malioboro
Yogyakarta is the city that has many some mysterious things. The special thing of this city is Yogyakarta that free from intervention of the Dutch colonization. It could be happened because Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX was the schoolmate of Queen on Netherlands. If we are talking about Yogyakarta so it can be far from Malioboro. Malioboro is a legendary shopping center  at Yogyakarta

#MasIfan.com thinks that the name of Jl. Malioboro is unique, impressive and some of #Masifan.com friend from the abroad country very fluent and easy to say “Malioboro” . In the Javanese, the word Malioboro can’t be found. The similarity of this word also can’t be found. #Masifan.com had thought that the name of Malioboro has relation with the name of someone or something.

The History of Malioboro

The origin name of this place – Malioboro evidently from the Sanskrit “Malyabhara”. The meaning of this word is bouquet. Perhaps, it has relation with the event at that time where the Yogyakarta Palace had a big event so this road full of flowers. The word “Malioboro” also from the name of England colonialist named “ Marlborough” that had been living there since 1811-1816. The naming of Malioboro had the same time with the establishment of the palace where the Sultan lived.

The development at that era was dominated by the Dutch colonialist to built the facilities to incrase the economics and their power. It was like the development of Tugu station by Spoorweg on 1887 at Jl. Malioboro. The development of this station had important contribution at independence era pasca 1945.

The existence of Jl. Malioboro cannot be separated from the concept of Yogyakarta that is arranged lenghtways from north to south with the roads direct to the points of compass and also intersect perpendicularly. This pattern is strengthened by the imaginary axis that extends from north to south with the palace as the midpoint. The correlation has relation with the palace to the Merapi mountain at the north and the southern sea as a supernatural symbol. At the colonialist era between 1790 – 1945 the urban pattern disturb by the Vredeburg fort development by the Dutch on 1790 on the south end of Malioboro road. Beside built the fort, the Dutch also developed Dutch Club on 1822, the Dutch Governor’s Residence on 1830, Java Bank and Post Office to maintain their domination at Yogyakarta.

The axis was manifested on the building i.e. Tugu (Pal Putih) on the north, to south it is Jl. Margatama (Mangkubumi) and Margamulya (Malioboro), Yogyakarta Palace, Jl. DI Panjaitan and end at Panggung Krapyak. From the starting point (tugu) to the north it will be to Mount Merapi while at the end point (Panggung Krapyak) it will be to Hindia Ocean.

Tour de Malioboro

Malioboro serves the tourist some shopping activities. Beginning from traditional shopping until modern shopping. One of the ways to do shopping at Malioboro is bargaining process especially for souvenirs that sells by the street vendors along the sidewalk of Malioboro. Some souvenirs and crafts can be found at this place likes silver, leather, wood, batik, pottery etc.

Don’t be astonished if you see the things at Malioboro. Some of the street vendors offer their commodities with the high price. For example, they offer one thing with the price  50.000 rupiahs. If you are interested with this things, you must bargain this thing as soon as possible. From this process, the prices sometimes can be cheaper. Some of them can release the things half from the normal price.

The Malioboro region is closed with the other history tour objects that has some interesting story. After do shopping at Malioboro you can continue by visiting the other tourist attraction near Malioboro. The place and the object of tour can be the architecture tour heritage  of Dutch colonialist or do shopping at traditional market.

The tourists attraction near Malioboro are Yogyakarta Palace, Alun-Alun Utara, Masjid Agung, Vredeburg fort,Sonobudoyo Museum and Kauman Village.

The architecture tour heritage of the colonial at yogyakarta can be seen on Siciatet Building (Now Taman Budaya), Indonesia Bank, Inna Garuda hotel, BNI 46 Bank and post office. While, the shopping tour at traditional market near Malioboro is on Ngasem Market and Beringharjo market. There is also public library belongs to the province government of Yogyakarta for the tourists who likes reading.

The Beringharjo market was established on 1758 will attract our attention. This market is still exist although there are some modern markets at Yogyakarta. On Beringharjo market, please try to taste many kinds of culinary there. For example pecel kembang turi. This food is very rare and will tempt us.On Beringharjo the tourist can buy anything likes batik, jamu, craft, t-shirt etc.

The tourists also can see the other side of Malioboro. There are some carts and pedicabs on the right side of the slow lane of Malioboro. On the left side the tourists can see the thousand motorcycle parking in a row that can be the sigh that Malioboro is the region which can attract many visitors.

Some Tips  to Do Shopping at Malioboro

Bargain  half price
The bargaining price is a bussiness strategy. Sometimes the street vendors hope that from the bargaining they can get the higher price. Some of the buyer buy the thing 50% more expensive from the normal price. For the street vendors it is additional profit.

Some of the vendors sell their commodity twofold for the real price. For example the thing can be sold 30.000 rupiahs but they will offer  60.000 rupiahs. They hope if the buyers bargain they can make the price down and still get the additional profit.

Use the Javanese
If you are a Javanese, #MasIFanDotCom suggests you to speak in Javanese. It is better if you bargain their commodity use the Javanese. Beside it will make the communication smooth, the cultural affinity can make the price offering to be cheaper than with them who can’t speak Javanese.

Don’t be doubt to enter the store
Beside street vendors, there are some store along Malioboro. If you think that the price on the store is more expensive than at the street vendors so you must proof it. Don’t be deceived with the perception that the price on the street vendor is cheaper. #MasIfanDotCom suggest you to enter the store and look at the price.

It is not a problem if you don’t buy the things sold there. The waiters and the owner of the store has accustomed  getting many visitors each days and some of them cancel to buy at their store.

Five Mandatory Food that Must be Tasted at Malioboro

1. Gudeg Yu Djum
The special food from Yogyakarta that had MasIfan.com explored at the previous article. It is located on Jl. Mijilan at the east of Alun-alun Utara.

2. Samijaya Lumpia
Yogyakarta also has many delicious street food including at Jl. Malioboro. Samijaya Lumpia is located in front of Samijaya store conterminous with Mutiara Hotel on Malioboro. It is near the Trans Yogya – Malioboro 2 stop.

3. Es Dawet Campur
The hot weather on Yogyakarta will make us look for something cold and delicious as its bidder. Our eyes will see the Genthong dawet directly. At first, you will think that this es cendol is like cendol from Bandung that is served by combination of coconut milk and palm sugar. But the reality, a bowl of Dawet Campur ice with price Rp.5000 consist of cencol, many kinds of cincau, tape, kolang kaling, selasih, coconut, melon and sapodilla. Very complete right?

4. Soto 61
Beside gudeg, yogyakarta also known with the soto culinary. Malioboro has Soto 61 restaurant (near Ramai Mall). It wa declared on 1976. One portion of chicken soto combine with rice can be paid with Rp. 11.000

5. Wedang Ronde
It is the last food that must be tasted as closing after do some activities at Malioboro. You must taste the bowl of wedang ronde. Wedang ronde at Malioboro is one of the drink at Malioboro that can be found along the street of Malioboro at evening.

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