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Wajik – Indonesian Traditional Food has High Precious Abroad

Wajik – Traditional Food
Wajik is a traditional food from Central Java. Beside known as special culinary from Central Java this traditional food also known until our neighboring countries, likes Malay. So it is not surprised when #Wajik to be traditional food from Melayu. The main components to make this traditional food are glutinous rice and brown sugar. The taste of this food is sweet, the texture is sticky, oily and soft. In this chance, #MasIfan.Com would like to try to #explore this traditional food.

Although it is traditional food from Central Java but each region this traditional food has own names. At Java as stated above known as Wajik, the people from Sumatra called it with #PulutManis. Wajik is the food that must be there on every events especially Javanese traditional events. The term of Wajik is adhesive. The texture of Wajik is sticky because it is made from the glutinous rice that like glue. On wedding ceremony, this food always used as gift. Actually, it is a symbol for the brides.

The Utilities of Wajik
Wajik always uses to serve the guess. At some region, wajik used as a gift especially at Magelang and Blitar. Magelang introduces brown wajik as special gift from Magelang while Blitar introduces wajik klethik as special gift from Blitar.

On wedding party, this food is as gift from groom to the bride. It symbolizes that the relation between them will be imperishable

The Ingredients to Make Wajik
  • 200 grams of brown sugar 
  • 300 grams of glutinous rice, saturated until  1 hour 
  • 125 ml water 200 ml coconut milk 
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt 
  • 2 sheet of Pandan leaves

The Way to Make Wajik 
  • First step, steam the glutinous rice for 15 minutes.  
  • Second boil the water and fill in two sheet of pandan leaves until boiling. Then fill the glutinous rice in and steam it until permeate. 
  • Third, steam the glutinous for 20 minutes until ¾ part of the glutinous cooked. Then pull up and let them cold.  
  • The next step. Boiled the coconut milk mixes with brown sugar and salt. Mix all of them until more thick. Enter the glutinous in. Cook them on the little fire while stir it until all them look sink in and dry.   
  • The last, pour in the brass with size 20 x 20 x 4 cm and the 11/2 cm thickness. Before you do that, cover the brass with banana leaves. Press and let it cold. After for a while you can cut it.

The food with glutinous rice as main ingredient on the wedding ceremony does not have supernatural mission which not deviated from Islamic view. There is a philosophy that behind the glutinous rice there is a lesson for the couples who begin to sail the housewifely live.

What is the difference between glutinous rice and rice as usual? The glutinous is more sticky than rice. It means that it is difficult to be separated when it cooked. Here is the philosophy using the glutinous rice at the wedding party.

Husband and wife who just married must learn to glutinous rice. Sticky and imbed each other and difficult to be separated. It is that must they do when they are to be one in housewifely. Imperishable till end. Because one another is imbed each other, difficult broke when the storm strike their family and their marriage.

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