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Ullen Sentalu is The Best Javanese Museum at Indonesia

Ullen Sentalu ( Foto @youtube )
Pramoedya Ananta Toer said on one of his book the title Jejak Langkah. He said "Tak mungkin orang dapat mencintai negeri dan bangsanya, kalau orang tak mengenal kertas-kertas tentangnya. Kalau dia tak mengenal sejarahnya."

He said the truth, nationalism can grow when we know our history and also the culture that to be the identity of the nation. That is why the reason that museum is a place that cannot pass.

Talking about museum, #Masifan.com would like to #explore about museum. On the previous article, we had explored about #museumAffandi. Now, #Masifan.com will #explore the museum also at Yogyakarta. The name of the museum is Ullen Sentalu. Ullen Sentalu museum is located on the slope of Merapi mountain. It is on Jl. Boyong, on the Kaliurang tourist area. It is approximately 25 km from Yogyakarta down town. #UllenSentalu saves some amazing collections about the Javanese culture Mataram kingdom heritage.

Ullen Sentali museum is an unique museum. Why? This museum is not operated by the institution, but a company. This private museum is operated under Ulating Blencong foundation. This museum does not use  the cultural heritage building. Ullen Sentalu uses a new building that was built on an empty land.

The vision of Ullen Sentalu has function as a window of art civilization and Javanese culture. The mission of Ullen Sentalu museum is to collect, communicate and preserving the Javanese artistic and cultural heritage that threatened faded to make grow the people glory to Javanese cultural richness as their national identity.

History of Ullen Sentalu 

The museum that built on March 1st, 1997 is located at Kaliurang, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This museum was  built by a Yogyakarta aristocratic that is very closed with the family of Surakarta palace and Yogyakarta palace. This museum is belongs to Haryono’s family.

The museum is named Ullen Sentalu has continuation as “ULating bLENcong SEjatiNe TAtaraning LUmaku”. This sentence can be interpreted as the light of blencong (lamp on the shadow puppet performance). Blencong has philosophy as a guidance for the human to step over their life. Blencong is like a moving light. It means that the light of blencong always moves to light and gives us the direction for our life.

The development of Ullen Sentalu museum gets support from four kingdoms from Mataram Dinasty. They are Sunan Paku Buwono XII, Sri Paduka Paku Alam VIII, KGPH Poeger, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Alit and GRAY Kusumawardhani. All of them gave some object like manuscript, photo, accescories, batik clothe etc. Actually, the first reason built this museum is to save some ancient things from the  hunt for foreign collectors.

Parts of Ullen Sentalu Museum

Ullen Sentalu museum is divided by some rooms and buildings. Entering this museum the tourist will enter the labyrinth. We will walk down the zigzag and narrow hall. Even, there is a building that located beneath the land. It caused this building adjust the land contour. After that we will go out to the building above the pond, walk down the lobby and the beautiful garden and it will end at plasa with amphitheater shape with the stone towering pillars and the  lotus pond that make the beautiful landscape. The important thing, in this room you will not feel so bored and there is no monotonously like other museums.

#Masifan.com sure that the zigzag arrangement of the rooms has own philosophy. The guide says that the zigzag shows the way of life of the people. Architecture, building structure and the museum landscape is really very interesting. The building is dominated by the stone material, not only with the Javanese style but also the combination between modern and colonial. Its landscape is very beautiful with the green tree that is arrange well in various parts of museum. Beside showrooms, Ullen Sentalu museum is also completed by the restaurant and souvenir stall. At the first room that is art room and gamelan. At wide room there is a set of gamelan the gift from Kesultanan Yogyakarta.

From this room, there is an aisle that connected with the next room. It named Guwa Sela Giri. This room is a show room that build under the soil. It is like a long aisle. Stone material dominate at this aisle and the stones are from mount Merapi . The light at this room is twilight. The Gothic nuance can be seen at this room.

On the left and right side, there are some painting and photo the figures of 4 palace Mataram Kingdom. Each photos  and paintings have own stories. One of them is 3D painting. The eyes of the woman at the painting will follow where ever you walk.

Out from Guwa Sela Giri, the tourists will walk at the outside alley to the Ruang Syair. Here, there are many poem collections written bt Tineke, the daughter of Sunan Surakarta  (Pakubuwono XI). At that time, Tineke felt in love to the prince of the other kingdom. The poems wrote on 1939-1947 ad written by her kinsman and her friends to describe how love her to the prince.

So, how dow the story of their loved? They were married 10 year later.

The next room is Royal Room Ratu Mas. This room is special dedicated to Ratu Mas. The queen of Sunan Pakubuwono X.There is a painting of Ratu Mas with Sunan and their daughter. The trinkets like batik and accessories also at this room.

Then, after from Royal Room Ratu Mas, the tourists will surf on the Batik culture at Batik Room Vorstendlanden and Pesisiran Batik’s room. At the first room, there are some batik collections on the era of  Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII until Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII. On the second batik’s room there are some kabaya collections that wore by the women on begin 1870.

The trip around the museum has finished yet. The tourists will be brought to Putri Dambaan Room. A special room for the daughter of Mangkunegara VII, Siti Nurul Kusumawardhani. Likes her name, she is the idol some men. Her beauty was known until other kingdom. At this room there are some photo documentations when she was child until now she is 91 years old and lived on Bandung, West Java.

Before enter the last room, the tourist will through the Retja Landa corridor. It is the out door museum that shows the statues of Hindu and Buddha Gods from 8 century Masehi.

Sasana Sekar Bawana is the last room. Here, there are some painting of Mataram Kings. You can take a rest and think all information from beginning form the guide. While you are taking a rest, the guide will serve you the special drink i.e. Ratu Mas. The drink makes of the secret ingredients of 7 natural ingredients can it can be believed it can give the health and make us ageless.

The Facilities of Ullen Sentalu Museum
  • Toilet
  • Beautiful Garden,
  • Djagat Academic Modern Art Galery
  • Mushola = Place for pray

The Entrance Ticket of Ullen Sentalu Museum
  • International Tourists     : US$ 5.00 
  • International students    : IDR 25.000
  • Adult visitors         : IDR 25.000
  • Student            : IDR 15.000

Route to Ullen Sentalu Museum
  1. From Jl. Kaliurang, find the retribution gate on the Kaliurang Tourist Area. 
  2. From the gate, continue the trip until you find the shrimps statue in the middle of the junction. 
  3. From this place, turn left and you will through the army post and it will uphill 500 meters. 
  4. Finally, you will reach the location that is be marked with the name board  “Musem Ullen Sentalu “. It is on the left side of the road.

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